ya-rui su中文意思是什麼

ya-rui su解釋
者 蘇亞蕊

  • rui: 柴崎幸
  • su: SU =strontium unit.

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  1. 5. using these mathematic models discussed in the paper, the homemade excimer laser aberration correction system has been manufactured with cooperation of su zhou 66 vision tech co., ltd. now the system has been applied to clinical practice. clinical results showed that : the excimer laser aberration correction system can remarkably improve visual performance when treating ametropia ; the system can

    5 .根據論文中的關鍵模型,與有關單位合作,研製出了準分子激光人眼像差矯正系統,該系統目前已投入臨床應用;臨床報告表明,系統在矯正屈光不正時效果顯著且安全,在像差矯正時有效、安全。
  2. Located in the well - known tourist city yangzhou, ya - ngzhou daqiao tourist products factory is a specialized manufacturer of expendable goods for hotels and restau - rants such as slippers, plastics goods, toilet soap, tooth sets, razors, shampoo, product series for bath and skin enriching, bathing caps, housewife, combs, pencils and etc.

  3. Other than the masters wong qi - ying and wong fei - hung, what springs to your mind when the " bao zhi lin " is mentioned should well be the name of the three disciples : ya shua su su the bunny teeth, zhu rou rong rong, the fat pork and liang kuan

  4. In the meantime he meets up with a bunch of friends which later become the closest friends rong has ever had, namely liang kuan, huang jun - yi and ya shua su liu wai - hung

  5. As a both generalization of orthodox semigroup and regular * - semigroup, ya - mada and sen gave the concept of ( weakly ) p - regular semigroup in [ 5 ], about the p - regular semigroup and ( weakly ) p - regular semigroup, sen ^ ^ seth and rui changxiang m have given a equivalent characterization of idempotet separating congruence lattice on them separately. as a generalize of this, in the forth section, the concept of p - separating congruence on a regualr ^ - semigroup is introduced. and we discuss some properties about it. after introducing the concept of p - normal subset of a regualr * - semigroup, we discribe the lattice of p - separating congruences contained in green ' s relations ? k ) in regular semigroup

    和seth及芮昌祥間分別給出了其上冪等元分離同余格的一個等價刻畫作為對此的一個推廣,在第四節中,我們首先引入正則」半群上r分離同余的概念,然後研究其性質和等價刻畫,最後給出包含在二仰)中p分離同余格的一個等價刻畫。定義二:令s為正則」半群, p為s上的」同余