yacht racing中文意思是什麼

yacht racing解釋

  • yacht: n. 快艇,遊艇。 a racing yacht 競賽用快艇。vi. 乘快艇,駕駛快艇,乘遊艇旅遊。
  • racing: n 競賽;賽跑;賽馬;賽艇;【機械工程】空轉。 a racing man 賽馬狂。 the racing world 賽馬界。 a ra...
  1. When she ' s not sleeping out under the stars, she also has several other adrenalin - fueled interests, such as downhill racing and paragliding

  2. My family has a yacht in the aegean

  3. But neither can two great and powerful groups of nations take comfort from our present course both sides overburdened by the cost of modern weapons, both rightly alarmed by the steady spread of the deadly atom, yet both racing to alter that uncertain balance of terror that stays the hand of mankind ' s final war

  4. Yacht racing association

  5. The 2006 keelung mayor ' s cup international yacht race, shore venue will be pi - sa fishing harbor keelung, and racing area will be held outside keelung harbor around the keelung island