n. 名詞 1. 獵人;(過去德、奧的)狙擊兵,步兵 (= 〈德語〉 Jager)。
2. (過去美國用的)短槍管大口徑步槍。


    1. It creates a very eerie sensation, " yager said

      這給人一種非常怪誕的感覺。 」
    2. First researching on d - s evidence theory, . combination rules of evidence theory, yager combination rules and this theory ' s shortcoming

      首先研究了d - s證據推理理論,和d - s證據理論中的合成規則, yager合成規則的缺點。
    3. When the evidences have conflicts, d - s combination and yager combination ca n ' t resolve this thing, the new method can resolve this conflict question

    4. David yager, an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at the university of maryland, pioneered new photographic techniques to aid his studies of insects

    5. 10 zadeh l a. fuzzy sets and information granularity. in advances in fuzzy set theory and applications, gupta m m, ragade r k, yager r r eds., amsterdam : north holland, 1979, pp. 3 - 18