yalta conference中文意思是什麼

yalta conference解釋

  • yalta: n. 雅爾塔〈烏克蘭港市〉。
  • conference: n. 1. 協商,談判,商議;討論會,協商會;會議。2. (學位等的)授與。3. 〈美國〉(宗教,學術,運動團體的)聯合會。

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  1. Press conference after agm

  2. Various good dinners, living fierce seafood, western meal hall : european style, luxurious. we can provide the euro - americana western and kinds of meal. great and small hall is entirely different and the facilities is complete. we have 5 channel simultaneous interpretation, can summit for business, the important activity place offering of large international conference, seminaretc

  3. The conference of the four men is amicable in the extreme.

  4. Press conference by the anti - mosquito steering committee

  5. This year s smaller conference made it possible to book nearly all of the bofs into the argent hotel, making it easier for attendees to attend multiple bofs

    今年的小規模會議使在argent hotel中預定近乎所有的bof成為可能,從而方便與會人員出席多場bof 。