yang chen-ning中文意思是什麼

yang chen-ning解釋
n. 名詞 楊振寧〈1922- ,祖籍中國的物理學家,與李政道發現宇稱在弱作用中不守恆,同獲1957年諾貝爾物理獎〉。

  • yang: (漢)(中國古代哲學認為存在於宇宙萬物間的兩大對立面之一,跟「陰」相對)陽
  • chen: 陳國
  • ning: 林
  1. Professor francis ka - leung chan of the department of medicine and therapeutics was awarded the medical research fellowships. the awards were presented by professor yang chen ning, nobel laureate in physics and distinguished professor - at - large of cuhk. the croucher senior research fellowships scheme was first introduced in 1997 98 academic year

  2. The nobel prize in physics 1957 : chen ning yang

  3. Prof. yang chen ning was awarded the nobel prize in physics in october, 1957

  4. In celebration of the 85th birthday of prof. yang chen ning, physics nobel laureate and distinguished professor - at - large of the chinese university of hong kong cuhk, and the 50th anniversary of his being awarded the nobel prize, cuhk held a presentation ceremony of the statue of prof. yang on 22 september. prof. and mrs yang, prof. wu wei shan, donor and sculptor of the statue and prof. lawrence j. lau, vice - chancellor of cuhk officiated at the ceremony

  5. Speaking at the third joint meeting of the chinese physics societies held in hong kong recently, nobel laureate prof yang chen - ning talked in particular about how chinese culture or eastern cultures in general would affect the development of science in the 21st century. to him, the issue will be an extremely complex one