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    1. Zhu xi ' s and dai zhen ' s advocation and creation of confucianism

    2. From the many days and nights of talks finally came that great biography of zhu de called "the great road".

    3. Mount putuo proves itself to be a famous buddhist mountain and tourist resort surrounding landscape : the south china sea goddess of mercy, zi zhu lin, pujisi, black sand, this episode barber beauty room, chamber, business center, shopping malls, chinese restaurant, washing room, massage, fitness room

      沈家門客運站每天末班至普陀山的船開船時間為18 : 40 ,寧波大榭碼頭和朱家尖客運站每天末班至普陀山的快艇開船時間分別為16 : 35和16 : 00 。
    4. Content of chinese drama is nothing else but bel - esprit and beautiful woman, three moral lines and five guide lines, the romance of three kingdoms, heroes of the marshes, also have reflect the theme of love, for example liang shanbo and zhu yingtai and so on, common people also can remember the actor ' s lines of dramatis personae, and affected by dramatis personae, that believed authenticity of the drama, therefore the drama is also arrived in china has helped the enlightenment, becomes the human relations the function by drama which is have effect with tutor 、 adult

    5. In zhu zhen ' s yi studies, gua - bian ( hexagram alternation ) theory is the most complicated as well as the most representative part