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  • yaw: n. 【海、空】偏航(角);側滑(角)。vi. 【海、空】偏航,左右搖轉;搖搖晃晃地前進;盤旋。vt. 使偏航;使左右搖轉;使搖搖晃晃地前進。n. -er 【航空】偏航控制器;方向舵。
  • axis: n ( pl axes )1 軸,軸線。2 【植物;植物學】莖軸。3 【解剖學】第二頸椎,第二脊骨。4 【政治學】軸...
  • computer: n. 1. 計算者。2. (電子)計算機;計量器。-ism 電子計算機主義〈認為電子計算機萬能等〉。-erite, -nik 計算機專家;計算機工作者。

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  1. Abstract : in this paper, the axis angle index measurement of stator turning and boring machine tools is realized by using 8031 micro - computer, open a new way to high accuracy the numerical display technical recinstruction

  2. This paper summaries the researches on the application of the technology of image analysis, distance transformation and medial axis transformation, to the field of computer graphics

  3. During the process of measuring valve phase, the grating displacement sensor and photoelectric axis - angle encoder are applied to measure the displacement of valve and the angle of curving shaft respectively. their signals are sampled and imported into computer. then the three signals are compared to find the relationship of valve phases in order to offer the reliable measuring parameters for the researchers and quality controllers

  4. It builds a relative coordinates based on the jumping - off point of circular interpolation as its origin, caculates the sine and cosine of the angle formed by x axis and the line which connects the origin and the centre of the circle, then gets the coordinates of the centre in the relative coordinates, and enduces a uniform fomula, which is easy to program in computer

  5. When the vertical climb stops, the helicopter is rotated 180 degrees about the yaw axis

    當直升機停止爬升后,將機頭旋轉180 (機頭朝下) 。