yin agitation中文意思是什麼

yin agitation解釋

  • yin: adj. ,pron. ,n. 〈蘇格蘭語〉= one.
  • agitation: n. 1. 攪動,攪拌。2. 激動;焦慮。3. 議論;鼓動。4. (民眾的)騷動。5. 【醫學】興奮。adj. -al 鼓動性的。

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  1. There should n't be any agitation in the army.

  2. There was so little time for agitation.

  3. Agitation for effective public control of railroad rates and services antedated the progressive movement by several decades.

  4. On artistry of the love poems written by li shang - yin

  5. I often left nostril gives a few nosebleed, and basic it is halitosis, mouth every day ache of suffering, waist, and radical have a bowel movement is jalf congealed every time sodden, talking around gives birth to sore, do not want to drink water, mouth weak, chang youbai is phlegmy in larynx wall, tongue thick in vain, left nostril often relapses instead answer bleed one year between half, right nostril never has shed blood, examination of classics hospital nose division slants for bazoo rhinitis of music, serious irritability, but it is good to ate medicine to disappear, also have the thing of suffer from excessive internal heat rarely, can be meeting above expression, the thing that had very much cool and refreshing relieve internal heat or fever also has vanished, can deficiency of yin with irritability or be deficiency of yang, irascibility, internal heat or lobar fire

    我經常左鼻孔出少量鼻血、而且基本天天都是口臭、口苦、腰酸痛、而且基本大便每次都是溏爛、口舌生瘡、不想喝水、口淡、常有白痰在喉壁、舌厚白、刷牙出血、 (附早上煩噪、口乾上火、刷牙出血、且出左鼻孔出血癥狀更明顯,左鼻孔經常反反復復流血一年半時間了,右鼻孔從沒流過血,經醫院鼻科檢查為鼻偏曲、嚴重過敏性鼻炎,但吃了藥不見好,也很少吃上火的東西,可就是會以上表現,吃了很多清涼解毒的東西也不見好,會不會陰虛或是陽虛、肝火、心火或肺火呢? )