young soil中文意思是什麼

young soil解釋

  • young: n 楊格〈姓氏〉。adj (younger; youngest )1 年輕的,幼小的,幼嫩的(opp old)。2 少年氣盛的,生氣...
  • soil: n 1 泥土,土壤;土質。2 土地,國土。3 滋生地,溫床。4 農業生活,務農。n 1 臟東西,污物,污穢,污...

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  1. To aarhus with a sick young man and his parents

  2. But the slap and the blessing stood him friend, says mr vincent, for to make up he taught him a trick worth two of the other so that maid, wife, abbess and widow to this day affirm that they would rather any time of the month whisper in his ear in the dark of a cowhouse or get a lick on the nape from his long holy tongue then lie with the finest strapping young ravisher in the four fields of all ireland

    文森特先生曰: 「作為補償,彼將力量相當于兩頭公牛之秘訣傳授下來。處女妻子女修道院院長與寡婦至今斷言,伊等與其跟愛爾蘭四片綠野130上最英俊強壯專門勾引女人之年輕小夥子睡覺,不如隨時都於幽暗牛棚中,對著牛耳囁嚅131 ,並希望彼用神聖的長舌舔自己的脖頸。 」
  3. Young abe feldman from schenectady, new york

  4. Mongolica, soil acidity, humus component content, available k, total p, organic p, inorganic p, enzyme activity, and microbe amount of young stand olgensis of the second rotation of larix olgensis in non - rhizosphere soil also

    不同發育階段影響林木生長量的主要養分因子是土壤有機質、速效鉀、水解氮以及土壤磷形態的全磷、有機磷、無機磷總量、有效磷、 ca一p和fe一p 。
  5. It repeatedly became clear that comcat had a slight enhancing effect on seed germination but a significant effect on especially root growth in young seedlings of several test crops, subsequently leading to the establishment of strong seedlings that were better adapted to utilize the available soil water as well as nutrients