n. 名詞 (pl. Z's, z's )1. 英語字母表第二十六個字母。
2. 【數學】第三個未知數;(中世紀羅馬數字的)2000。
3. Z字形物。
1. Zenith distance 【天文學】天頂距。
2. atomic number 【化學】原子序(數)。
3. 【物理學】 impedance 阻抗。


    1. In credit marking methods, the paper probes into z marking model of altaian and using the model in china

    2. Effects of plant regulator z - s on photosynthesis after anthesis and yield of dry - land rice

    3. The enhancement of process, the feature size of device becomes smaller, and the deductions of the power supply require the art of design should be consummated. this article firstly makes a detailed analysis and expatiation for the operational principle and design technique of switched - capacitors - filter. then realize the filter design in biquadratic method and z - domain synthesis

      本文在對開關電容濾波器的工作原理及設計方法進行了系統的闡述和分析的基礎上,分別用雙二階方法和z域合成法實現了適用於dtmf信號的開關電容濾波器的設計,並用無錫華晶0 . 6 mcmos工藝( csmc60 )進行了模擬。
    4. It predicted the existence of the w and z bosons, the gluon and two of the heavier quarks ( the charm and the top quark )

      它預測了w玻色子、 z玻色子、膠子以及兩種較重的夸克(魅、頂夸克) 。
    5. The protected amino acids were z - ser ( bzl ), boc - asp ( obzl ) and glu ( obzl ) 2. the quality of the synthesized tripeptide : ser - asp - glu ( sde ) by thin layer chromatography, amino acid analysis and liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry is pure. the paam beads with different length arms were obtained by coupling the various length linear spacer, such as ethylene diamine, glutaraldehyde, 1, 6 - diaminohexane and amino caproic acid to paam beads

      按照從梭基端到氨基端的合成路線,用風n 』二環己基碳二亞胺( dcc ) l羥基苯驕三氮哩( hobt )液相合成法逐步接肽,制備得到對應的帶保護基的中間體,用催化氫化還原脫去所有的保護基。