n. 名詞 急轉;急變;急彎。
vi. 不及物動詞 (zagged; zagging) 急轉;急彎;急變。


    1. Standard specification for steel wire, cold - drawn, for zig - zag, square - formed, and sinuous - type upholstery spring units

    2. We ' d be quicker trying a zig - zag course than rowing in the teeth of this wind

    3. ( 4 ) it is the largest area of the danxia landfonn of the northwest of the yunnan province in china. there are three landscape areas include liming scenery spot, luoguqing scenery spot and shibaoshan scenery spot. it takes three scenery spots as a action research for analysis of the zig - zag pattern caused by joints, weathering, tectonic activity and magma activity

    4. Argiope [ / i ] has the typical circular vertical web, with some broad white zig - zag stitching forming a stabilimentum on which the spiders rests, head down

    5. At the same time, taking the tcp and ppp into account which are the bases of the underlayer of gnutella protocol, we use the thought of data flow for reference which is widely applied in the internet. we modify the zig - zag algorithm in order to help f - measure algorithm manage network connection

      同時,考慮到gnutella協議其下層的連接大多是基於tcp和ppp協議的,因此,本文還借鑒了當前internet上廣泛使用的數據流控制方法? ? zigzag演算法,並對其進行了改進,使其能夠更好的輔助f - measure演算法進行gnutella網路的連接管理。