1. Photoactivity extracts of tateges erecta on the 3th instar larvaes of chihuo zao

    2. Furthermore, they offer a number of advantages compared to the predominant ito films nowadays : ( i ) cheap and abundant raw materials ; ( ii ) nontoxicity ; ( iii ) good stability in hydrogen plasma, which is of significance for applications related to amorphous silicon solar cell. so the study on zao film is becoming fashionable

      而zno : al ( zao )薄膜由於具有優良的光電特性而成為ito薄膜的潛在替代材料,且它還具有原材料來源豐富、成本低廉、無毒以及在氫等離子體中具有較好的穩定性等優點,是目前研究的熱點薄膜材料之一。
    3. Among these methods, magnetron sputtering is the most widely used technique for preparing thin films owing to its high deposition rate and good uniformity etc. in my experiment, zao films were prepared by dc magnetron sputtering in pure argon gas atmosphere using zno target mixed with al2o3 ( lwt %, 2wt %, 3wt %, 4wt % respectively ) and the films were figured by xrd, sem, xps, afm and ftir, uv photometer

      本研究課題以氧化鋅鋁靶為靶材,採用直流磁控濺射工藝在純氬氣氣氛中沉積zao薄膜。靶材中al _ 2o _ 3的摻雜比例分別為1 、 2 、 3 、 4 。用xrd 、 sem 、 xps 、 afm和紅外、紫外分光光度計等測試手段對沉積的薄膜進行了表徵。
    4. Wang zao was a famous litterateur in the ending of bei song dynasty and at the beginning of nan song dynasty

    5. During deposition of zao films oxygen and dc power had great influence on the optical and electrical properties