zap pit中文意思是什麼

zap pit解釋

  • zap: vt (zapped; zapping) 〈美俚〉1 (噝地一下)打敗,攻擊,弄死。2 (用遙控器)不斷地變換(電視頻道...
  • pit: n 〈美國〉(桃、杏等的)核。vt ( tt ) 除去…的核。n 1 坑,凹地,凹處;【礦物】礦井;煤坑;【植物...

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  1. Measurement of the deformation of abandned adit pass at pit bottom caused by surface blasting

  2. The mouth of an adulteress is a deep pit ; he who is cursed of the lord will fall into it

    箴22 : 14淫婦的口為深坑、耶和華所憎惡的、必陷在其中。
  3. Watch out for those avocados. the pit could become lodged in our throats

  4. I ll pit him against that paltry creature, unless it bestir itself briskly

  5. He never took more than two slices of bread and butter to eat in the pit, so an apple or an orange was a treat to him.