音標 [zi:l]
n. 名詞 熱心,熱誠,熱情;奮發,奮起 (for)。
feel zeal for 為…而奮發。


    1. Being good at the accountancy manages, applying the electronics form of the word / excel masterly, acting towards people sincere, zeal, communicate an ability very strong, the ability is diligent, having strong sense of esponsibility with respect - work spirit, working dispassion, there is plan, orderly, energetic, attitude aggressive, naturally optimistic, self - confidence, be good at getting along with others, be good at study, self - educated ability and english to express an ability very strong, have a good organizational skill, the temperament is steady heavy, pick up person to need a thing etc. the aspect generous in proper form

      善於會計管理,熟練應用word / excel電子表格,待人誠懇,熱誠,溝通能力極強,能吃苦耐勞,具有強烈的責任感和敬業精神,做事冷靜,有計劃,有條理,精力充沛,態度積極,天生樂觀,自信,善於與他人相處,善於學習,自學能力和英語表達能力極強,具有良好的組織能力,性情穩重,接人待物等方面大方得體
    2. He recounts the conflict with the exactitude of a well-informed witness and the zeal of a reformer.

    3. [ kjv ] for i know the forwardness of your mind, for which i boast of you to them of macedonia, that achaia was ready a year ago ; and your zeal hath provoked very many

    4. They plunged into their work with immense zeal.

    5. The zeal of the lord of hosts will perform this