zebra finch中文意思是什麼

zebra finch解釋

  • zebra: n. 【動物;動物學】斑馬;(北美)斑蝶。adj. 有斑馬般斑紋的;有條紋的。
  • finch: n. 【動物;動物學】雀科鳴禽(如燕雀、金翅雀等)。

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  1. Gorb and colleagues found that zebra tarantulas secrete tiny bits of silk from nozzlelike structures in their feet. these tethers allow the arachnids to scale vertical surfaces

  2. Being self - blaming, he suffers more serious sleeplessness and grievingly forced into a compromising relationship with the suspect, finch, who plays with psychological issues. series of mind games, unexpected challenges, unfamiliar environment and a sun literally not set for 24 hours a day, director of " memento ", christopher nolan, leads you into a personal experience from the eyes of dormer.

  3. Doorcloses finch, he - he does make a good point

  4. Yeah, so everyone, come up here and grab a finch

  5. The sanctuary provides excellent viewing opportunities for rhinos and many other types of wildlife including zebra, wildebeest, heartbeest, gemsbok, leopard, brown hyena and jackal