佐州 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zuǒzhōu]
佐州 英文
sado province
  1. Among places of historical interest that can be mentioned are the remains of the city gate and walls and resort palace built by king wu over 2, 000 years ago, the drill ground of the strategist sun wuzi, the dyke of lord bai built by the tang poet bai juyi, the ancestral shrine and cemetery of the song statesman fan zhongyan, pagodas such as tiger hill pagoda, auspicious light pagoda, twin pagodas, shangfang pagoda, lingyan temple pagoda and the tallest north temple pagoda, and today s largest song building in the taoist temple of mystery, the tang sculptures in purple gold nunnery and those of the song in baosheng temple, etc. the historical relics dating a thousand years back can all be traced to their record, sites of architectural evidences

  2. A very day white burgundy wine originally from east - central france and now refer to a blended white table wine of california

  3. Born in the united states to greek parents, clentzos was a pole vaulter at the university of southern california in the early 1930s

  4. 7. chaozhou gong - and - drum : festivity of the masses composed by : chen zuohui and yu yiwen

    7 .潮大鑼鼓:社慶陳輝余亦文曲
  5. The beef noodle soup is made with traditional recipe, ultra - low temperature vacuum frozen - dried technology and meat of yak living above 3, 000m altitude, thus keeping the traditional flavor and providing you with the genuine lanzhou beef noodle while outside lanzhou

  6. On the first day of july, we chose nazogl for hiking. this mountian is located in steiermark. it was the highest mountain we had been so far

  7. Accord with the international three - star standard building of business hotel concerning foreign affairs, among them the food and beverage takes " roasted goose son " having won fame both at home and abroad as the core, deal in guangdong cuisine, seafood, mix shanghai local cuisine and hangzhou dish with, and islamic dish, guangdong and hongkong nourish fire boiler stew son, etc., call oneself a special skill of hong kong diet, come out top

  8. Lau entered the canton municipal art institute when he was eighteen and graduated four years later during the war. after the war, he worked as an art officer in the documentation library of guangdong, before moving to hong kong in 1948

  9. His beloved friend, representative owen lovejoy of princeton, illinois had died in may of1864

  10. In 1994, conry firstly constructed cea dna vaccine, studied its immunological effects and made great achievements. in order to enhance dna vaccine efficacy, researchers are inclined to employ effective and safe vectors, co - delivery cytokines recombinant or adhesion molecules, iss, and so on

    1994年, conry鄭大學醫學院2002研究生畢業論文癌胚抗原a疫苗構建及劑對其兔疫效應的影響就構建了ceadna疫苗,並在動物體內誘導產生了良好的兔疫效果。
  11. 75 % was injected in the tibialis anterior muscle of mice, three days later, cea dna vaccines were injected, each side 50 jag, with different adjuvant ( iss or pil ~ 2 ). there are 5 mice in each group. the control group was injected with pbs buffer in a dose of 50 ju 1

    的布比卡因注射入mn幾小鼠勝前肌,在2鄭大學醫學院2002研究生畢業論文癌胚抗原a疫苗構建及劑對其兔疫效應的影響注射后第3大分別接種濃度為ing ul的ceadna疫苗及相應劑口ss或gil 《廠每側50ug ,每組5隻小鼠,對照組注射50yi的pbs緩沖液。