共軛性質 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gòngèxìngzhí]
共軛性質 英文
conjugation property
  • : 共動詞[書面語]1. (圍繞) surround2. (兩手合圍) span with the hand
  • : 名詞(牲口拉東西時架在脖子上的器具) yoke
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性質; 本質) nature; character; essence 2 (質量) quality 3 (物質) matter; substance;...
  1. Study on electronic spectra and second - order nonlinear optical property of substituted 60 fulleropyrrolo barbituric acid derivatives

  2. Theoretical studies on electronic spectra and second - order nonlinear optical properties of aniline substituted barbituric acid derivatives

  3. Lipopolysaccharide a conjugated polysaccharide in which the noncarbohydrate part is a lipid. lipopolysaccharides are a major component of the cell walls of gram - negative bacteria

  4. Then, a new regularized conjugate - gradient reconstruction algorithm was proposed for optical tomograpy, in which the ill - posedness of the reconstruction problem and as a result the quality of the reconstructed image are improved by introducing two regularization terms of image entropy and the local smoothing function

  5. This paper is intended to present an account of the research and application of linoleic acid in pig ' s feeding stuffs in general and its effect upon pig ' s growth performance and its carcass characteristics in particular

  6. Applying 200 m quartz fibers in the ld - pumped laser system with double - pass configuration, 57 % sbs reflectivity, near 92 % sbs fidelity and 85 % relative stability have been obtained. and high beam quality of phase - conjugated laser close to that of oscillator has been achieved

    應用200 m光纖經雙通放大最高可獲得57的能量反射率、 85的相對穩定以及92的相位保真度,並觀察到激光系統的輸出光束量被顯著改善。
  7. Functions on bounded symmetric domains of cn

  8. Abstract : six quasi - ternary liquid - liquid equilibria systems between benzene, toluene, p - xylene, n - heptane, methyl - cyclohexane and n - formylmorpholine ( nfm ) + water have been determined at normal pressure and 60 ; the conjugate phase compositions and the contribution curves of these quasi - ternary liquid - liquid equilibria systems were obtained ; the experimental data were correlated using uniquac and nrtl models ; the plait points of these systems were obtained by the constructive fitting for the conjugate phase and parameter predicting methods ; the selectivity and contribution coefficients of the solvent to the solutes were calculated

    文摘:用液液平衡釜測定了常壓, 60下加水n -甲酰嗎啉和苯、甲苯、對二甲苯、正庚烷、甲基環己烷組分間6個擬三元體系的液液平衡,得到了擬三元液液平衡體系的相組成和分配曲線;實驗數據用uniquac和nrtl模型進行了關聯;用相作圖擬合法和模型參數推演算法獲得了各體系的褶點數據;並求得了溶劑對溶的選擇和分配系數。
  9. This paper is devoted to some numerical optimization methods and optimization models for solving practical problems in real world. the methods we concern with are the conjugate gradient algorithms, evolutionary algorithms and goal programming

    本文對近年來備受關注的幾類最優化方法(梯度演算法、進化演算法和目標規劃法)的理論及應用進行了研究,主要研究成果如下: 1
  10. As an important field, which influences the quality of ip phone, the quality of speech codec becomes the focus of research. the g. 729 is an 8kbit / s speech - coding standard issued by the international telecommunications union ( itu )

    G . 729是國際電信聯盟( itu )頒布的編碼速率為8kbit s的低速率語音壓縮編碼標準,它採用了結構算數碼本激勵線預測( cs - acelp )技術,可以達到32kbit s的adpcm的語音量。
  11. The nonlinear properties of the type compound of chalcone have been studied using finite field ( ff ) / pm3 method. the influence of the molecular structures, the type of substituting group and its sites on organic conjugated molecular electronic and nonlinear properties have also been studied for different substituting group and its sites. the results proved that the substiuting group noucd improve obviously the nonlinear properties of the system

    利用有限場ff pm3方法討論了查爾酮類化合物的非線光學,針對不同取代基和取代位置系統分析了分子結構、取代基的類型、取代位置對有機分子電子及非線光學的影響結果表明,取代基的引入可明顯改善體系的非線光學
  12. A great deal of research is being devoted to the understanding of systems, biomimetic and otherwise, that self - assemble into organized structures. liquid crystals represent one of the best known classes of self - organizing materials, exhibiting properties that range from surfactants that can form micelles, monolayers, and membranes, to the rodlike molecules used in liquid crystal displays, to the recently discovered disc - like liquid crystals

  13. Theoretical study on non - linear optical properties and electronic spectra of a series of halogen substituted spiroconjugated molecules

  14. Synthesis and properties of conjugated polymers incorporating oxadiazole units

  15. Theoretical study on the electronic structures of the spiroconjugated compound substituted by b - c