命名日 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [mìngmíng]
命名日 英文
name day
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (名字; 名稱) name; appellation 2 (名聲; 名譽) fame; reputation 3 (名義) name 4 (姓...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (太陽) sun 2 (白天) daytime; day 3 (一晝夜; 天) day 4 (泛指某一段時間) time 5 (日...
  • 命名 : nominate; nomenclature; name
  1. For the past 35 years, the boy scouts have used the danish - built argus as a floating classroom. in february, it was found to have dry rot and the estimated 1. 5 million needed for repairs made the vessel too costly to keep, boy scouts spokeswoman lara fisher said tuesday

  2. " name the giant pandas " submissions close tomorrow

  3. The three new mouse lemurs were officially named in a paper published in june by the international journal of primatology and announced at a conservation conference on june 21, 2006 in the malagasy capital

  4. Ot pi park is located in itadori, named after worldchampion ot pi , including bike museum and bmx ( mtb ) venue

    奧特皮公園位與本板取的21世紀森林公園,以世界攀爬冠軍奧特皮的,包括單車博物館及bmx ( mtb )泥地競速場地。
  5. They celebrate them on their birthdays or name days

  6. A friend celebrating a name day will tell you, giortazo simera, which means, i ' m celebrating today. the traditional reply is, chronia polla, which means “ many years, ” or “ many happy returns

    過取的知己會跟你說「今天是我的慶賀」 ,傳統的回答是「祝你長壽」或「長百歲」 。
  7. A nomen nudum is not an available name, and therefore the same name may be made available later for the same or a different concept ; in such a case it would take authorship and date [ arts. 50, 21 ] from that act of establishment, not from any earlier publication as a nomen nudum

    一個無資格稱不是適用稱,因此基於同一觀念或不同觀念,以後可使該稱成為適用;在此情形下,可自建立該稱的舉動取得者身份和命名日期[第50條,第21條] ,而非自任何較早發表的一個無資格稱。
  8. The principle that the relative precedence of two or more names or nomenclatural acts published on the same date, or of different original spellings of the same name, is determined by the first reviser [ art. 24. 2 ]

    此原則是指在同一期發表的兩個或多個稱或舉動,或同一稱的幾個不同的原拼法,其相對優先地位由首位校訂者決定[第24條2 ] 。
  9. In his last conversation with her, on the old princes name - day, she had met all his attempts to talk of the emotions with irrelevant replies, and had obviously not heard what he was saying

  10. And four times a yearon the namedays and birthdays of the master and mistressas many as a hundred visitors would be put up for a day or two

  11. The secondary computer in log shipping can be renamed if the primary computer is permanently lost

  12. The rostovs were keeping the name - day of the mother and the younger daughter, both called natalya

  13. There was still the same hunting establishment, increased indeed by nikolay. there were still the same fifty horses and fifteen grooms in the stables ; the same costly presents on name - days, and ceremonial dinners to the whole neighbourhood. there were still the counts games of whist and boston, at which, letting every one see his cards, he allowed himself to be plundered every day of hundreds by his neighbours, who looked upon the privilege of making up a rubber with count ilya andreitch as a profitable investment

  14. It so happened that on that morning of his name - day the old prince was in one of his very worst tempers

  15. That dress isnt pretty, said liza, looking sideways at princess marya from a distance ; tell her to put on you your maroon velvet there

  16. Such a little while ago i came to this table with the idea of winning a hundred roubles, and buying mamma that little casket for her name - day, and going home

  17. Natashas birthday face that had been festive and excited all day, changed at once ; her eyes wore a fixed look, then her broad neck quivered, and the corners of her lips drooped

  18. Prince andrey spent a tedious day, entertained by his elderly host and hostess and the more honoured among the guests, of whom the counts house was full in honour of an approaching name - day

  19. On st. nikolays day, the name - day of the old prince, all moscow was driving up to the approach of his house, but he gave orders for no one to be admitted to see him

  20. She took out of her huge reticule some amber earrings with drops, and giving them to natasha, whose beaming birthday face flushed rosy red, she turned away immediately and addressed pierre