施林克 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shīlīn]
施林克 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (實行; 施展) execute; carry out 2 (給予) exert; impose 3 (施捨) give; hand out; best...
  • : 名詞1 (成片的樹木或竹子) forest; woods; grove 2 (聚集在一起的同類的人或事物) circles; group 3...
  • : 克i 動詞1 (能) can; be able to 2 (克服; 克制) restrain; control 3 (攻下據點; 戰勝) overcome...
  1. Currently, of the aforesaid ten caricom countries, holders of the hong kong special administrative region hksar passport do not require a visa for visit to the following six countries, namely commonwealth of dominica, jamaica, st kitts and nevis, st lucia, st vincent and the grenadines as well as trinidad and tobago. however, given the introduction of the caricom special visa requirement, they are advised to apply for an appropriate visa if they intend to visit these countries during the specified period. holders of the hksar passport still require a visa for travelling to the other four countries, namely antigua and barbuda, barbados, grenada and guyana

  2. The kremlin needed an excuse to accelerate the pressures it was exerting on india.

  3. Scripps howard news service study of federal civilian payroll records at 10 of these facilities found that employment at these institutions has declined about 8. 8 percent during the clinton administration

    聯邦民用薪資帳冊記錄的一項斯里普斯?霍華德新聞服務研究在這些設中的10個發現在這些機構的雇員在柯頓行政期間減少約8 . 8 % 。
  4. A scripps howard news service study of federal civilian payroll records at 10 of these facilities found that employment at these institutions has declined about 8. 8 percent during the clinton administration

    聯邦民用薪資帳冊記錄的一項斯里普斯?霍華德新聞服務研究在這些設中的10個發現在這些機構的雇員在柯頓行政期間減少約8 . 8 % 。
  5. Beijing ' s olympic park is located at the northern end of the south - north middle axis of the city. to its south is the city center and to its west lies the city ' s cultural quarters, where there concentrate institutions of scientific research and higher learning in addition to scenic spots and places of historical interest. with a total area of 1215 hectares, including 760 hectares of forests and lawns, the chinese ethnic museum ( 50 hectares ) and the international sports exhibition center ( 450 hectares ). the park will be the most ideal area in beijing for cultural activities, leisure and activities, leisure and sports. this will turn the garden by forest into the most imposing. most exuberant private meeting place and back gardens. by the year 2008, this place will boast the most advanced facilities and resources to make your life perfect. you can be sure the opportunity now lies right at your hand

    公園位於城市中軸線北端,南側為市中心,西側為著名的科研文教區和歷史風景名勝區.公園佔地約1215公頃,其中包括760公頃的森綠地, 50公頃的中華民族博物館以及405公頃的國際展覽體育中心,賽后將成為全市最高品位的文化,休閑,健身區域"這一切無疑都將成為倚佳園獨傲北京的最氣派,最奢華的私人會所與私家后花園. 2008年,這里將聚集全亞洲乃至全世界最項級的設和資源.然而,這契機就在身邊,不容你不信
  6. Bild said kidman will come to the german capital in september to start work on the film version of " the reader ", the award - winning 1995 novel by german author bernhard schlink which deals with later generations " difficulty in understanding the holocaust. kidman and cruise divorced in 2001. he has since married katie holmes and she country singer keith urban

    據圖片報消息,基德曼將於9月前往德國首都柏拍攝改編電影the reader ,這部1995年的獲獎小說由德國作家伯恩哈德施林克所著,小說主要講述的是「二戰」后德國的幾代人無法理解「猶太人大屠殺」的故事。
  7. While the entire city embraced the 2007 special olympics summer games, le royal m ridien shanghai welcomed mrs eunice kennedy shriver, the 85 year old founder of special olympics, to the hotel to host her grand reception, attended by many vips including shanghai vice mayor

  8. On the first day of a nine - day european trip, mr tsang met with foreign secretary jack straw at the foreign and commonwealth office, and with lord charles falconer, secretary of state for constitutional affairs and lord chancellor, at the house of lords

  9. Therefore, the author gave 4s store as a research paper direction. there are background researching on the project, impact element analysising and market forecasting, building proposal and investment perspectives based on economic analysis. first, background researching on the project is analysis and appraisal of the conditions and the necessarity for jilin ly automobiles sales limited company based on existing models

  10. Implement the " special plan for development of the cultural environments under the olympic action programme for beijing sports " by stages, and put the idea of " people ' s olympics " into practice to promote the exchange and integration of the sports cultures between the east and the west, enrich the intension of the olympic spirit, promote the development of the sports culture in beijing, and promote the improvement of the ideological and ethnical qualities and scientific and cultural qualities of the citizens

    分階段實《北京奧運行動規劃文化環境建設專項規劃》 ,把"人文奧運"理念化為實踐,促進東西方體育文化的交流與融合,豐富奧精神的內涵,推動北京體育文化的發展,促進市民思想道德素質和科學文化素質的提高。
  11. Meckling model of analyzing enterprise ownership structure, author study our country environment impacting on the eso efficiency and get the conclusion : though the implement of the eso in bank of our country can change the traditional rigid method of salary distribution, correct nearsightedness of senior executive and excite positive psychology, but because of many environments restrictions, the effect of the eso was give a great discount. so if implying this encouragement scheme, we must take the road of china in the bank of our country. referring to western bank experiences, author has discussed the eso schemes in our bank and designed the feasible schemes, which accords with the realistic objective condition

  12. The berliner dom is a magnificent baroque cathedral built between 1894 and 1905. it is located on an island in the river spree

  13. London s famous landmarks, will form a breathtaking backdrop to the games in 2012, complemented by brand new facilities in the new olympic park, including the olympic stadium and the aquatics centre

    倫敦的名勝古跡將為2 0 1 2年奧運會的舉辦提供令人心動的背景,嶄新的奧公園包括體育場和水上運動中心等將為奧運提供最新的設
  14. Heinz thews, executive director of luxembourg olympic committee visited the hksi to explore the training facilities for their olympic teams. the delegation was welcomed by hksi management and toured the hksi sports facilities, sports residence, fitness training centre and sports science laboratories

  15. Having watched his side dominate the second half, but appear to run out of ideas in the final third, jurgen klinsmann reversed the change he made to his starting line - up by bringing off tim borowski and putting on the more attack - minded bastian schweinsteiger

  16. Brand new bikes will be available at 230 outlets close to subway stations, commercial districts, olympic venues, hotels and office buildings as well as in big communities, according to a " rent a bike " program carried out by beijing bicycle rental services, a beijing - based company

    帶有標志的新自行車將被投放230個鄰近地鐵口、商業區、奧賽區、賓館寫字樓及大型社區的租賃點, 「出租自行車」項目由北京自行車租賃機構,一家北京本地公司實
  17. 02 tilt up to klinsmann together with his assistant, joachim loew, he ' s implemented a program devised by american specialist mark verstegen

  18. Mr. froomkin believes that these are examples of icann ' s policy being poorly applied. mr. mclaughlin points out that complainants can still take their case to court if they lose

  19. Hillary clinton said she found the scheme deeply troubling

  20. Design of public facilities in beijing olympic forest park