普莫 的英文怎麼說

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普莫 英文
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(普遍; 全面) general; universal Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ代詞[書面語] (沒有誰; 沒有哪一種東西) no one; none; nothing Ⅱ副詞1 (不) not; no 2 (不要) d...
  1. According to wwf, there are only some 450 siberian or amur tigers left in the wild, the vast majority of them roaring in the khabarovsk and primorky regions

  2. Molly weasley recalls the night when she and arthur were caught out of their common room taking a moonlight stroll ; she escaped capture, but arthur was caught and punished by the caretaker, apollyon pringle, and " still has the marks " [ / color ] ( gf31 )

    莉?韋斯萊回憶起有一天晚上她和亞瑟在公共休息室外的月光下散步時被發現了,她順利逃脫,而亞瑟被當時的舍監阿波里昂?林格抓住了,並且「他身上現在還帶著印記呢」 ( [ / color ]火焰杯,第31章) 。
  3. Previous roadshows have seen renault ' s car running in moscow ' s red square, at the circus maximus in rome and on the banks of the bosphorus in turkey

  4. Language : english is the official language, but japanese and chamorro ( the local language ) are also spoken

  5. " we were very frustrated, " said chapman, a forward for her high school team of des moines

    曾任戴斯尼斯中學校隊前鋒的查曼說: 「這讓我們感到很失落。 」
  6. Inside the waiting room maximo conequir, a mapuche faith healer is treating a patient by gently placing his hands on her body

  7. Four from each country sat at the table. harriman sat at roosevelt ' s right, i at roosevelt ' s left, and hopkins next to me. with stalin were voroshilov, molotov, and pavlov

  8. Of what did bellchime and handtouch and footstep and lonechill remind him ? of companions now in various manners in different places defunct : percy apjohn killed in action, modder river, philip gilligan phthisis, jervis street hospital, matthew f. kane accidental drowning, dublin bay, philip moisel pyemia, heytesbury street, michael hart phthisis, mater misericordi aelig ; hospital, patrick dignam apoplexy, sandymount

    在各種情況下,在不同的地方如今已經故去的夥伴們:珀西阿約翰陣亡,在德爾河195菲利吉利根196肺結核,歿于傑維斯街醫院,馬修f .凱恩197不慎淹死在都柏林港灣,菲利普莫依塞爾198膿血癥,死在海蒂斯勃利街,邁克爾哈特199肺結核,歿于仁慈聖母醫院,帕特里克迪格納穆腦溢血,歿于沙丘。
  9. Forest fires are currently raging across an area of 600 square kilometres south of the khabarovsk region and in northern and central parts of the primorsky region. strong winds increase the threats of rapid spreading of the fires

  10. Currently we have two agent - based modeling projects that employ this information to reconstruct puebloan settlement and land - use patterns in the long house valley in arizona and the central mesa verde region in colorado

  11. A pan - african ministerial meeting held in march this year in maputo, mozambique marked a turning point

  12. The maputo stock exchange in mozambique was set up in 1998 with the help of the lisbon stock exchange

  13. President arap moi ' s kenya is a country in the grip of aids, while political machinations maintain a deadly status quo

  14. The us supreme court is tossing out punitive damages of nearly 80 million dollars against philip morris usa, awarded to a smoker ' s widow

  15. “ the spaniards were astonished at these novel maneuvers [ by musketeers on skates ] upon the ice ” ( john lothrop motley )

    「西班牙人被這些在冰上的滑行步兵進行的大規模戰略演習驚得目瞪口呆」 (約翰?勞斯路?特利) 。
  16. “ the poverty - stricken exiles contributed far more, in proportion. . than the wealthy merchants ” ( john lothrop motley )

    「貧困的流放者們做出的貢獻要比富裕的商人們做出的貢獻大得多」 (約翰?洛斯羅?特利) 。
  17. “ a pardon, so restricted that none were likely to be forgiven save those who had done no wrong ” ( john lothrop motley )

    請原諒,如此地嚴格限制以致於除了那些從沒做過錯事的人,沒有人可饒恕(約翰?洛特諾?特列) 。
  18. He often offended men who might have been useful friends ( john lothrop motley

    他經常傷害那些本可以成為有用朋友的人(約翰?洛思羅?特利) 。
  19. “ every statue was hurled from its niche. . every painted window [ was ] shivered to atoms ” ( john lothrop motley )

    「每一尊雕像都從壁龕上被推了下來…每一扇彩畫的窗戶震得粉碎」 (約翰?洛斯羅?特利) 。
  20. Leading tobacco companies, such as british - american tobacco and philip morris, deny these charges