更多的人 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gēngduōderén]
更多的人 英文
i got more than i had expected from the psychologist
  • : 更副詞1. (更加) more; still more; even more 2. (再,又) further; still further; furthermore
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • 更多 : more; still more
  1. As soon as he finished, his supporters applauded vigorously, but most of the masses were taken aback and exchanged doubtful glances.

  2. The development of network media causes great impact on the communication patterns in our country, the media transfers from the disseminators as operation center to the acceptant as operation center. of course, our country gets the new spread way at present, and network media become a new window to helping readers both at home and abroad to understand china

  3. Many more died on their way to captivity.

  4. The current travel the main contents of culture stanzas to include the building mountain district exquisite article the resources to display, the literature performance wait the activity. the building mountain that rites part is solemn is cultured, and perform the part of and happiness and crazy, outstanding suburb color, mold the clear suburb topic of to emerge with the consciousness with the the new atmosphere to travel the area of big area, culture. the current travels the culture stanza with the happy suburb, sahuan building mountain " for the topic, travel the culture stanza the opening ceremony and saint mountain the scenery to spend a holiday the area to start practice the celebration ceremony the rites, building mountain the economic trade to talk over the meeting with the tenth building mountain, continuously the fire of the human civilization the motherland is good, the capital city is beautiful " three corpus activities of activities of publicity educations are with the stanza of white grass cookhouse ground sahuan son ", ten cross river the light stanza, celebrate the 7 1 " hall the whole image for ascending folk king of country whip performing, cloud residing the the series the activity, the spending the hole, silver the fox the hole, fairy the the hole, cloud the water hole " fourth holes look foring the competing and go to the countrying is a farmering, cut in lining " experience personallying a day swiming sixth items prop upping the activity to main contents, molding the root in peking the, hole the kingdom " ; release the north line of building mountain to travel the hallway, and adjust the mountain area the environment of economic construction, ecosystem, and promote the farmer to increase to accept, quickly the building mountain travel a developments step, and go on a tour for whole municipal and periphery visitor, recreational, the amusement invest with chinese and foreign businessman to start a business the offering is more, more ideal choice. attraction the more people travel the building the mountain, investment into the building mountain, and further push that area to completely develop

    儀式部分莊重典雅,表演部分歡樂狂野,突出郊野色彩,塑造鮮明郊野主題和親和意識,展現房山旅遊大區文化名區新氣象。本屆旅遊文化節以「 happy郊野撒歡房山」為主題,以第十屆房山旅遊文化節開幕式暨聖蓮山風景度假區開業慶典儀式房山經貿洽談會續燃類文明之火「祖國好京城美」宣傳教育活動三項主體活動和白草畔野營地「撒歡兒節」十渡河燈節慶「七一」堂上鄉村民俗霸王鞭表演雲居寺祈福迎祥系列活動「石花洞銀狐洞仙棲洞雲水洞」四洞尋寶比賽及下鄉務農「插隊」體驗一日游六項支撐活動為主要內容,塑造「北京根祖,溶洞王國」整體形象推出房山北線旅遊走廊,調整山區經濟結構,優化生態環境,促進農民增收,加快房山旅遊黃金圈建設步伐,為全市及周邊遊客出遊休閑娛樂和中外客商投資創業提供理想選擇。吸引更多的人旅遊到房山投資進房山,進一步推動該區全面發展。
  5. General speaking, the detection of the vulnerability is a technique filled with inspiration and luck, but thorough analysis shows it is also deducible. if more people understand the hacking technique, it will no longer be magic mastered only by a few experts

  6. The douala center brothers and sisters thank master for giving them the precious experience of conducting their first video conference, and anticipate holding many more such events in the future for the benefit of humankind

  7. It is possible that a description of the methods of epidemiology may stimulate the use of these techniques by a wider range of individuals.

  8. The weakening of social organizations, the maladjustment of children, and finally, crime, had resulted.

  9. As a prominent element of higher education, campus culture construction of radion & tv universities has its characteristics, which deserve our active probe and practice in line with our conditions

  10. Well, when the place couldn t hold no more people the duke he give a fellow a quarter and told him to tend door for him a minute, and then he started around for the stage door, i after him ; but the minute we turned the corner and was in the dark he says

  11. Interest in breed shows increased, as did membership in the sv

    更多的人關注德牧展賽,加入了sv 。
  12. Thanks to our advanced advertising management system, many people will know about your company

  13. " our brother managed to kill a lot, " the statement said, " and we tell allawi that if the arrows missed him this time, we have plenty of arrows.

    「我們兄弟準備殺更多的人」 ,聲明說, 「而且我們要告訴阿拉維,雖然他躲過了這次,但是我們會繼續發動下一次"
  14. As a result, most of required skill can be learned through education. the increasing return to education ( increasing relative wage ) makes education more attractable

  15. Make the base layer of the igloo, being sure to make the igloo big enough so that up to four or more people can sleep comfortably

  16. The pending debate should be placed before a larger audience

  17. This type of community action is the way of the future - we need many more people to get involved and we need to give them the tools to do it, " added mr blunkett

    這類社區行動是將來發展方向,我們需要更多的人參與並為他們提供設備。 」
  18. And while cuddle puddle a pile of ecstasy users on the floor is in the running, the smart money is backing phrases like " ground zero, " let ' s roll, " 9 11, " september 11, " evil doers, " terrible tuesday " and " post - september 11 " as likely winners when voting takes place on january 4 in a san francisco hotel at the language group ' s annual meeting

    1月4日在美國舊金山一家酒店中舉行語言協會年會上, 2001年新詞成群吸毒者"雖然入選10大流行詞匯可能性很大,但是更多的人還是支持" ground zero指世貿中心廢墟我們開始行動吧!
  19. In this report, we mainly covered the following aspects of " tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ " : 1 ) procedures of tissue organd regeneration and replication and replication in clnical practice ; 2 ) the discover and existence of potentiald regenerative cell ( prc ) ; 3 ) the proliferation, differentiation and regeneration law of potential law of potential regenerative cells ; 4 ) study procedure on tissue organ regeneration and replication from prcs in vitro based on the model of full skin organ regeneration in situ after extensive in vitro, set up the method and technology of searching life regenerative substance required in tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ. in this study, first, the whole human body is divided into 206 function units, which are the " tissue organ " in regeneration study. then the histology foundation of tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ is set up. in ordre to prove the existence of the potential regenerative cells and their potential baility and function, we established clinical tracking rechnique of skin organ regeneration in situ ; meanwhile, several tissue organ regeneration and replication in vitro models which represent different kinds of runctions were sucessfully set up, with all these techniques and models, we confirmed : 1 ) the existence, function and ability of pptemtoa regenerative cells ; 2 ) the importance of life regenerative substance ; 3 ) the feasibility of tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ ; 4 ) the big value of tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ in life science and medicine progerss. we also showed the possible foreground of capture cancer with this method and technologh. in this report, nearly 200 photographs of several tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ or in vitro demonstrated the whole process of tissue organ and big organ entities regeneration and replication from cells. the results of tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ mainly include : 1 ) whole skin organ regeneration and replication in situ ; 2 ) gastrointestinal mucosa tissue organ regeneration in vitro ; 3 ) hair follicle tissue organ regeneration in situ or in vitro ; 4 ) never tissue organ regeneration in situ ; 5 ) pancreas tissue organ regeneration and replication in vitro ; 5 ) marrow tissue regeneration in vitro ; 6 ) renal glomerulus and tubule tissue organ tugeneraation in vitro ; 7 ) heart muscle regeneration in vitro, etcl. in order to let more and more people know and understand this technology of tissue organd regeneration and replication in situ, herein, for the first time, we publicize the key points of actualizing this technology. also, we publicized the technology procedures and the frame constitute of life substances. we bilieve this is a big contribution to human science

  20. This helps to explain a surge in the purchase of foreign securities by individuals, chiefly through investment trusts