李重和 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhòng]
李重和 英文
lee joong hwa
  • : 1. [植物學] (李子樹) plum2. (李子) plum3. (姓氏) a surname
  • : 重Ⅰ名詞(重量; 分量) weight Ⅱ動詞(重視) lay [place put] stress on; place value upon; attach im...
  • : 和動詞(在粉狀物中加液體攪拌或揉弄使有黏性) mix (powder) with water, etc. : 和點兒灰泥 prepare some plaster
  1. In li er ' s novel, " colorature ", intellectuals ' criticism of history as segments, he adopted varied narrating tactics, broke the past tradition of stow - telling with gyres, sought the discourse of plural dialogue, activated and rebuilt the connection between reality, history and novel

    摘要洱的長篇小說《花腔》考述了知識分子的「歷史」 ,在對碎片般的歷史的追述與審視中,他採用了多種多樣的敘述策略,打破了以往的說書傳統,尋求多元話語的對話,激活並建了小說與現實歷史的聯系。
  2. As the deepening of soe reform and the aggravation rubing among new institution and old institution, the enormous function of the small and medium - sized enterprise is paid attention to by personages of various circles day by day. the embarrassment of the small and medium - sized enterprise. especially his finance difficulty, come into being the focus. at present, the study on question of small and medium - sized enterprise in the theory circle is ma inly concentrated on the following : the first, discussion of the importance of small and medium - sized enterprise ; second, management of small and medium - sized enterprise. especially the finance difficulty ; the third, to the reference of experience outside the country ; fourth, combining our country national conditions people discuss the particularity of ways of finance the enterprise

    目前,理論界對中小企業問題的研究主要集中在以下幾個方面:第一、對中小企業要性的探討(如吳敬璉, 1999 ;董輔仁, 1999 ) ;第二、對中小企業經營困難,尤其融資難問題的理論探討政策建議(如樊綱, 1999 ;鐘朋榮, 1999 ;賀力平, 1999 ;如國家計委財金司調查組, 1998 ;國務院發展研究中心中小企業發展對策研究課題組, 1999 ;郝雁、游淑瓊, 1999 ) ;第三、對國外經驗的借鑒(如裘元倫, 1998 ;姜勝利, 1999 ;柳紅, 1999a , 1999b ) ;第四、結合我國國情探討我國中小企業融資方式的特殊性(林毅夫、永軍, 2000 ) 。
  3. Krebs, sir hans adolf ( 1900 - 81 ) german - born british biochemist best known for his elucidation of the drebs cycle. he shared the 1953 nobel prize for physiology or medicine with fritz lipmann ( 1899 - 1986 )

    克雷布斯( 1900 - 1981 ) :英籍德國生化學家,他最要的貢獻是成功的解釋了三羧酸循環。他與普曼( 1899 - 1986 )共同獲得1953年諾貝爾生理學化學獎。
  4. Fast algorithms of both discrete and orthonormal wavelet and wavelet packet coefficient are diagrammatized to be introduced. daubechies wavelet is applied to help to discuss the application and test on signal filtering and noise reduction with the principle and threshold implementation ; the basic principle to pickup the fault characteristics is introduced mainly about the relations between the maximum module and signal saltation point and how to characterize the saltation point with lipschitz exponent

  5. In 2004, henan ' s high court reheard the seed case. it ruled exactly as judge li had, with one exception : it criticized her for invalidating the provincial law

  6. Focused on the second symphonic poem of lizt ' s tasso : whine and triumph in this paper, the theory and method of appearance analysis are used, the composition is analyzed and expatiated and concluded from the point of view of theme material, music structure and handling, and appearance result, then the duality corresponding relationship of the content and format is abstracted, so are the characteristics of the virtual and real handling of captions and appearance

    摘要音樂形象分析是音樂分析音樂欣賞的教學與實踐中的一個「無法迴避」 ,應當思考而不得不回答的問題,因此全面分析闡述斯特的第二交響詩《塔索:哀訴與凱旋》的音樂結構、主題材料的貫穿與發展、音樂的技術處理及其所帶來的音樂形象結果具有非常要的意義。
  7. The news is a massive blow for addicks boss alan curbishley, who now has just two fit specialist senior central defenders, chris perry and jonathan fortune, at his disposal

    這條消息嚴打擊了球隊主帥柯比什利,這讓他手中只剩兩員資深有實力的防守中衛,佩j .福瓊。
  8. Song zhigang and wang dehua 2002. the maximum metabolizable energy intake and the relationship with basal metabolic rate in the striped hamster ( cricetulus barabensis ). acta theriologica, 47 ( 4 ) : 417 - 423

    興升王德華楊俊成. 2003 .光周期對布氏田鼠長爪沙鼠能量代謝的影響。獸類學報23 ( 4 ) : 304 311 。
  9. During which event do lee adama and kara thrace revisit a secret experience that they shared on new caprica

  10. The chandelier - - - - foyer this 15 - metre tall aluminium chandelier, was designed and created by mr. li huai chiang. li and his team had used more than 1, 300 pieces of aluminium and stainless steel from the then west germany and japan

  11. Based on his important diplomatic practice this author points out that li hong - zhang was a representative of the diplomacy of humiliation of the late qing dynasty

  12. Another focus of the exhibition is on the rare artifacts and literary materials, such as film contracts, film magazines launch issues, awards, costumes, and props, etc. the exhibition segment on superstars, directors, and classic films will exhibit artifacts and photographs of bruce lee, kwan tak - hing, jackie chan and the movie,

  13. Then r / s analysis, phase space reconstruction of the system, chaos analysis and fractals analysis are done through matlab program, based on original data of hushen stock markets compositive index from year 1991 to year 2002. and the author draws a conclusion based on original data that china ' s stock market obeys low - dimension fractals and ebb - chaos in terms of the experimentation result : hurst exponents are between 0 and 1, memory cycles are obvious, lyapunov exponents are more than zero and chaotic attractors correlative dimensions are between 2 and 3 in hushen stock markets in this thesis the concept information noises is put forward. stock market information about policy and company of the last ten years is packed up and classified for regulators make decisions in terms of power the factor influences the stock market index

    之後文章以中國股市1991年至2002年上海深圳綜合指數每日收盤價原始數據為研究對象,在matlab程序實驗條件下,進行了兩地股市系統的r / s分析、系統相空間構、混沌分析、分形分析;獲取了兩地股市系統的赫斯特指數(滬深股市赫斯特指數均大於0 . 5而小於1 ) 、非周期記憶循環周期(滬深股市都有明顯的記憶循環周期) 、最大雅普諾夫指數(兩市都大於0 )吸引子的關聯維數(兩市都在2到3維之間) ;從而得出中國股市系統是低維分形的、弱混沌的(基於原始數據)結論。
  14. See ! ! ! how big and heavy his luggage bag !

    看! ! !他的手提行袋多麼的大!
  15. Examining relations of li shang - yin ' s poems without title to his lost romances is importantly cocerned with how to view literature during the tang dynasty on the whole

  16. In the novel great changes in the mountain villages, the author zhou libo molded more than thirty images of grassroots cadres and the south farmers, such as deng xiumei, li yuehui, sheng youting, and so on, which expressed author ' s deep worry to native figures ' fate in the history of the process

  17. Lost in transition and torn between two continents, teenager eric finds salvation through crushes that come back to hurt him, time and time again

    鄧家有子初長成(庭漁飾演) ,本想在港小男友甜絲絲,怎料阿媽一聲令下,全家突然移民多倫多,人人都要新開始。
  18. Together with copies of your passenger tickets, baggage claim tags, excess baggage tickets and purchase receipts

  19. The m3 lee and grant tanks, mounting a 75mm fixed gun, had a high silhouette and was difficult to operate in combat with the heavy german pzkpfw mark iv and tiger panzers

    M3 『』式『格蘭特』式坦克,裝備有75毫米固定主炮,有高大的側面輪廓,在戰斗行動中難以與德國型的『馬克』 iv型坦克虎式坦克相匹敵。
  20. The research of human resource value measure models of this paper has very important theoretical meaning and realistic significance. under the guidance of marxian labor valve theory and occident human capital theory and element distribution theory, this paper aims at the high science & technology software development enterprise and designs model systems of human resource group value and individual value measuring, which not only adhere the traditional accounting principle, but also combine qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis. in detail, it is organized as follows : ( 1 ) according to some defects of the available value measuring models, this thesis brings forward 4 innovative trains of thought : adopts the method that combine qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis, and establishes the new measuring basis that contain human resource the present period input cost and realized value, and defines the high - grade human resource as the target evaluation group of individual value measuring, as the basis for revealing the real contribution of human resource group firstly and achieving individual value by distributing group value to the target evaluation group in according with the specific rules secondly ; ( 2 ) analyzes the constitution of human resource value, and comes up with new way of thinking on group value measuring : adopts the historical cost means to calculate human resource group the present period input cost, and rectifies the present period realization value theory of li - shicong professor from accounting angle, and obtains more scientifically the group present period new contribution value, as the basis for structuring the new measuring

    首先揭示組織中人力資源群體對企業的真實貢獻,然後再將群體價值以一定的規則分配給目標評估群,從而確認個人價值; ( 2 )分析人力資源的價值構成,提出新的群體價值計量思路:採用歷史成本法計量群體當期投入成本,並對世聰教授提出的當期實現價值理論從會計學角度進行了修正,更為科學地確定了群體當期新增貢獻價值,從而構建了全新的人力資源群體價值計量模型; ( 3 )分析個人價值的影響因素及其關系,提出新的個人價值計量思路:運用層次分析法獲得目標評估群在群體當期新增價值中的權,確定高級人力資源當期所創造的貢獻份額;基於崗位相對權個人崗位績效評估值這兩個關鍵指標,將層次分析法關聯矩陣法結合起來,計算個人貢獻價值系數,確定某個體在目標評估群中的權,從而構建了全新的人力資源個人價值計量模型; ( 4 )選取了一家人力資本含量較高的it公司,將所構建的理論模型在該公司進行了實證檢驗,驗證了模型體系在實務中的科學性與可操作性,從而在一定程度上豐富了人力資源價值計量理論,推動了人力資源會計與現行會計核算體系的接軌。