板堰 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [bǎnyàn]
板堰 英文
weir, stop-log
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (片狀硬物體) board; plank; plate 2 (專指店鋪的門板) shutter 3 [音樂] (打拍子的樂器) ...
  • : 名詞(較低的擋水建築物) weir
  1. On the basis of collecting and arranging a large amount of projects experience, conbined with construction diversion flood passing measures design and hydraulic model test of lihua hydraulic pawer station in 1995 and 1996, the dissertation studies the issues related with characteristics of concrete face rockfill dam including the selection of construction diversion flood passing standard and measures, flood passing during construction period and embankment stage, coffer dam design, construction scheme and general schedule etc. and present preference for project construction

  2. Two numerating methods are used in traditional structural design of gate chamber. first, considering the gate frusta to be fastened on the weir body, it is calculated as plane stress problem independently. then applying the results ( moment and vertical force ) on the bottom of gate frusta as concentrating load on the weir body, and the weir body is viewed as a elastic foundation beam or plate and unilateral stress analysis was performed

  3. And experimental study on the heat transfer performance and pressure drop characteristic of the process of bubbling evaporative cooling are carried. as there are so little attention and studies on the process bubbling evaporative cooling about heat transfer in the world at present, this paper mainly deals with the effects of the different bare tower velocity, weir height, heat flux density and plate perforation geometries on the heat transfer coefficient and the pressure drop of the process of air flowing

  4. Based on analysing all kinds of sediment silting basins and their suitable conditions, the traditional sedimentation basin has been improved in three aspects, i. e., setting an adjusting flow board in the fore of setting basin, adding a spillway trough along the flow direction, and redesigning the flush gallery by adding auxiliary flushing facilities

  5. Since the air pressure sink - box technology was abandoned, and the steel - plate peg round the barrage pipe peg foundation was adopted at first time in the wuhan changjiang bridge project, the steel round the barrage has been adopted in bridge foundation construction more and more. especially after the double wall steel sink well round the barrage bore peg foundation was creatively adopted in jiujiang changjiang bridge foundation, which was built in 1985

    自從武漢長江大橋工程中擯棄了過去一直沿用的氣壓沉箱,首次採用了鋼樁圍管柱基礎以來, 1985年建成的九江長江大橋基礎獨創性地採用雙壁鋼沉井圍鉆孔樁基礎,鋼圍在橋梁基礎施工中的應用越來越多。
  6. Steel sheet pile cellular cofferdam

  7. Steel sheet pile earth cofferdam

  8. The design amp; construction of single - wall steel pile cofferdam in deep water

  9. Application of steel sheet pile cofferdam on excavation of deep water foundation pit

  10. Construction of cofferdam for bearing platform and steel sheet pile of main piers of huangzhou bridge

  11. The design of the drilling platform for bored pile construction of hangzhou bay cross - sea bridge

  12. Synthetic mullite slag dam, high - alumina salg dam and mg - alcastable for continuous cadting tundish developed by this factory has good heat stsbility, strong erosion resistance. it is produced by adopting high aluminium and super fine powder little cement casting workmanship, which has such advantages as advanced craft, stable quality and distinguished function

  13. The effect of gas rates, liquid flow - rates, downcomer width, weir height and the addition of surface active agent on the liquid mean residence time, t, effective diffusion coefficient, de, and froth height, hf were studied. results obtained showed that for two systems, the t in the downcomer of ctst plate is 20 - 50 % smaller than that of fl valve plate, and the de is 40 - 70 % smaller than that of fl valve plate

    通過對氣速、液體流量、降液管寬度、高和表面活性劑加入的影響進行分析得出下面結論:在相同的操作條件下,對于兩種物系, ctst塔降液管的液體停留時間比f1浮閥塔的約小20 50 ,有效擴散系數比f1浮閥塔的小40 70 ,泡沫高度低110 150mm 。
  14. Supervision and consultation projects completed : ( 1 ) jiangsu xindadou square ( 50, 000m2, two 30 - story buildings ), worked as chief supervision engineer ( consultation ) ; ( 2 ) " yanqiao overpass service center of xicheng highway ( the first overpass type service center on highway in china ), worked as chief supervision engineer ( consultation ) ; ( 3 ) the ninth 5 - year - plan updating technology project of huaiyin tobacco plant, 50, 000m2, worked as chief ( supervision and consultation ) ; ( 4 ) the softy testing, analysis and consultations of nanjing international conference and exhibition center, site - erected structure, 75m span steel roof truss ( the largest one in china ), worked as chief of test and consultation ; ( 5 ) " the consultation service of the testing, analysis and update technology of the reliability of the joints of intermediate floor slabs, beams and columns of base beam of sanshanjie station of nanjing metro " etc

    完成"江蘇新大都廣場( 5萬多平方米,二幢30層) "建設監理咨詢(總監) ; "錫澄高速橋跨線服務區(國內首座) "建設監理咨詢(總負責) ; "淮陰卷煙廠9 . 5技改項目( 5萬多平方米) "建築監理咨詢(總負責) ;主持了"南京國際會展中心75m跨鋼屋架(國內最大距)現場施工安裝結構安全性測試分析咨詢" ; "南京地鐵三山街站中樓及底樑柱節點構造技術安全可靠性的測試分析與技術改進咨詢服務"等項目。
  15. Shankou spillway project has many specific characteristics, for example, the gate frusta and weir body have equivalent thickness, the weir body is low and have corridor, the foundation of the weir body is " high - low foot " " and the side frusta is also used as retain wall. in view of the characteristics, to better analyze the stress distribution on weir body, gate frusta, the joints between gate chamber and weir body, under the condition that the gate chamber is applied with asymmetrical loads and complicated constraints, three dimensional finite element method is applied in this paper

  16. The paper introduces large - scale fem software, algor, by which the auther can build model of hanging box of high pile cap, and simulates accurately three loadcases, which include loadcase behind enclosed concrete, loadcase behind empty water in hanging box, and loadcase behind high pile cap construction. the auther calculates tensor and displacement of hanging box weir when loads exert panels, supports, suspenders, top beams, base beams of hanging box weir. at the same time the auther carrys out th e stability analysis, besides, educes calculational and analytical data, which are tally with construction result in the main

    論文介紹大型通用有限元計算軟體algor ,並用軟體建立大遼河特大橋高樁承臺吊箱圍的全結構模型,相對準確地模擬灌注封底混凝土后、抽除吊箱內河水后、承臺破冰體施工后等三種受力工況,並用模型進行了應力和變形的計算,計算各工況荷載作用於吊箱全結構箱體面、內支撐、吊桿、懸吊頂梁、底梁等的應力和變形,並對比吊箱圍面計算變形和施工實測變形,結果是吻合的;對大遼河特大橋高樁承臺輕型吊箱的穩定性進行了計算分析;論文研究工作表明,應用組合有限元方法計算大型施工結構問題具有現實意義。
  17. Sheet pile cofferdam

  18. Aqueous weir guard

  19. Test method for open - channel flow measurement of water with thin - plate weirs

  20. Methods of measurement of liquid flow in open channels - weirs and flumes - method using thin - plate weirs