河谷 的英文怎麼說

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河谷 英文
river valley河谷地貌 river valley geomorgy
  • : 1 (天然的和人工的大水道) river 2 (指銀河系) the milky way system; the galaxy 3 (特指黃河) t...
  • : 谷名詞1 (兩山或兩塊高地中間的狹長而有出口的地帶) valley; ravine; gorge 2 (姓氏) a surname 3 ...
  1. The hydrology and aerography indexes change in the middle of the rainy season in dry - hot valley are explored in this paper, which involves the mean ground temperature, relative humidity, runoff on trunk, rainfall, evaporation quantity, etc

  2. In loessal regions and alluvial valley fills of the western united states, both surface soil and subsoil are commonly friable.

  3. In places, hill - slope debris forms a mantle over the bedrock and alluvium fills some of the valleys

  4. These may eventually coalesce to form an anastomosing system of channel sands within a broad valley.

  5. In the research area, the incised valley was formed during the sea level downwards and was provided source by the arenaceous river from qiaotou. it is stacked by 3 incised valleys formed in 3 different sequences

  6. Avine habitats of perennial streams in the project area will be preserved and protected by buffer zones

  7. Camping areas on botswana side include the rooiputs camping grounds, some 25km up the nossob river valley from the entrance gate

  8. Jiangbei town covers a total area of 2 square kilometers, with unique natural conditions, clear lines of mountains and rivers, and luxuriant forests, all of which provide a sound ventilation for the city

  9. Colluvial deposits at the foot of valley slopes usually affect only narrow strips of valley bottom.

  10. The negroes generally cultivate the cotton farms, and thelarge cotton plantations of the state, while the small farms are cultivated by whitelabour

  11. As for site selection, most villages in the guibei area are sited on flat, sunny and draughty river valleys or sloping fields, which can prevent the villages from being washed out by flood

  12. It is a rather well - known fact that bank - slope deformation and failure result from the coupling of earth ' s endogenic and exogenic geological processes, in which different dynamic - force factor has a different correlation to the evolution of bank - slope

  13. The tianbaoshan and daliangzi pb - zn deposits, strictly controlled by " formations, phases and structures ", are typical mvt pb - zn deposits. they also belong to the epigenetic hydrothermal strata - bound deposit

  14. When the wolves were extirpated in the park as a menace, elk numbers soared, and the hordes consumed the vegetation, denuding the lamar valley and driving out many other species

  15. University college of the fraser valley

  16. The genesis of valley deposits is intimately associated with the history of the stream by which they were formed.

  17. There are plenty of warm memories ? he and i on the couch watching tv together, walking a gravel road in crete, ill., as dusk, riding home in a car, singing “ red river valley

    當然也有不少溫馨的記憶? -我們一同坐在沙發上看電視;一塊在伊利諾洲克里特的碎石小道上散步;夕陽中一起唱著《紅河谷》驅車回家。
  18. Deep bays and sounds, in the shape of river valleys, cut inland on the coasts.

  19. The chateaux of the loire, france

  20. The world - famous loire valley - best known for its wines and chateaux - extends across two regions in west and central france