海利亞德 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [hǎi]
海利亞德 英文
  • : 名詞1 (道德; 品行; 政治品質) virtue; morals; moral character 2 (心意) heart; mind 3 (恩惠)k...
  1. The royal australian navy ' s first victory against the japanese occurred on 21 january off darwin when the submarine i124 was destroyed by depth charges dropped by the bathurst class corvettes katoomba, lithgow and deloraine and the united states destroyer edsall

    澳大皇家軍對日本作戰取得的第一次勝是在1月21日達爾文港,由巴瑟斯特級輕武裝快艦卡通巴號,里特高號,迪洛瑞尼號和美國驅逐艦埃索爾號一起投放的深水炸彈擊毀潛艇伊124 。
  2. Thus the glowworm's light was quenched, but her captain, lieutenant-commander gerard roope, was awarded the victoria cross posthumously, and the story will long be remembered.

  3. Thus the glowworm ' s light was quenched, but her captain, lieutenant - commander gerard roope, was awarded the victoria cross posthumously, and the story will long be remembered

  4. Sir alex ferguson ' s side will face orlando pirates ( durban, july 15 ), kaizer chiefs ( cape town, july 18 ) and the winner of a pirates / chiefs playoff in pretoria on july 22

    弗格森爵士將會挑戰奧蘭多盜( 7月15日班) 、凱撒酋長(開普敦7月18日) 。以及這兩支球隊之間比賽的勝者。決賽7月22日在比勒陀舉行。
  5. Arly in the film, psychologist dr. norman johnson shocks the us government with a false research report on " unknown life forms " that describes possible contact between human beings and extraterrestrials. his report mentions some of his friends : mathematician harry adams, astrophysicist ted fielding, and biochemist beth halpern, all of whom have latent negative sentiments lurking in their subconscious minds. norman has been afraid of jellyfish and sea snakes since childhood ; harry fears squids ; and beth is prone to suicidal thoughts

  6. In the broadly cultural context of the victorian era, hyde might be comparable to western culture ' s fascination with perceived " savage & ; ; quot; countries and cultures, specifically in africa and the west indies, while jekyll is the embodiment of english manners, pride, and high culture

  7. By evening, the log showed that two hundred and twenty miles had been accomplished from hong kong, and mr fogg might hope that he would be able to reach yokohama without recording any delay in his journal ; in which case, the only misadventure which had overtaken him since he left london would not seriously affect his journey

  8. Because of australian quarantine restrictions, the equestrian events were held in stockholm during june

  9. Top seeds russia suffered a humiliating early exit from the hopman cup on wednesday as a leg - weary marat safin was beaten for the second time in three days in their 2 - 1 defeat by argentina

    正在澳大西南濱城市珀斯市舉行的霍普曼杯網球混合團體賽上, 1月5日再次爆出冷門,本屆杯賽的頭號種子俄羅斯隊繼4日以總比分1 - 2敗給國隊之後,在第2場小組賽中又以1 - 2負于阿根廷隊,至此已無緣決賽。
  10. Panellists at the forum were heavyweights of the financial services and academic sectors. they included the deputy vice - chancellor of the university of hong kong, professor y. c. richard wong ; the senior adviser to vice - chancellor of the university of hong kong, professor kai - ming cheng ; the executive council and legislative council member, mr bernard chan ; the head of north and east asia and chief executive of bnp paribas hong kong branch, mrs mignonne cheng ; the co - head of investment banking in asia and asia financing group of goldman sachs, mr mark machin ; the vice - president undergraduate education and chair professor of finance of city university of hong kong s faculty of business, professor richard ho ; the executive director of the hongkong and shanghai banking corporation ltd, mr peter wong ; the executive director and chief executive officer of standard chartered bank hong kong ltd, mr peter sullivan ; the audit partner of deloitte touche tohmatsu, mr philip tsai ; the president and chief executive officer of bank of america asia ltd ; and mr samuel tsien

  11. Many persons moved a little away from the circle, noticing the disdainful smile of the senator and the freedom of pierres words. ilya andreitch was the only person pleased at what pierre said, just as he had been pleased with the naval officers speech and the senators, as he always was with the last speech he had heard

  12. Up to 30 different tv networks and publishers, from australia and overseas, have made contact with his adelaide - based lawyer according to the australian newspaper

  13. Then in the long days on board ship, when the vessel, gliding on with security over the azure sea, required no care but the hand of the helmsman, thanks to the favorable winds that swelled her sails, edmond, with a chart in his hand, became the instructor of jacopo, as the poor abb faria had been his tutor

  14. It has thus passed from asia ( u thant of burma, now myanmar ), to western europe ( kurt waldheim of austria ), to latin america ( javier p rez de cu llar of peru ), to africa ( boutros boutros - ghali of egypt, who served one term, and kofi annan of ghana, the current secretary - general )

    因此,這個職位從洲(緬甸的吳丹) 、西歐(奧地的庫爾特?瓦爾姆) 、拉丁美洲(秘魯的哈維爾?佩雷斯?爾)輪到非洲(埃及的布特羅斯?布特羅斯-加(一屆任期)和現任秘書長,迦納的科菲?安南) 。
  15. Contestant graham " butch " goodfellow, 54, of australia said hemingway and the australians had some crucial things in common

    來自澳大的參賽選手、 54歲的「硬漢」格拉漢姆?古費勒說,明威和澳大人有一些重要的相似之處。
  16. Shuangliangs products demonstrate their strong media competitiveness and great market potentials due to their supreme quality and, low price and have directly pushde the deve opment of the inflatable models industry at home and abroad. all the products are popular in domestic and overseas markets. the annual sales volume takes the lead in china, some prodicts are exported to usa, japan, france, getman, new zealand and australia, etc

  17. The other semi - final pits wales against australia after they overcame tunisia and arabian gulf respectively - the latter receiving the biggest cheer when adrian kerr scored only their second try in the tournament in a 36 - 5 loss

    對澳大在以後的另外的半決賽坑威爾士他們分別地克服了突尼西和阿拉伯的灣-當阿拉恩?克爾在36 - 5損失在比賽獲得了僅僅他們的第二次嘗試時,收到最大的高興的後者。
  18. In 2004 - 2005 the production center “ poudovkin ” arranged an unprecedented tour with the program “ songs of my mother ” showing it in russia, the usa, canada, australia, germany, kazakhstan, israel, the baltic states

  19. All on board feared that it could not be done, and every one - phileas fogg, no doubt, excepted - felt his heart beat with impatience

  20. The city fiellte of bavaria, germany, is a center of jewish culture which prospers on the base of jews. on may 27, 1923, kissinger was born here named heinz. kissinger at first

    國巴伐州的菲爾特城是一個靠猶太人繁榮起來的猶太文化中心。 1923年5月27日,基辛格誕生在這個城市裡,開始叫因茨?基辛格。