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名詞(液體) liquid; fluid; juice
  1. Method : by laser ablating a multiphase reaction system, various products are obtained by plasma reaction

  2. The believer is to pray in a prescribed manner after purification through ritual ablutions each day at dawn, midday, midafternoon, sunset, and nightfall

  3. Treatment of abnormality in cy3hydraulic pressure machine

  4. The greatest activity could be obtained on the condition of 8 % salt concentration, 1 : 20 ratio of abomasums and butter, 30w / cm2 supersonic strength and 40min extraction time

    在食鹽濃度8 ,皺胃與提取比例1 : 15時,用30w cm2超聲強度提取40min ,可獲得最大的凝乳活性。
  5. As the kid chymosin was extracted by the traditional way and the buffering way at different ph values, its activity mainly depended on the salt concentration, extraction time and temperature, the ratio of buffer and abomasums and extraction times

  6. With the increasing salt concentration, milk - clotting activity became higher and higher, then reached its peak, and then decreased gradually ; in the early extraction, the speed was quick, the milk - clotting activity was increased obviously. after it amounted to the maximum, the activity became steadily lower steadily ; the increasing temperature in extracting could improve the extraction activity, but too high temperature could result in the denaturation and inactivation ; the greater the ratio of abomasums and butter and was, the quicker speed was when the enzymes was drawn out, and after extracting for twice, most of the enzymes in the abomasums could be drawn out

  7. The slides are first cleaned ultrasonically several times in alternate baths of trichlorethylene and acetone, and are then scrubbed with a mildly abrasive detergent.

  8. It can promote ovarian haemal circulation, restore the two big functions of ovarian oviposit and endocrine, have the remedial effect that disappears to regulate the menstrual function, hemostatic, ache thereby, control the growth of cyst effectively, make cyst gradually atrophic, abreaction finally, make you prevented the secondary action that the suffering of the operation and operation bring

  9. Test methods for primary wound dressing - part 1 : aspects of absorbency

  10. The sample solution is spotted on an absorbent paper.

  11. Remove the cap and urinate on the absorbent end.

  12. After the expression form analysis, the insoluble recombinant proteins was purified by destraction and abstersion of inclusion bodies. to study the abstersion condition of the inclusion bodies, we adopted ultrasound crushing and freezing - melting methods

  13. Effect of surfactant span80 and accelerant on electrorheological properties of tio2 methlsilicone oil

  14. The mixture of sperm and accessory fluids is called semen.

  15. The process is repeated until a microbial culture acclimated to the specific industrial waste is developed.

  16. Fluid tends to accumulate beneath the flaps.

  17. Water system. lowest level valve for water accumulator

    水系統.泵站用最低面閥pn 20mpa
  18. Coupling reaction of acenaphthene catalyzed by inorganic salts and ionic liquids

  19. The main therapy effect is for acetanilide, antiphlogosis, spasmolysant and heightening sanguimotor, promoting constitution growth and effusion absorption

  20. In benzene or ethyl acetate solution rates increase linearly with methyl methacrylate concentration.