渦流方程 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [guōliúfāngchéng]
渦流方程 英文
vortex equation
  • : 渦名詞1. (漩渦) eddy; whirlpool; vortex 2. (酒窩) dimple
  • : Ⅰ動1 (液體移動; 流動) flow 2 (移動不定) drift; move; wander 3 (流傳; 傳播) spread 4 (向壞...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (方形; 方體) square 2 [數學] (乘方) involution; power 3 (方向) direction 4 (方面) ...
  • : 名詞1 (規章; 法式) rule; regulation 2 (進度; 程序) order; procedure 3 (路途; 一段路) journe...
  1. By comparing the dry plate pressures drop and distributions of velocities simulated on single valve with those of double valves, it was found that there was intense turbulence in the flow fields around fixed - valve, there were eddy areas between valve side orifices and tray wall, there were eddies above the valves too, these led to the complex behaviors of gas perforating valve, these had a great effect on the gas - liquid mass transfer process. at the same time, in order to prevent the disadvantageous effect of gas between one valve with another on the gas - liquid mass transfer, it was very effective to change the fields of gas perforating valve by folding the edges of valve

  2. 2. dynamic meteorology : equations of motion ; geostrophic, ageostrophic and gradient winds ; thickness and thermal wind ; continuity equation ; stream function ; vorticity equation ; divergence equation ; omega equation ; rossby wave ; ekman layer ; numerical weather prediction

    2 .動力氣象學:運動地轉風非地轉風及梯度風厚度及熱成風連續函數輻散奧米茄羅斯貝波埃克曼層數值天氣預報。
  3. Based on researching the shaft bearing replacer, this paper built the models of electromagnetic field and vortex density in bearing race snap being induction heating

  4. By performing fourier transformation, the relationship between the turbulent intensity of the particle and that of the carrier fluid was obtained which makes clear that particle size, specific gravity, velocity gradient, and the characteristic frequency of energy - containing eddies are four basic influencing parameters. it is proven theoretically that under certain conditions, the stream - wise and transverse particle turbulent intensities exceed those of the carrier fluid. based on the equations of two - phase flow, the presence of fine sediment suspension is shown to attenuate the turbulent intensity of the water

  5. Finally, the mechanisms behind the instability of fibre suspensions are presented from a point of view of vorticity. effects of fibres are investigated through equations of vorticity transport and enstrophy balance

  6. In this paper, some characteristics of flow movement and sediment transport are analyzed by using the flume experiment data. the cross section of compound channel can be divided into four regions : the undisturbed region in main channel, the interactive region between channel and plain, the undisturbed region in flood plain and the boundary region. in the undisturbed regions, the distribution of longitudinal velocity along the depth has the feature of lograithmic. whereas, in the interactive region, the longitudinal velocity does not obey the logarithmic distribution law, but it can expressed as a revised logarithmic function by using a wake function. on the basis of the kinematic equation the velocity distribution of transverse velocity is obtained. in the boundary region, the longitudinal velocity obeys the law of parabolic distribution. furthermore, according to the simplified diffusion equation, the transverse distribution of sediment concentration in the interactive region is deduced. the analysis is in good agreement with the measured data

  7. 5. according to the requirement of amt start up experiment, using dynamic link library to program for different kinds of data acquisition card and transferring data between pc and multi scm. in this way data can be acquired successfully and engine throttle 、 clutch locking speed and eddycurrent dynamometer torque were controlled by pc programs

  8. To the large - scale atmosphere, we separate the terms of the horizontal vorticity converting into the vertical vorticity, which considered as the baroclinic terms, from the terms that not including horizontal vorticity by the rules of the p coordinate transforming to the z coordinate in the traditional vorticity equation, and carry out the scale analysis, and then conclude that the baroclinic terms are able to reach the same magnitude grade as the partial derivative of the vertical vorticity to time when it takes place the large scale precipitation in the summer monsoon period in china. by analyzing the game reanalysis data from april to august in 1998 in the region of chinese continent, we found that the baroclinic terms is important to the large - scale cyclone developing above the 600hpa, and the magnitude changing of the baroclinic terms is nearly in - phase as the monsoon movement, so which imply exactly that the magnitude changing of the baroclinic terms is the one of the natural characters of the summer monsoon evolution and equivalent to the movement rule of the subtropical high of the western pacific

  9. This paper, firstly, introduces some basic nondestructive tests, shows the background of the subject about the test for the defect of sucker rod, by comparing with the other nondestructive tests, proves the advantage of eddy - current test, then beginning with maxwell equation in electromagnetic field theory and combining with the idea model of defect, this paper proves that the feasibility of eddy - current test technology in multi - parameter and multi - frequency which applied in the test for for the defect of sucker rod

  10. According to the definition of stream function and vorticity, this article theoretically derives a formulation of definite solution problems for resolving two dimensional flow, which is different from the usual formulation, from the stream function - vorticity n - s equation

    摘要從定常二維平面動的函數量型n - s出發,從理論上推導出一種不同於通常提法的二維平面動的定解提法。
  11. For the present two les models, adopting the subgrid eddy viscosity concept and introducing the transport equation of turbulence energy k, the subgrid scale turbulence is parameterized by the turbulence energy k and the length scale of turbulence / ( k - 1 model ). in addition, vegetation is considered as an internal source of resistant force and turbulence energy

    在應用大模擬法求解數值計算模型控制時,亞網格雷諾應力項沿用了亞網格粘性系數思路,引入亞網格紊脈動動能k的輸運,建立了關于亞網格紊脈動動能k和紊特徵長度l的k - l模型求解。
  12. In order to predict hydrodynamic characteristics a computational system is developed including determination of the pressure distribution on a wing section by use of the conformal mapping method and panel method respectively and of the flow in boundary layer according to the thin shear layer approximation ( tsl ) for navier - stokes equation approach. the wing sections of naca4412 and naca0012 are applied to test the computational system. the numerical inspection shows that the panel method with better precision and the momentum and the displacement thickness of boundary layer can be used to complete this calculation

  13. In this paper, the contents and the methods of the impacting test to the particle separator vortex blades by the foreign object are introduced, the ultra dynamic strain device is used to carry on the measure of this experiment and obtained the strain - time history, three dimensional coordinate measuring method is used to measure the remaining distortion of the vortex blade, and the high speed photographic apparatus is used to carry on the photography of the impacting experiment

  14. In this article, constituting some the equations which reflect the flow law and building and applying many mathematical models of physical and chemical reactions in the the plasma ignition : applying k - two equations turbulence model to calculate the turbulence parameter supplying simplied reaction systerm model and applying eddy break - up model and p - i thermal radiation model. with these reasonable simplied modles, numerically simulating the flow field in the plasma ignition. during the numerical simulation, applying the body - fitted coordinates for the complex geometry of the computional field ; using the mixing format to disperse the equations ; applying simplec algorithm method to solve the equations ; using above models and methods, it can get flow field distribution ; including temperature, pressure, turbulent kinetic energy and its dissipation rate, turbulent viscosity, velocity, density. these results are significant to design and improve the plasma ignition

    本文旨在通過構造反映等離子點火器內部動規律的基本組,建立描述等離子點火器內部的復雜物理化學過機制數學模型:模擬等離子發生器內部燃燒的-雙動模型;模擬氣體燃料在燃燒時中化學反應的簡單化學反應系統模型;模擬等離子點火器內部湍預混燃燒的漩破碎模型;模擬等離子點火器高溫燃氣及其壁面的p - i輻射換熱的模型等等,對模型進行一定的合理的簡化,然後數值模擬等離子點火器內部場的動。
  15. Then numerical experiments on forcing dissipation and heating response of dipole ( unipole ) are carried out using global spectral model of quasi - geostrophic barotropic vorticity equation. for every experiment model integration is run for 90 days on the condition of three waves quasi - resonance. the results are given as follows : ( 1 ) under the effects of basic flow intensity and dipole ( unipole ) forcing source, there exist strong interaction among the three planetary waves, and there also exist quasi - two - week and intra - seasonal oscillation of the three planetary waves

    然後,用數值試驗的法,應用強迫耗散準地轉正壓的全球譜模式,並在中考慮了偶(單)極子的熱力強迫作用,在三個行星波準共振的條件下,模式共積分90d ,得出: ( 1 )在基本氣強度和偶(單)極強迫熱源的共同作用下,三個行星波之間存在很強的波?波相互作用,且波動振蕩呈現準雙周和季節內振蕩。
  16. Motion equation of single particle in flow field of turbomachines

  17. Finally, the wave equation of the electromagnetic field of this kind damper is derived from the maxwell ' s equation. the magnetic flux density at the boundary is assumed to be harmonic, so the analytical result of the wave equation is solved. when the rotor rotates, eddy currents flowing inside the conducting material field are caused

  18. The mathematical model of non - linear transient magnetic field excited by voltage source is established in this paper. it coupled with electric circuit equation and mechanical motion equation, could solve the transient problem excited by voltage source, and the effect of the eddy currents, non - linearity in magnetic materials and mechanical motion of medium is taken into account

  19. Therefore, it is important to know about the damage rule of particle separator, to analyze the degree of blade distortion by means of tests and calculations, to propose a set of vortex blade anti - impact ability appraisal methods

  20. 2 an f - plane quasi - geostrophic barotropic vorticity equation model of high resolution is designed in this paper in order to investigate the characters of vorticity propagation and the effect of nonlinearity on the propagation within a typhoon circulation, wherein two mesoscale vortices coexist at different radial positions