滑坡 的英文怎麼說

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滑坡 英文
1. (地表斜坡上大量土石整體下滑現象) hill-creep; landslide; landslip;2. (下滑; 下降) go steadily downhill; slide downhill
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (光滑; 滑溜) slippery; smooth 2 (油滑; 狡詐) cunning; crafty; slippery Ⅱ動詞(貼著物...
  • : Ⅰ名詞(地面傾斜的地方) slope Ⅱ形容詞(傾斜) sloping; slanting
  1. The winter landslide survey in ri - yue gorge of no. 109 autostrada

  2. On overall mineralogical analysis of bedrock slip surface

  3. After the rain, landslide bur several house

  4. Analytical and calculative method of stability of mingshan landslide in the three gorges reservoir area

  5. The comprehensive treatment project of lin jia ya slide el consists of whittling slope, anti - slide pile with anchoring cable, retaining wall, building ground drainages, level ing off and calking slope, vegetation protection etc. after managing, under the action of earthquake load and watery the stability coefficient of slide is up to 1

    林家崖號滑坡的綜合治理方案是由削方、錨索抗樁、護擋墻、地表排水、整填縫、生物防護等多種工程措施優化組合而成。治理后,在飽水有地震荷載狀態下滑坡的安全儲備系數為1 . 10 。
  6. This paper analyses the main geo - ecological environment problems in light of neotectonics, ground subsidence, landslide, collapse, debris flow, groundwater environment evolution, change of land resources, cumulate castoff, etc. in the shenfudongsheng mining district, discusses its influence on the ecological environment

  7. Landslide is a geological hazard with serious losses. it is very important to research the controling methods. slide - resistant pile, which has many advantages such as high adaptability, little interference to landslide and geological environment, short construction time, high silde resistance, is a main method to control landslide. pneumatic down - the - hole hammer is a drilling method with many advantages. its features, such as wide application range, high hole quality, no circulating medium, low operation regulations, and drilling big diameter rock hole, fit to construct slide - resistant pile. according to the requirement of silde - resistant pile construction, this paper analyses feasibility that pneumatic dth hammer drilling applies to construct slide - resistant pile on the basis of introducing the features of pneumatic dth hammer. then an applied example is given

  8. The authors analyze and select landslide parameters by using back analysis method, and consult with the congeneric landslide to determine this landslide parameters, which can offers reference to design and construction department

  9. Furthermore, field observations and data records showed the traces of possible large - scale landslides, which would result in drastic damages to the shipping and the water consonancy project on yangtze river areas, and endanger the nearby residents and their properties. therefore, it is important to predict the landslides to minimize the damages

  10. Rapid melting of the snow saturated debris in a large landslide.

  11. A deputy mayor of chongqing, the municipality to which most of the reservoir belongs, reportedly said that banks had collapsed in 91 places

  12. The production in some areas went steadily downhill.

  13. Seasonal downpours cause landslides and flash floods every year in indonesia

  14. Lin jia ya slide iii locate on the high and steep slope ling in the foreside of hill where is in the north of xi ning city

  15. The new applications of survey are described in the fields of indicating underground advance, seeking out lossed ore deposit, discovering neotype deposit for detecting the gold deposit ; determining productive aquifer for looking for groundwater ; discovering fracturation zone controlling crop out of hot spring for developing the hot spring, and locating the position of ancient rock slide for prospecting the earth slide

  16. Because of its special land conditions, there are a lot of disasters, such as collapse, gulch and landslide

  17. As the increase of domestic high - rise buildings, more and more deep foundation trench supporting constructions have come into existence. among the general geographical condition of the urban district in qingdao, most of regions, which mainly consist of strong de composed rocks, are in quite good condition. except for the sandy soil and oozy soil along sea sides. but the development of rock cracks and breaking zones and unstable lamprophyre still exist, so blasting is needed during constructions of foundation trench. blasting have bad influence on the stability of slopes. moreover. the slope - liding has happened for several times, so the engineering project of foundation trench attracts more attention of people

  18. And the ortho - image before and after the landside has also been acquired using high - resolution satelite image and proper image - disposal method

  19. Research on landslip of qingshuiwan villa area in huamen of hangzhou city

  20. Rapid melting of the snow caused masses of the landslide to break off.