濾食 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shí]
濾食 英文
filter feeding
  • : 動詞(除去液體雜質) filter; strain
  • : 食名詞(用於人名) a word used in person's name
  1. The barnacle and the clam are two examples of filter feeders.

  2. Boiling drier, the other name is fluid bed, is composed of air filter, heater, main frame of boiling bed, star like feeder, cyclone separator, cloth bag dust catcher, high pressure centrifugal blower, and control board

  3. It includes kitchen and parlour, generally ; but i believe at wuthering heights the kitchen is forced to retreat altogether into another quarter : at least i distinguished a chatter of tongues, and a clatter of culinary utensils, deep within ; and i observed no signs of roasting, boiling, or baking, about the huge fireplace ; nor any glitter of copper saucepans and tin cullenders on the walls

  4. D. extensive application of calcium carbonate at plastics, rubber, deckle, medicine, food, building materials, chemical engineering, coating, animal feed. etc

  5. Use the steamer with the queen cookware six litre dutch oven for healthy cooking that preserves the colour, flavour and nutrients in your food

    把蒸鍋放在6公升不? ? ? ?鍋內,蒸?物,保存物的原有色香味及營養成分。
  6. Use the steamer with the queen cookware six or eight litre dutch oven for healthy cooking that preserves the colour, flavour and nutrients in your food

    把蒸鍋放在6公升或8公升不? ? ? ?鍋內,蒸?物,保存物的原有色香味及營養成分。
  7. Depending on the character of high - effect, economization, and molecule glass, be broadly used in medicine, water dispose, chemical, electric, and food manufacture

  8. The second construction phase of the kowloon reservoir began in 1922 and involved extending the filter beds, so that they could filter at least 3, 580, 000 gallons per day. the expenses for this were $ 366, 082

  9. In 1897, the government built a matching water system and three filter beds for the reservoir. during the drought period, private reservoirs helped the government to supply water to hong kong residents, thus easing the problem of water shortage

  10. Although their scr is usually normal, most of the normoalbuminuric diabetic subjects with ckd according to a mdrd e - gfr below 60 do really have a gfr below 60

    雖然通常他們的血清肌酐是正常的,但據mdrd (腎臟病膳改良試驗)評估腎小球過率在60以下,且有正常蛋白尿、慢性腎病的糖尿病患者gfr確實是在60以下。
  11. By selecting food grade polycarbonate ( pc ) as raw material and integrating with the features of teapot, handless small tea cup and strainer, this product is an auto tea infuse master, it is successfully designed as advanced tea and tea leaves separation technique

  12. The specially designed biofilters provide support facilities for intensive culture of filter feeding organisms such as edible shellfish. these filter feeding organisms and cultured shellfish help to remove organic wastes and suspended particles from the fish culture zones

  13. The specially designed biofilters will provide many hard surfaces for development of numerous filter feeding organisms and support facilities have been included in the units to permit intensive culture of edible shellfish. these filter feeding organisms and cultured shellfish will filter and remove nutrients and suspended particles from the fish culture zone.

  14. The polychaetes reveals its array of bristles on their many legs. doesn ' t it look like a flower

  15. The effects of food concentration and diurnal photo period on the filtering and grazing rates a. pacific were discussed. the main results are showed as follows : 1. in the prawn cultivated pond, the year - round phytoplankton apparent growth rate ranged between 0. 181 ~ 1. 2888 d - 1

    主要分析了微型浮遊動物對浮游植物現存量和初級生產力的攝壓力,微型浮遊動物的氨氮排泄率及其對初級生產力的貢獻,探討了實驗室條件下物濃度和光周期對太平洋紡錘水蚤( acartiapacifica )濾食率和清率的影響。
  16. This control strategy is not well understood due to a lack of experimental data, especially under natural conditions

  17. To mitigate the impact of mariculture on the surrounding environment, the afcd, in collaboration with the city university of hong kong, is conducting a study on using artificial reefs ( biofilters ) to provide a hard substratum for growing filter - feeders, such as green - lipped mussels, to trap and remove organic wastes, thereby improving the water quality

  18. Bivalve shellfish such as scallops, clams, mussels, oysters, fan shells are commonly involved since they are filter - feeders and ingest toxic algae in water

  19. In the sea, filter - feeding animals like fan worms and shellfish can suck bacteria out of the water

  20. Shellfish are primarily filter feeders, meaning that they strain large volumes of seawater through their bodies to concentrate food material such as microscopic algae

    貝類基本上是濾食動物, ?們的身體會過大量海水,聚集微小的藻類做為物。