理論與實務 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [lúnshí]
理論與實務 英文
expository writing: autobiography - theory and practice
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (物質組織的條紋) texture; grain (in wood skin etc ) 2 (道理;事理) reason; logic; tru...
  • : 論名詞(記錄孔子及其門徒的言行的「論語」) the analects of confucius
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (內部完全填滿 沒有空隙) solid 2 (真實; 實在) true; real; honest Ⅱ名詞1 (實際; 事實...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (事情) affair; business 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 (從事; 致力) be engaged in; devote...
  • 理論 : theory
  1. Duh, r. r., november 1992, " culture, experience and audit judgment ", presented at the plenary session of the fourth asian - pacific conference on international accounting issues, dunedin, new zealand

    杜榮瑞1990 , "審計人員之資訊使用判斷行為" ,第二屆會計理論與實務研討會文集,臺大管學院主辦
  2. Management " think - tank " that conducts research, publishes books and articles, and provides training on all aspects of organizational management

  3. According to the theory, the multi - levels accounting information disclosure system is completely accorded with the relativity principle, the materiality principle, the cost - income principle ; from the practice, it can satisfy the different quest to the different user, and it can also help to the promotion of the disclosure quality and the accounting theory and practice. it had been adopted by the unite states and england for many years as an accounting convention, it is also adopted by european country such as german holland belgium, spain

  4. We include a series of research propositions demonstrating how national culture influence buyer - supplier relationship on the trust - building processes, and we discuss implications for theory and practice

  5. Not only the traditional accounting theory and practice but also the new - issued accounting standards for business enterprises embody the prudence principle

  6. In addition to offering basic courseworks in mass media theory and legal issues, the department has invited experienced professionals from the radio broadcast industry to provide a series of specialized classes in enunciation, program production, broadcast theory and practice, and radio sales publicity

  7. In the annual meeting of the education policy and administration society, hosted by national chi nan university, december 20, 2004, 69 - 77

    師范學院小八十六年度國語文教學策略理論與實務整合31 ,嘉義師院附小主辦。
  8. A distinguishing feature of the department ' s academic program is its integration of theory and practice, training professionals with both a solid theoretical grounding and practical experience in the public relations and advertising fields

  9. Further suggestions are also presented for researchers

  10. Auditor ' s report is a bridge to link the auditing theory and practice

  11. Reserch on the accounting control of the enterprise group in theory and practice

  12. Drug problems in japan and theory and practice of temptation reconnaissance

  13. On key points in theory and practice of fair value accounting and auditing

  14. Both of theory and practices are emphasized on business insurance planning

  15. Be concerned with resilience : a new orientation in the field of social work theory and practice

  16. The fifteenth asian - pacific conference on international accounting issues ( p. p. 22 - 25 )

    成功大學會計系中華會計教育學會主辦主辦, 2003會計理論與實務研討會。
  17. Proceedings of the mid - atlantic regional meeting of american accounting association ( p. p. 4 - 11 )

    成功大學會計系中華會計教育學會主辦主辦, 2003會計理論與實務研討會。
  18. Bruce, c. b. ( 1996 ). educational technology : tools for inquiry, communication, construcation, and expression

    溫嘉榮、吳明隆(民88 ) 。新時代信息教育的理論與實務應用。松崗。
  19. As a matter of fact, such disputes account for a considerable percentage in the maritime cases, and consequently the scholars and the practioners attach importance on this question. however, most studies focus on analysis of cases or jurisprudential comment. a special study on this question is rarely seen, still less of a thorough and systemic study

  20. And several management departments in universities have also had discussions on the theme. roger hopes to promote knowledge management to the industries. we can find him here : lh chou @ aseglobal. com