環公理 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [huángōng]
環公理 英文
ring axioms
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (環子) ring; hoop 2 (環節) link 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(圍繞) surround; encircle;...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (屬于國家或集體的) state owned; collective; public 2 (共同的;大家承認的) common; gen...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (物質組織的條紋) texture; grain (in wood skin etc ) 2 (道理;事理) reason; logic; tru...
  1. The company syncretizes the advanced administration idea and the scientific managing way duriing the whole working flow, and amain implements iso9001, 2000 quality control system and iso14000 environmental management system

    司將先進的管念、科學的管方法融貫于整個企業的營運流程中,全力推行iso9001 ; 2000質量管體系及iso14000境管體系。
  2. Jiangxi hotel is the five - star modern business hotel, located in the flourishing midsection bayi avenue of nanchang city and the centre areas of politics, economy, culture, sports and amusement and commercial activity. graceful and modern decoration, has fully reflected ecology and perfection of the environmental protection idea with unified which offer comfortable satisfied staying and enjoyment for you. no matter whether on business or holiday, the reception will be shown consideration for by the speciality

  3. The company is situated in yuhuan island of the east seashore that is the native place of pomelo

  4. After more than 10 years effort, great achievements have been gained through the hard work of the shareholders and staff. i hereby represent all the shareholders, directorate and staff of reecat company to declare our environmental philosophy

  5. However, existing ontology languages are either unsuitable for web with markup languages, or short of of generic support to representation of knowledge, logical formula, axioms and rules

  6. When we visited the senator at his office, he asked us to forward to master, on his behalf, a book on ecological and environmental conservation, and a magazine carrying a news report on his and his wife s work on environmental protection and care for handicapped people. the couple is deeply concerned about the potential disasters that a climate change could bring to humankind if the ecology and environment are left unprotected and pollution continues unabated around the globe. they have elicited strong interest among philippine young people to protect the earth, and have tried to draw government attention to the need for environmental protection with the alarming warning that continued destruction of the environment could lead to disaster, destroy farms, and ruin the economy

  7. In the third chapter, introduced quality management setting up process of hubei shuanghuan science and technology stock company, expounded company ' s quality policy, quality objectives, the responsibility of management department and employees, and quality system document, analyzed company ' s quality system operating measure and effective

  8. This dissertation is composed of follows : a ) introducing new logic operator into the traditional agent bdi model, including bel, asm, des, goal and int, in order to describe the dynamic restrictions and interactive triggering relations between belief, desire and intention of agent. a new intentional model was built in complementation of the kd45 regular modal logic axiom, which is the base of agent self - control interaction with the outer environment

    在傳統的性agent的bdi形式化邏輯模型中作者引入新的邏輯運算元bel 、 asm 、 des 、 goal和int等,表達了信念、願望和意圖三者間的動態約束與相互激發關系,補充了正規模態邏輯的kd45,建立agent從信念到動作選擇的的意圖模型,為研究agent與境交互的自主行為模式提供了性化模型。
  9. This paper analyzes the industrial structure of the civil aviation maintenance industry in china, the competitive strategy positioning of the civil aviation maintenance companies and the measures incorporating the competitive strategy with ameco - beijing as a case study, based on the competitive advantage theory, the environment theory of the strategy management, the core competence of the company and the selection theory of the competitive strategy

  10. Based on the high - tech, taking the capital operation as a driving force, our company will exclusively devote itself to the development in the field of chemical fibre, stick to the high quality and conce ption of environmental protection, take the differentiated road, ceaselessly advance with a great vigor and deploitation and innovation so that we can create the value with the super products and services with the excessive value and share them with society and the same industry

  11. Finally, on the foundation of analyses on the nature of accounting standards and theory of standard - circumstance, we build the chinese cf which embody fair value and draw a conclusion that chinese cf contains fundamental theory level and standard - circumstance theory level

  12. Also combining strategy management theory, this paper presents the analysis on both external environment ( including macroscopic environment, trade state, trade chance, challenges and prospect ) and internal conditions ( including resources, operation, competitive force ) on some qualitative and quantitative methods such as pest analysis, swot analysis, five - competitive force model, line chart model, value chain, etc. the conclusion is that external environment and the operative condition of donghua is well presently, it is competitive among competitors in this domestic field depending on its strong basement. but enterprise management upon the going one at the same time, there exists some defects such as the lack of market exploitation ability and human resource management, the jump to the track of information technology, the inchoateness of core competitive force, the lagging of financial management, the needing improve of enterprise culture and so on

    本文以武漢東車身系統有限司為研究對象,結合戰略管論,採用pest分析、 swot分析、五種競爭力模型、折線圖模型、價值鏈等定量與定性的方法對其外部境(包括宏觀境,行業狀況,行業機會、威脅及前景)和內部條件(包括資源,經營管,競爭能力)進行了分析,總結出東司目前外部境和經營狀況良好,自身擁有堅實的基礎,在國內同行中具有一定的競爭實力;但同時司經營管中存在著市場開拓能力差、與信息技術脫軌、核心競爭力尚未形成、人力資源管缺乏、財務管體系滯后、企業文化急待改進等問題。
  13. This dissertation is devoted to some key issues of semantic web and to kms ( knowledge management system ) in the context of semantic web. the author ' s contributions of presented in this thesis include : defining the ontology semantics for description primitives of logical formula and relational axioms markup languages are employed to describe the objects and resources in a web environment. in order to represent knowledge, logical formula, relational axioms and rules, there is a need for primitives specifying prepositional formula, predictive formula and horn clause, and relations between properties and relational axiomx

    本文對web語義化過程中部分關鍵問題和基於語義化web的kms進行了研究,主要的創新性工作包括:定義了邏輯式及關系描述原語的ontology語義: web境中用標記語言描述對象和資源,為了在語義化web上表示知識、邏輯式、關系和規則,需要定義描述命題邏輯式、謂詞邏輯式、 horn邏輯的邏輯原語以及描述屬性之間關系的關系原語。
  14. Phascon develops and owns recycling utilization technology to collect landfill gas from landfill and utilize lfg as power generation, as well as recycling treats the liquid leachate stream from the waste site. the leachate treatment system is a patent pending status in china

    Phascon technologies司開發自有的填埋場沼氣lfg回收利用技術,並將回收來的沼氣用於發電,同時採用新技術循填埋場的滲濾液,在北美有多座垃圾填埋場沼氣發電站投入運行,並在中國已經獲得專利。
  15. In one hand, indeed it is safeguarding social order and civilization, representing will of country and her people, justice and truth ; in the other hand, can not deny that the dark extreme side of human beings is exposed, in an extremely cruel way - - - ds has never been able to disconnect with its root, “ to crack down violence by violence ”, never been able to derail the historical circle, though the ways of execution have been keeping changing

    一方面它確實是在維護著社會的秩序和文明,代表了國家、人民的意志,代表了正義和;但是,它確實又以極殘忍的方式暴露了人類非常極端的另一面,盡管執行死刑的方式一直在變,卻仍然是萬變不離其宗,還是「以惡報惡」 ,脫離不了歷史的循
  16. The reason, which the computer is not invented in china, is in many ways, one side is the chinese ' s policy of the intelligentsia, the other said is " zhishu thinking " and the evaluating of mathematics. we should use the viewpoint of scientific and overall in evaluating the mathematical development of ming dynasty, not simple axiomatizecal mathematics

  17. How to do it ? the paper analyses the characteristics and situations of the aviation freight industry and six competitive drivers applying competition strategy theory, environment theory etc. it also analyses nac ' s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treat

  18. Shanghai dinosaur chemicals co. ltd takes advanced technology and environment protection concept to china. we strive to be partners in meeting the rapid developing customers needs

  19. The leasders should improve the key competitive ability to make the enterprises get the invincible ( advanced ) position in the complicated and fierce market competition through establishing the strategy and bring it into effect. according to the environmental theory, demand theory, potter ' s theory, product lifecycle theory and other relative theories, the thesis has completely and externally analyzed the product market situation of cmrc, made sure of the product orientation, found out the strength and weakness of the enterprise, based on which established effective strategy to provide decision - making reference for the enterprise development

  20. On one hand, it contributes to the upholding of the social order and civilization, and presents the will of the country and people, and is also a symbol of justice and truth, but on the other hand, it reflects the dreadfully extreme side of human nature in a brutal way. athough there are various ways of its execution, it remains the same in essence ; it in itself is a evil, and can ' t live without historical cycle

    一方面它確實是在維護著社會的秩序和文明,代表了國家、人民的意志,代表了正義和;但是,它確實又以極殘忍的方式暴露了人類非常極端的另一面,盡管執行死刑的方式一直在變,卻仍然是萬變不離其宗,還是「以惡報惡」 ,脫離不了歷史的循