中文拼音 [liáo]
動 (醫治) cure; treat; recuperate
  1. Therapy of pulmonary carcinoma by radiofrequency ablation

  2. Ct - guided radio - frequency ablation in the treatment of lung cancer

  3. Ablation of lung cancer using ct - guided percutaneous radiofrequency

  4. The choice of hemodynamic abnormity and surgery treatment in portal hypertension

  5. It can promote ovarian haemal circulation, restore the two big functions of ovarian oviposit and endocrine, have the remedial effect that disappears to regulate the menstrual function, hemostatic, ache thereby, control the growth of cyst effectively, make cyst gradually atrophic, abreaction finally, make you prevented the secondary action that the suffering of the operation and operation bring

  6. Meanwhile, our company also manufactures more than fifty specfications products, such as the high, medium and low grade sickbed, accompanying chair, stainless steel treatment cart, instrument cart, appliance trolley, medical appliance cabinet, leechdom cabinet, multifunctional first aid cart, sickroom tending and abstersion equipment

  7. A controlled study on clinical efficacy of chinese herbal compounds, anjunning and kanfuxin on alleviating opioid protracted abstinent symptoms

  8. Programme targeting psychotropic substance users ( experimental and non - dependent regular users ) not already on treatment, particularly, young working adults ; ( 2 ) social re - integration programme to engage ex - drug addicts so that they stay abstinent and make improvements to their well - being

    (一)以未有接受治的濫用精神藥物者(包括嘗試濫藥及未成癮的定期濫藥人士) ,特別是在職青年為對象的計劃;
  9. Be based on the reason of above, at tuberculosis the young men and women of mobile period shoulds not be marry live together, at present the many specific that fight consumptive disease is like streptomycin, isoniazid, acerbity to ammoniac willow natrium, rifampin to wait, can make much new come on the patient passes a year of to a year of half cure heal, its recrudesce rate is very low also

  10. Treatment of acetabulum fracture : a report of 57 cases

  11. The operation of complex acetabulum fracture

  12. A study on influential factors related to surgical outcomes in acetabulum fracture

  13. Treatment of posterior dislocation of hip joint combined with posterior wall fractures of acetabulum with internal fixtion of absorbable screws and kirschner wire

  14. The main therapy effect is for acetanilide, antiphlogosis, spasmolysant and heightening sanguimotor, promoting constitution growth and effusion absorption

  15. Treat an error that go up, because in the acute of 50 shoulders ache period should reduce an activity, cooperate a few naturopathy at the same time, close therapeutics, achieve acetanilide, antiphlogistic goal thereby

  16. Nonsurgical therpies for the gut and abdominal cavity

  17. The clinical analysis of antibiotics irrigation into abdominal cavity in the treatment of 60 cases with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

  18. Clinical observation on combination of tcm and western medicine for the treatment of 84 cases of earlier inflammation bowel obstruction after operation on abdominal region

  19. Absolute alcohol injection in treating hepatic cysts by transcutaneous cannulation

  20. Cases of inflammatory bowel obstruction in initial stage after abdominal operation treated by retention enema with fluid - increasing decoction for purgation