相對較好 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiāngduìjiàohǎo]
相對較好 英文
humidity absorbency: relatively good absorb sweat
  • : 相Ⅰ名詞1 (相貌; 外貌) looks; appearance 2 (坐、立等的姿態) bearing; posture 3 [物理學] (相位...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (回答) answer; reply 2 (對待; 對付) treat; cope with; counter 3 (朝; 向; 面對) be tr...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (比較) compare 2 [書面語] (計較) dispute Ⅱ副詞(比較) comparatively; relatively; fair...
  • 相對 : 1. (面對面) opposite; face to face 2. (非絕對的) relative 3. (比較的) relatively; comparatively
  1. In addition, this paper carry out successfully the support design practice in the preceding excavation of 4km long exploratory tunnel. according to the thesis research results, the following conclusion can be drawn. if the grouting rock can possess sound anti - seepage capability and the liner structure can hold higher hydraulic permeability relatively, and if the adjoining rock can be made as primary load - bearing structure by construction measure, the stability of country rock and the safety of liner structure will be guaranteed

  2. As the increase of domestic high - rise buildings, more and more deep foundation trench supporting constructions have come into existence. among the general geographical condition of the urban district in qingdao, most of regions, which mainly consist of strong de composed rocks, are in quite good condition. except for the sandy soil and oozy soil along sea sides. but the development of rock cracks and breaking zones and unstable lamprophyre still exist, so blasting is needed during constructions of foundation trench. blasting have bad influence on the stability of slopes. moreover. the slope - liding has happened for several times, so the engineering project of foundation trench attracts more attention of people

  3. In the profile, it is often made of one to two environment elements, which indicates a progradation or regression. the sand developed in this stage is equal to single sandbody which is the smallest scale for correlating between wells. middle term cycle is related to an obvious water changing

  4. The results from x - ray diffraction demonstrated that pp / mmtome was a fully intercalated nanocomposite, pp / mmtom and pp / ommt were partly intercalated nanocomposites, but the intercalation effect of pp / mmtom nanocomposite was better ; the crystallization characteristics of pure pp and pp / mmt nanocomposites were investigated by dsc, waxd and pom. the result of these testing showed that mmt nano - layers acted as nucleating agents for the crystallization of pp, the addition of mmt had effect on the crystallization process, leading the increasing of crystallization temperature crystallization rate and crystallinity, but also the dimension of spherulite reduced. but the formation of pp crystal did n ' t change, the formation of pp crystal in three pp / mmt nanocomposites and pure pp were a - form on the whole ; influences of three sorts of mmt on mechanical properties of pp / mmt nanocomposites were studied, as a result, the addition of mmt comprehensively improved mechanical properties of pp : notched impact strength, tensile strength and flexural properties were all increasing, but the extent of increasing were n ' t large

    通過xrd分析比這三種pp mmt納米復合材料微觀結構得到, pp mmt _ ( ome )屬于完全插層, pp mmt _ ( om )與pp ommt的插層程度近,但是pp mmt _ ( om )相對較好;通過純pp和三種pp mmt納米復合材料的結晶性能研究發現,蒙脫土納米片層pp結晶產生明顯的異成核作用,結晶能力增強,使pp的結晶溫度和結晶速率提高,結晶度增加,球晶晶粒細化,但是沒有改變pp的結晶形態,三種pp mmt納米復合材料的結晶形態都屬于晶;通過pp mmt納米復合材料的力學性能測試得知,蒙脫土的加入全面提高了pp的力學性能,缺口沖擊強度、拉伸強度和彎曲性能都有一定程度的提高,浙江{ _業大學碩十學位論文摘要但是提高幅度都不是很大,不過ommt 、 mmtom和mmtc ) me三種蒙脫土pp力學性能有著不同的改性作用,其中pp / mmtom最, pp月邊mto崛次之, pp / ommt最低,這種情況主要是由蒙脫土pp結晶性能的影響和蒙脫土的納米改性作用造成的。
  5. Abstract : the ecological benefits on various bunds planted with vegetation were studied using fuzzy comparison analysis method , the results showed that the bunds of amorpha fruiticosa , biomass , caragana korshinskii are relatively good , especially the bund of amorpha fruiticosa is the best , whereas the bund of malus spectabilis is somewhat insuperior to any other bunds

  6. The difference of two methods is relatively small and data of velocity accord preferably, the least absolute error is about 0. 001m / s and the least relative error is 0. 49 % in no boundary position, absolute error is big in the boundary positions which arouse measurement error

    將數值模擬的結果和數字圖像處理的結果分析,發現兩種方法之間的速度差別小,在非邊界點處兩種方法的速度數據符合相對較好,最小絕誤差為0 . oolm / s ,最小誤差為0 . 49 % 。
  7. The activity area of sediment and solution in gooey is distributary river, which has gigantic water power, good degree of sorting and roundness, gruff grain. lower mud and mica content

  8. In spatial distribution, the water in xin ' an river and southwest of lake was polluted seriously than that in other parts of lake

  9. Analysis of petroleum geology, reservoir types and distribution in lujiapu depression indicates that : the forming and distribution of reservoirs had been controlled by source area, source - reservoir relationship, petrophysical characteristics, sedimentary facies and secondary structure, and oil is most abundant in reservoirs around hydrocarbon kitchen ; the upper member of jiufutang formation which was entrained or embedded in the main oil source layer has well developed reservoir and good petrophysical property and is the principle oil - bearing interval ; the mid - fan and fan delta front of nearshore submarine fan is the most favorite facies ; the steep slope of the depression mainly consists of structural reservoirs, the slope belt mainly consists of structural - lithologic and updip pinchout reservoirs, the depressed belt mainly consists of lenticular lithologic reservoirs

  10. Applicant applied for spouse visa based on de facto relationship. his agent lodged 880 visa in 2005 for him and it was refused on the ground of the applicant did not meet english requirements

    家裡經濟條件相對較好,而且已經有ielts成績,申請學校的世紀已經成熟.客戶情況描述: 2007 - 05 - 08接受來自
  11. The fund below banner of limited company of management of fund of an ancient name for china was obtained 2006 relative to better outstanding achievement, hold water full the accrual since this year is in stock of a year fund 100 % above

    2006年華夏基金治理有限公司旗下的基金都取得了相對較好的業績,成立滿一年的股票型基金今年以來的收益都在100 %以上。
  12. Then the coupling beams with new reinforcement layout were made an inquiry into, and the improvement on the seismic behavior by coupling beams diagonally reinforced with a few rows in end regions was found out at last, based on the observations of the experimental phenomena and the analysis of the measurement result, and by the comparison of seismic behavior by making use of hysteretic response, ductility and energy dissipation behavior, a conclusion is presented : the code for design and construction of reinforced concrete high - rise structures ( the draft asked for advise hi 2000 ) ca n ' t ensure that the coupling beams have fairly good seismic ductility ; the result of improvement of the seismic ductility of the coupling beams by the increase hi stirrups besides the strengthen of longitudinal detailing reinforcement was n ' t obvious ; the coupling beams diagonally reinforced with a few rows in end regions have fairly good mechanisms, and the ductility and the behavior of energy dissipation are better than conventionally reinforced concrete coupling beams, so it is suitable to te tised in short coupling beams

    本文通過三根小跨高比(均為l h = 1 . 0 )剪力墻洞口連系梁在低周反復荷載作用下的試驗,了解了嚴格按《鋼筋混凝土高層建築結構設計與施工規程》 ( 2000年徵求意見稿)設計的連梁具有的抗震性能,研究了採取增大連梁配箍量同時加強縱向構造筋的方案抗震性能的影響,並進一步新的配筋形式的連梁進行了探討,了解了在連梁梁端配置多排交叉斜筋方案連梁抗震性能的改善。通過試驗現象的觀察和量測結果的分析,利用荷載?位移滯回曲線、延性和耗能性能等指標各個試件的抗震性能進行了比,最後得出結論: 《鋼筋混凝土高層建築結構設計與施工規程》 ( 2000年徵求意見稿)不能保證小跨高比連梁具有的抗震延性:通過增大連梁配箍量同時加強縱向構造筋的方案改善連梁的抗震延性的效果不太明顯;梁端配置多排交叉斜筋的連梁具有相對較好的受力性能,其延性和耗能性能等各項性能指標均優于普通配筋連梁,宜在深連梁中採用。
  13. Secondly, to optimize the system ' s settings, some important issues about the recognition of short - term speech recognition are discussed, such as the state number of markov chains, the scale of training - set, the gauss mixture number, etc. thirdly, we have deeply studied the noise - restrained parameters

  14. The current gpr data analyzing method for pavement thickness can only give the acceptable results for new asphalt concrete pavement, but for aged asphalt concrete pavement and cement concrete pavement, the accuracy is not satisfactory because of the theoretic modeling and data acquisition difficulties. the study on pavement compaction, moisture content and asphalt content is under exploration and the program for processing gpr data based on rigorous theoretic model can not be found in literature

  15. The time matching relation between k1d1 cap rock and secondary active period of faults is good, it is favorable for oil and gas to accumulate and preserve in k1n2

  16. Results showed that the samples of different heat treatment technologies of 38crmoal can be comparatively preferable distinguished by real spectrum and phase spectrum of fft. further research on real and image spectrum of fft discovered that using energy spectrum of real and image of fft to discriminate these samples is more compact and convenient

  17. The property sector also underperformed due to profit - taking whilst utilities and commerce and industrial sectors fared relatively better

  18. The experimental results have proved that the ga measure is a relative effective measure, and the combination of adding - minusing classes measure and row - column measure is better. second, we research two attributes reduction measures

  19. The oxygen sensing properties of the membranes have been studied, the results indicate that the membranes with ru ( phen ) 3cl2 have better oxygen - sensitivity than those with ru ( bpy ) 3cl2, and the membranes with the formamide content of 16 % ( v / v ) and ru ( phen ) 3cl2 content of 2. 10g / l in the precursor mixture have the best structure and quality. the fiber optic gas oxygen sensor with this sensing membrane has a detection limit of 5ppm, a response time of less than 30s, excellent reproducibility and stability. ( 2 ) a new kind of organically modified oxygen - sensitive membrane based on fluorescence quenching was prepared by sol - gel method, using dds and teos as the mixed precursor, rufchenbcla as the indicator

    實驗證明:該類敏感膜的tan _ 0 tan值與氧氣濃度存在良的線性關系;包埋ru ( phen ) _ 3cl _ 2的凝膠膜的氧敏感性相對較好;當甲酰胺為16體積比含量, ru ( phen ) _ 3cl _ 2在前驅體中濃度為2 . 10g l時,制備的敏感膜結構和性能最佳;氣態氧檢測時,該敏感膜的響應時間小於30秒,檢測下限為5ppm ,具有的重復性和穩定性。
  20. ( 2 ) the spillway slope macrostability is high relatively. the slope rock mass quality classification is class no. ii and iii

    ( 2 )溢洪道邊坡的宏觀穩定性相對較好,邊坡以穩定和部分穩定的、類巖體為主。