矢值 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shǐzhí]
矢值 英文
vector product
  • : Ⅰ名詞1. (箭) arrow 2. (尿) excrement; dung; feces 3. (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(發誓) vow; swear
  1. Deere k a. computational investigation of the aerodynamic effects on fluidic thrust vectoring. aiaa 2000 - 3598

    喬渭陽,蔡元虎.基於次流噴射控制推力量噴管的實驗及數研究.航空動力學報, 2001 , 16 ( 3 )
  2. The procedure functions in the compare between partial image of dynamic collection and corresponding image of the airscape. in chapter 5, basing on the analysis of correlative theory of digital image, we introduce the improved fasted - down algorithm and simulative anneal algorithm, which applies to nn calculation, an d bring forward the unique and effective means, correlative original value evaluation. basing on the combination of correlative arithmetic, a stable, high - speed and exact correlative arithmetic is formed, which makes it possible to apply computer vision detection of single - needle quilting in industrial production

  3. In data processing, several data file format exported from measuring system has been analysis in detail, and some research has been made in these file - formats, and some try was made also. the decision standard of a thin and long triangle was discussed. besides the minimum angle of a triangle, there also the no - equlangularity and the ratio of radius of inscribed circle and circumcircle of a triangle

    比如利用vc6 . 0開發了程序,可以計算三角片的法量、三角片的一些特徵信息,以及狹長三角形的判斷,特別是分析了除最小角之外的兩個判斷標準:外接圓和內切圓半徑之比r r ,以及三角形的不等邊度e ,及它們與最小角之間的一致關系。
  4. Second, since the radius vectors r to the extreme points of the ellipse satisfy(5. 3-12)they are parallel to the two allowed d vectors.

  5. Firstly, in spherical coordinate system, the sovp formulation for the time - harmonic electromagnetic fields of the current dipole in conductive infinite - space is derived, using reciprocity theorem and transforming relations between special functions. then, selecting appropriate coordinate system, using superposition principle, the boundary - value problem of modified magnetic vector potential on the problem of a time - harmonic current dipole in spherical conductor is solved and analytical solution is obtained. finally, by means of the addition formulas of legendre polynomial and spherical harmonics function of degree n and order 1, the analytical solution in spherical coordinate system specially located is transformed into that in spherical coordinate system arbitrarily located

  6. The addition formula of spherical harmonics function of degree n and order 1 is derived using the relations between coordinate varieties after coordinate rotating and the property of the associated legendre polynomial. the relations among the magnetic vector potential, the modified magnetic vector potential and the second - order vector potential ( sovp ) are shown going forward one by one. it is explained that the solutions of electromagnetic fields in different coordinate systems can be transformed and an example having analytical solution is given

  7. A 3 - d viscosity turbulence model is used to analyze the unsteady around flow field of the thrust - vectoring engine of the jet vane, and results of the area including vane base, vane flake and motor shell are presented

  8. Using matlab and its add - ons simulink, through establishing simulation maths model, the paper integrates open chain vector equation ( describing motion restriction ), numerical value simulation ( computing velocity and displacement while given acceleration ) and matrix algebra, etc. to accomplish dynamic simulation for the robot and verifies the results for kinematics of the robot using analysis method, and it establishes foundation for following study for the robot such as kinetics, control, etc

    利用matlab及其附加軟體simulink ,通過建立模擬數學模型,綜合開環量方程(描述運動約束) 、數模擬(在加速度已知時計算速度和位移) 、以及矩陣代數等來完成機器人動態模擬,對所研究的機器人運動學分析結果進行驗證,結果基本一致,為機器人的后續研究,如動力學,控制等奠定基礎。
  9. The angular extent in a specified plane which contains all the radius vectors of the polar curve of luminous intensity having lengths greater than a specified fraction of the maximum

  10. The algorithm of svpwm that is adopted by the system implements motor speed - regulation by control of magnitude and phase of motor flux. it can generate less harmonics in the output current of power inverter and less losses of ac motor, reduce pulsant component in output torque and raise availability of dc supply voltage

  11. In order to obtain a high - quality speech codec, the phase information of speech should be included in codec. in this thesis, a method for quantizing the phase of sew ( slowly evolving waveform ) and reconstructing sew ’ s phase with cubic polynomial interpolation is given based on the perceptual weighting analysis - by - synthesis ( a - b - s ) vector quantizer for the phase spectrum in wi coder

    本文基於感覺加權相位譜分析合成( abs - analysis - by - synthesis )量量化方法,給出了一種wi編碼器中慢漸變波形( sew - slowlyevolvingwaveform )的相位信息量化及合成端相位的三次多項式插重建方法。
  12. The radius vector of each solid is always a positive length.

  13. Second, since the radius vectors r to the extreme points of the ellipse satisfy ( 5. 3 - 12 ) they are parallel to the two allowed d vectors

    其次,因為到橢圓極點的徑向量r滿足式( 5 3 - 12 ) ,故這兩個徑向量與兩個允許的d量平行。
  14. In this paper, the finite - element numerical analysis calculation is applied to the foundation of high - rise and multi - floor building and the evolvement law of stress and displacement of tunnel used by urban traffic to explore the mutual influence between the wall rock of underground space and high - rise building foundation, taking account of the specific construction situation in the " sanmu garden " project in dadukou district in chongqing, from the perspective of underground space static - force structure stability analysis to open a underground tunnel with 6m in span and 7. 5m in height for track traffic 20m below the surface. this paper, taking considerations of three different states, i. e. the natural state without any artificial interference, the state of high - rise buildings on the surface, and the underground tunnel state with excavation for track traffic, and four plane lines and four vertical lines, analyzes and studies the distributing law of stress and displacement of calculation section from the following aspects : ( 1 ) the main stress vectorgraph, displacement distribution graph ( ux, uy ) and chromatogram graph of stress isoline ( 1, 2, xy ) of section under different states ; ( 2 ) the contrastive distribution curve of stress ( 1, 2, xy ) of different plane and vertical lines under the same state ; ( 3 ) the contrastive distribution curve of stress ( 1, 2, xy ) of the same plane and vertical lines under different states, wishing to provide references for underground space utilization and project designing and construction of the tunnel under high - rise buildings in the future

    本文結合重慶市大渡口區「三木花園」開發建設項目,從地下空間靜力結構穩定性分析角度出發,針對在該項目中涉及的高層和多層建築物以及在其地下20米處開挖了一個用於軌道交通的跨度6米,高7 . 5米的地下隧道這一具體工程情況,採用2d - 3d -有限元結構分析程序對高層與多層建築物的地基基礎及其與城市軌道交通使用的地下隧道圍巖的應力與位移演變規律進行了有限元數分析計算,探索了地下空間圍巖與高層或多層建築物地基基礎之間的相互影響,通過考慮未受到任何人為擾動影響的天然狀態、地表存在多層或高層建築物狀態和地下開挖用於軌道交通的地下隧道狀態等三種不同狀態以及4個水平剖線和4個垂直剖線等不同情況,從以下幾個方面具體分析研究了計算斷面的應力與位移分佈規律: ( 1 )在各種不同狀態下計算斷面的主應力量圖、位移分布圖( ux 、 uy )以及應力等線色譜圖( _ 1 、 _ 2 、 _ ( xy ) )等; ( 2 )相同狀態下不同水平與垂直剖線的應力_ 1 、 _ 2和_ ( xy )對比分佈曲線; ( 3 )不同狀態下相同水平或垂直剖線的應力_ 1 、 _ 2和_ ( xy )的對比分佈曲線等,為今後在對地下空間的開發利用以及在高層建築物地下開挖硐室時的工程設計和工程施工提供參考依據。
  15. The paper presents several aspects in partition rectification and visualization of raster image. adopt technology of visualization for scientific calculation, vector diagram of deformation 、 contour chart of deformation and drawing of three - dimensional are realized. delaunay tin in view of deformation feature is constructed on base of selected grid control points and methods and mathematical models for partition rectification are realized based on the delaunay tin. software of geometric rectification for large scales are realized and applied in project

    本論文針對柵格影像的變形可視化及分塊糾正展開研究,取得了以下幾方面的研究成果:一、採用科學計算可視化技術,繪制變形量圖、變形等線圖和三維效果圖,實現了柵格影像變形特徵的可視化;二、提出了在格網控制點( gcp )數據基礎上選擇性構造顧及變形特徵的delaunay三角網,並基於構造的三角網實現了分塊糾正的方法和數學模型;三、採用vc編制了影像幾何糾正軟體,實現大比例尺掃描地形圖的糾正,並在工程中得到應用。
  16. Vectorization method based on thinning algorithm used in the design prevails currently, whose progress is : after the binary scanned map images are thinned, recognize the skeleton captured

  17. After studying the nowadays methods, combining the characters of binary scanned maps images, the author designs a method to recognize and capture the digital geography information, which is based on thinning algorithm. a system is also realized by this method in the visual c + + programming environment

    本文在研究、分析現有掃描圖像量化方法的基礎上,與地圖掃描二圖像的特點相結合,設計了一種基於圖像細化演算法的地圖信息識別與提取的方法,並以此為理論指導在visualc + +環境下編程實現了一個自動量化實驗系統。
  18. Dsps is used to accurately detect the moving area of multi - moving objects and information of their geometrical position in the system, at the same time, it pick up the parameters of geometrical feature, gray feature and planar velocity of each area, at last, we integrate the techniques of multi - moving objects detection and construct a self - adapted system to track multi - moving objects. the camera is controlled to keep the object in its field of view. therefore we achieve a real time system to track the multi - moving objects in the complex scenes

  19. Airborne gravimetry which is discussed in this paper denote scalar airborne gravimetry only. in order to estimate the accuracy of airborne gravity measurements, the tracks of an airborne gravity survery are generally planed to join each other

  20. Some convex properties of cesaro vector - valued sequence space