科研部長 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yánzhǎng]
科研部長 英文
minister of scientific research
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (學術或業務的類別) a branch of academic or vocational study 2 (機關按工作性質而分設的單...
  • : 研同 「硯」
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (部分; 部位) part; section; division; region 2 (部門; 機關或組織單位的名稱) unit; mini...
  • : 長Ⅰ形容詞1 (年紀較大) older; elder; senior 2 (排行最大) eldest; oldest Ⅱ名詞(領導人) chief;...
  • 科研 : scientific research
  • 部長 : minister; head of a department
  1. As a clinical physician, professor zhang is good at treating internal medical diseases, gynecological diseases, pediatric diseases, especially all kinds of kidney diseases, hemicycle, fever, cough, tumor, immunology diseases and so on

  2. One of australia ' s pre - eminent stem cell researchers has challenged the federal health minister tony abbott saying only a scientist " on the lunatic fringe " would be tempted to fully clone a human being

    一位澳大利亞卓越的幹細胞究者,曾對聯邦衛生東尼.阿伯特提出質疑說,如果一個學家處于「快要瘋了的邊緣」 ,那麼他才會備受完整地克隆一個人的誘惑。
  3. We have acquired quiet great progress in agricultural technology extension and built up the agricultural technology extension system since our country ' s foundation. the government extension system is the main body of agricultural technology extension system participated by agricultural scientific research department, farmer cooperate organization, supply and marking assn, enterprise and the multitude organization sodality

  4. With the support of intermediate services, the specialized platform of service has been built ; relying on " seed fund ", the platform of fund for adventure some investment has been established ; depending on the special fund of the torch center national ministry of science and technology for state high - tech career service center of ningxia, the honeycomblike informational network of the incubator of technological and small middle sized enterprises, the informational application network of the tracking of the incubating enterprise ' s growth, specialized public developing network ( molecular biology lab, key labs of natural gas transformation ) have been shaped to improve the system of incubation

    依託高校、院所的智力資源,建立「智力信息平臺」 ;依託中介服務機構,搭建專業服務平臺;依託「種子資金」為風險投資,搭建資金平臺;藉助國家火炬中心對寧夏國家高新技術創業服務中心專項資金,建立技型中小企業孵化器蜂窩信息化網路、在孵企業成跟蹤信息化應用網路、專業型公共開發網路(分子生物學專業實驗室、天然氣轉化重點實驗室) ,完善孵育體系,重點推進幾類孵化器建設。
  5. Di - on electrics service and products cover the power electric field including power generation transmission distribution, power equipment manufacturing, subway, utilites, ac dc metrology field as well, more than 500 units of electric power utilities and stations such as beijing power supply bureau, guangzhou power supply bureau, baosteel, three gorges power station and more manufacturers like siemens, abb, alstom, bicc, pirelii, toshiba and more and 30 units of metrology institutes in china like nim, tsinghua university and more are our user. di - on electric is sole and exclusive distributor for numerous famous companies like transinor doble norway, measurements international canada, ndb canada, schuetz germany, aan germany, dr. strauss germany and etc, taking care of their business and service in p. r. china including hongkong

    絕大多數員工擁有本究生以上學歷,在電力系統和計量系統工作多年,從事電力檢測帶電監測和計量測試儀器的技術服務和市場銷售工作達10年以上,為約500多家電力工業系統的發供電門如北京供電局,廣州電力局,深圳供電局,三峽電廠,廣州抽水蓄能電廠,田灣核電站等等,調試門如廣東省電力試驗究所,湖北省電力試驗究所等等與設備生產廠如siemens , abb , alstom , toshiba等等提供了國際最先進可靠的測試技術和儀器設備為約30多家國內二級以上相關計量院所,包括國家計量院,清華大學,中國運載火箭究院,空間技術究院,航天二院,成飛,西飛和各省市計量院,電力試驗究院所等提供了大量最先進可靠的計量檢測儀器。
  6. It was founded as zaoqiang county agricultural station in 1958 and renamed as zaoqiang county agricultural machinery repair and manufacture factory in 1970. in 1984 deng fudong, the contemporary head and secretary of the factory, introduced the combustible gas regulators via beijing public utility research institute. the factory researched and developed its products further into 8 series and over 300 varieties gradually

    1958年建棗強縣農機站, 1970年更名為棗強縣農機修造廠, 1984年由當時的農機廠支書記兼廠鄧福棟同志通過北京公用事業所引進了燃氣調壓器新產品,經過了自行的開發製新產品,逐步形成了八大系列三佰多個品種的系列燃氣調壓產品。
  7. Being a minister in graduate association of scie, organizing the recreational and sports activities

  8. The products of sunvo company are being widely applied to about 1, 000 famous enterprises and research institutes, such as great wall computer, broad air - conditioning, zhongnan transmission, shuguang electronics, hunan drunkard, shaoguang microelectronics, hero group, spaceflight electromechanical, daai electronics, oupuoptics, jiaguang optics, shenfei laser, shengli oilfield, first automobile group, second automobile group, qinshan nuclear power, china academy of engineering physics and defense departments

  9. The relation which is among photosynthetic of three kind lawnx dateable and yearly transpiration rule and environmental factor is found by analysis. it is gotten account water consumption of lawn in certain unite area and ecological water requirement by accounting. all the result provides basic - 2 - data for park and garden department in changchun and offer scientific and logical advice

  10. Had long served in the research units of ministry of power industry, and later appointed as the director of state information center

  11. With partners in eu, america and hong kong, our network of experts will collaborate to combine industry knowledge, functional experience and technology skills to help clients grow, reach their goals, and create extraordinary value. we closely work together with our clients to provide solutions tailored to our clients particular business issues and the unique industry trends within china. our approach is collaborative, always respectful of our client s insight and experience

  12. Professor wang hanye, managing director of national three - dimensional functional neurosurgery and chief of research institute of three - dimensional directional neurosurgery in anhui ; professor pan zhoongyun, expert of neurology and director of affiliated 1st hospital of beijing medical university ; professor pan qifu, chief physician of neurosurgery in nanjing military area general hospital neurosurgery, and general secretary of association of national epilepsy surgery ; professor chang yi, director of cranial surgery nanjing brain hospital and vice general secretary of association of national epilepsy surgery ; professor yuan shebin, director of cranial surgery in chengdu military area general hospital ; chief physician and experts zhou jiaquan, liao shucai, professor zhu mingxia and vice chief physician he jinyu in chengdu. professor chen qiang, director of nuclear medicine in chengdu third people s hospital ; professor yuan gengqing from auhua medicine department and vice secretary of auhua our revolving gamma knife promotion project and zhou wenjing, chief physician from auhua medicine department total 12 experts attended the seminar. the objective of this seminar : 1

  13. In chapter two, with the surveys based on questionnaires among the headmasters, high school researchers and high school teachers, i come to the following conclusions. both headmasters and teachers basically hold positive attitudes towards high school scientific researches with the opinions that it is of great significance to carry out researches in high schools. and under proper conditions, they are willing to do some relevant researches

  14. Among the attendees professor liu chenji and hou jinhao, who are principals of jiangsu brain surgery science, and professor and general board of provincial neurosurgery branch hui guozhen and secretary - general fu zhen and majority of physicians who are concerned with the center s gamma knife therapy and research development joined the seminar the specific lectures by professor yuan gengqing, from aohua medical department, director zhou wenjing from beijing air force general hospital gamma knife center and physician li jinhua from nanjing brain hospital gamma knife center, which enrich the contents covered

  15. The technology of crc crc has founded an enterprise technology center of national grade and a center for post - doctoral studies

  16. Center in 1968, and got masters degree from the department of pathophysiology in 1981. now serving as professor of physiology, ph. d. advisor at the department of physiology and pathophysiology,

  17. This type of global collaboration is only feasible with commonly agreed open standards. " in a separate activity, sir david will join vice - minister liu yanhua of the most and several senior chinese experts for a roundtable discussion of priorities in avian flu research

  18. Abstract : according to the daga of crops yield and soil fertility changes of long term application of fertilizer and nutrients recycling obtained from ecological stations scatrtered in four typical areas under chinese academy of sciences and state minisetry of science and technology, the circulation ratios of organic carbon, phosphorus and nitrogen in the process of feeding - composting in were put forward in the agricultural system of black soi area, the ratios were about 0. 3, 0. 61 and 0. 49, respectively

    文摘:根據中國學院和國家分佈於四大類型地區的生態站進行的期施肥及養分循環再利用的作物產量、土壤肥力質量變化究數據,提出了黑土區農業系統投料中有機碳和磷、氮在飼養? ?堆腐過程中的循環率。
  19. In the growth pattern research part, the paper argues that the industrial district is the engine of the regional economic growth, and analyzes the urban new functional zones from the science and education district, the business district and the leisure industry district angles, draws the conclusion that the formation of new function district cannot generate without the essential enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions or organizations of consultation generally, they are the growth factors of urban new functional zones

  20. In the pipeline for introduction to the market in 2004 is the 10, 000 - gflops dawning 4000a servers which will be one of the world s highest - powered computers. " the servers market is expected to sustain steady growth in 2004 on the back of stable demand from government and research institutes on the mainland