空間向量 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [kōngjiānxiàngliáng]
空間向量 英文
spatial vector
  • : 空Ⅰ形容詞(不包含什麼; 裏面沒有東西或沒有內容; 不切實際的) empty; hollow; void Ⅱ名詞1 (天空) s...
  • : 間Ⅰ名詞1 (中間) between; among 2 (一定的空間或時間里) with a definite time or space 3 (一間...
  • : 量動1. (度量) measure 2. (估量) estimate; size up
  • 空間 : space; enclosure; room; blank; interspace
  1. The proportionality constant, h, is known as the hubble constant and quantifies how fast space is stretching ? not just around us but around any observer in the universe

    其中的比例常數h ,就是所謂的哈伯常數,它可以把外延伸的快慢予以化,不只針對我們周遭,也適用於宇宙中所有觀測者的周圍。
  2. The matrices in cwmtx include vectors and square matrices, where vectors include space vectors and quaternions

  3. During the adjustment of structure, the thesis dicusses the change the forestry, stock breeding, and aquaculture were supplanted by planting, the improvenent that foodstaff pushed aside the economec products in panting structure, the movenent of forestry industrial sructure through increasing forestation acreage and developing mixed farming, the inprovement of breed structure and increasement the quantityof the stock breeding in the structure adjustment, the advancement of proportion of breed aquatics and catching, developing the breeding and ocean aquaculture, promoting the storege and process in the adjustment of aquaculture

  4. Chapter 5 is the direct extension of chapter 2, namely it maps sq field to vq field

  5. The spatial flux terms are discretized by using central difference scheme and the time integration is performed by using explicit scheme in the flow solver

  6. In the control software, the object - oriented method is used for doing system analysis and study. furthermore, the message - driven mechanism is used in the control software research and design. the instantaneous zero vector inserting space vector pwm theory is adopted to control the permanent magnet synchronous machine as the driver motor in the control software

  7. This system makes a breakthrough of traditional incremental motion control theories. it breaks the strict ambit between continuum and discrete, speed and position, rotation and step, the space vectors of stator magnetic field and rotor magnetic field are selected as the main control objects, incremental motion control and motion control are combined organically to make incremental motion control develop to large capability, high efficiency, high precision

  8. The main technical module of processing gis spatial information of land desertification is designed, which can carry out the spatial overlay of vector data in three periods, extract as well as process attributative information and transform the spatial vector data into visualizing data. the gis database of land desertification is established

  9. By the similarity partition of network traffic usage space, the codebook of vq can describe the network traffic usage profile accurately and achieved the usage space index via the vq

    通過相似性劃分用戶行為,矢化的碼書( codebook )能夠精確的描述用戶行為模式輪廓,實現了面異常度的網路業務用戶行為索引。
  10. This paper expatiated that the mathematics models of ac motor is higher order, non - linear and closed coupling, multivariable input - output system. and introduces the principle and the algorithm of sine pulse width modulation ( spwm ), opened - loop space voltage pulse width modulation control ( svpwm ) and field oriented control ( foc ). finally, realized the control strategies of variable - frequency speed regulating using assembly and c language

    文中闡述了交流異步電機的數學模型是高階、非線性、強耦合的多變輸入輸出系統,介紹了交流電機的正弦脈寬調制、開環電壓的u / f控制和磁場定控制的原理及控制演算法,並利用dsp構成控制系統,通過匯編語言和16位定點c語言混合編程的方法實現了上述的變頻調速控制策略。
  11. From basic equations of elastic mechanics, related knowledge of fracture mechanics and frequent used methods of differential and integral calculus, bending fracture models of anisotropic functionally graded materials is established by assuming that material constants ( stiffness matrix component ) are expressed in arbitrary functions

  12. Besides, the motor control system based on the digital signal processor ( dsp ) is analyzed. the hardware circuit about the dsp system is designed. the dsp control software is programmed on the field magnetic orientated control and the space vector pulse width modulation ( svpwm ), that establishes the ' basis for implementing the modern control principle

    然後,又對基於數字信號處理器( dsp )的電機控制系統進行了分析,設計了dsp系統的硬體電路,並編寫和調試了磁場定控制和脈寬調制( svpwm )的dsp系統的軟體,為直線電機現代控制策略的具體實現奠定了基礎,並提出了對端部效應進行補償的控制方法。
  13. First, the error transfer characteristic among subsystems at different space locations is analyzed, and the direct transfer characteristic from discrete standard measure space to the workpiece measure space under measured in measure system is proven. second, the error reconstruction condition and method of mapping from discrete standard measurement system to continuous standard measure space are analyzed. based on the measurement sample stationarity in limited distance, the prediction model ' s limited astringency and mensurability to the dynamic measuring error and the prediction error respectively are proven

  14. Lsa is similar to vector space mode ( vsm ), representing textual materials with space vectors. lsa can advance the accuracy of subsequent processes by using a truncated singular value decomposition ( svd ) to remove the influences of synonymy

  15. This paper is devoted to seeking formulas and rules of representation for generating new fractal graphics. the main works are as followed : ( l ) construct new formulas for new fractal aspects after revisited methods for the visualisation of mandelbrot and julia sets based on ifs, we described the other new formulas originating from z z2 + c. including norton and polynomials iterated function, which have integer index instead quadratic index, we also constructed formulas with complex number index. 3 - d dynamical system is discussed then. besides the most widely used sequential visualisation methods, we designed two methods to change the original vectors and get new graphics with special effects

  16. The sub - bands are coded and the information of direction cosine is used for iris matching, by means of which this method overcomes zoom, shift and illuminance and obtains approving effect

  17. Topological optimization analysis of three dimensional continuum structure with stress constraints

  18. The author takes nine provinces of yellow river drainage area as objects to perform the study and shows the result by gis and vector, which indicated the feasibility of the model

  19. The integrated method of time and frequency domain analysis and rbfnn is given for bearing fault diagnosis. through selecting representative parameters, feature space vector is constructed so the input dimension is reduced and fault classification information retained

  20. According to the varied kinds of the retrieve models in the course of the design and our practical situation, we put forward a new information retrieve system combining the boolean logical model and the vector space retrieve model, which is named extended weighting vector space retrieve model