綜觀法師 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zōngguānshī]
綜觀法師 英文
all-seeing mage
  • : 綜名詞[紡織] (織布機上使 經線交錯著上下分開以便梭子通過的裝置; 綜片) heddle; heald
  • : 觀名詞1. (道教的廟宇) taoist temple2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  • 綜觀 : make a comprehensive survey
  • 法師 : (對和尚、道士的尊稱) master, a title of respect for a buddhist or taoist priest
  1. Through the approach of investigative questionnaire and ability examination, considering both teachers " teaching practice in senior high school and students " need in analyzing and resolving problem, taking the method of fixing the quality and quantity, we make a demonstration research. at last, we draw a conclusion that the 19 manifestations of chemistry ability can be reduced to three levels : the basal level, called repeating thinking, includes distinguishing and judging the chemical fact and relations of quantity in chemical reaction, comparing and summarizing the chemistry fundamental knowledge ; innovative thinking level includes illogical thinking and logical thinking. illogical thinking mainly contains intuition, association and space imagination of micro - particle

  2. And so on, adopting the studying method of combining macrocosmic and microcosmic, dynamic and static state each other, the paper carrys through a in - depth comprehensive study of the whole commercial law system of ming dynasty in order to open out its inherent structure, basic function and running mechanism. looking the ming " commercial law as a representative example, the paper explores the particularity and the orderliness of development of chinese feudalism legal system

  3. Following the increasing popularity of broadband internet, we have launched the internet tv channel " a journey through aesthetic realms " on the comprehensive category of the broadband hichannel channel 137 on hinet, formosa, so that everyone can watch the program on the computer, thus allowing more people to benefit from supreme master ching hai s words of wisdom more easily

    隨著寬頻網路的使用率日漸普及,我們特別在福爾摩沙hinet的寬頻影音網站hi channel的合臺第137頻道里,設了一個藝術與靈性網路電視臺,讓大家透過電腦也可以賞到藝術與靈性電視節目,也讓更多的民眾有機會分享清海無上的智慧音。
  4. To keep the result of this research more objective and feasible, various methods such as comparative study, investigative research and case study are applied, so as to combine the significant strengths of both the quality research and the quantity research. this research tries not only, from the theoretical aspect, to investigate the patterns, inter - relations, changes and reconstruction of the teacher education paradigm, but also, from the practical aspect, to explore the realities and ideals of teacher education reform at both sides of the taiwan strait

  5. Basing his reference system on common scholastic physical education, the author analyzed the characteristics of scholastic physical education in special education in terms of education subject, objective of scholastic physical education, curriculum content, teaching organization, physical education teacher, playground and equipment : the subject of special education is teenagers with physical or mental defects or deformities , whose body and psychology are different from those of normal teenagers ; the compensation and recovery of physical and mental defects are important contents in the objectives of scholastic physical education in special education ; the selection of physical education teaching contents is more action specific, and the defect compensating and recovering functions of physical curriculum are pursued ; individual guidance is an important principle that should be followed by physical education organizations, the compensation and comprehensive application of intuitive means are the distinctive characteristics of physical education teaching methods ; it is the professional making of physical education teachers to master systematic special education theories and practical skills ; the playground and equipment should be in conformity with the characteristics of handicapped children

  6. Whether you re going up or coming down, you ll love this trip. and now this fabulous vista has been further enhanced by the 2006 revitalisation of one of hong kongs most striking landmarks,

    由英國建築特果雷爾terry farrell設計,外形呈十分獨特的碗形,是一座兼備光娛樂購物於一身的合大樓。
  7. Take a broad view of the legislation and practices with the administration of justice in some western main countries governed by law for the guarantee measures of ciminal suspect s right of defense from the procedure of investigation, there are some differences in excluding rule of evidence, the lawyer ’ s right and the criminal suspect law aid, etc. however, the main countries governed by law above generally approve the criminal suspect enjoys the right of denfense during the course of investigation and has all stipulated the comparatively detailed guarantee measures to this kind of right

  8. Through personal observation and participation of the comprehensive practical activities collaborated with the partner teachers in the regions, the thesis tries to find out the existing problems in educational practice and the solutions and strategies to improve teachers " practical abilities for the profession as well as to improve students " concept and methods for learning

  9. This paper illustrates the scientific and objective feature of evaluating the teacher ' s synthetic works by analytic hierarchy process, and imitates the all evaluation procedure by using teacher evaluate teacher as example

  10. It adopts action research methods and literature methods, i. e. summarizing, promoting and reflecting the issues and experiences in our experiment by present participation, observation and reflection and cooperation with students and teachers, at the same time also referencing other scholars " related research achievements. the thesis aims to understand and explore the basic connotations, ideas, elements and security system of student assessment of icpa, in order to deepen and extend the implementation of student assessment, and also enrich and complement the research of icpa

  11. The paper is based on a case study, which involves on - site observation, informal talks, focus groups, analyses of works and questionnaire. twenty nine trainees were quantitatively surveyed on their overall evaluation of the training program, their assessment of each training module, their motivation for training, their attitude towards the training methodology as well as the amount and level of need for continuous education

  12. On the basis of the literature, this study adopts observation - method, investigation - method and comparison method to inspect that textbook, teaching and students " learning have some effects on the connection between middle - school junior - physical teaching and senior - middle - school physical teaching