育敏 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [mǐn]
育敏 英文
  • : 育動詞1. (生育) give birth to 2. (養活; 培育) rear; raise; bring up 3. (教育) educate
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(靈敏;敏捷) quick; agile; smart; nimble Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  1. Effects of foods on the development of culex pipiens pallens and its susceptibility to insecticides

  2. Rthk held a press conference together with the office of the privacy commissioner of personal data yesterday ( 10 may ), announcing details of the programme. attending guests included stephen lau, privacy commissioner for personal data, cheung man - sun, controller, etv of rthk, artistes such as nicolas tse, chiu wun, lee tze - hung, lo hing - fai, kwok siu - wan and au sin - yee

  3. Studies on flowering habits of photo - thermo - sensitive genic male sterile lines of rice

  4. Critical temperature and the thermo - sensitive phase of pingxiang dominant genic male sterile rice

  5. Regulating effects of hormones on fertility alternation in thermo - photo - sensitive genic male sterile wheat

  6. Breeding of l - glutamic acid temperature - sensitive mutant

  7. She loved him so passionately, and he was so godlike in her eyes ; and being, though untrained, instinctively refined, her nature cried for his tutelary guidance

  8. This paper criticizes and analyzes the radical moralism, and makes some suggestions on the reform of school moral education based on a moderate opinion of relativism : from only seeking common ground to both seeking common ground and reserving differences, from only stressing norms to both stressing norms and descriptions ; from confrontation to dialogue ; and from teaching moral items to cultivating moral judgment, sensitivity and action ability

  9. Methods : ( 1 ) the segregation of foreign target gene in the t1 by histochmical gus assays ; ( 2 ) identification of pure line from transgenic tomatoes ( tl ) through examining gus expression in pollens in conjunction with pcr analysis of marker gene ( npt ) ; ( 3 ) the transcript levels of leetrl or leetr2 in anti - sense transgenic plants ; ( 4 ) the phenotypes of the transgenic plants in tomato during whole life cycle under ethylene - treated and non - treated conditions

    本研究以反義乙烯受體leetr1 , leetr2基因番茄t _ 0代種子為實驗材料,利用gus基因表達研究外源基因的遺傳規律,並藉助于pcr技術對目的和標記基因的鑒定獲得轉基因t _ 1代材料。利用gus基因在t1花粉中的表達鑒定獲得轉基因純合植株。研究了轉基因後代的生長發模式、對外源乙烯感性,以及靶基因的表達特性,初步探明了它們在乙烯受體系統中的功能。
  10. Building can keep on the development ' s sill. strategy of its competition should for then grow the business enterprise technique creative the ability be used as the deviation of the core competition ability the gathering the strategy. and attain the firster is to set up the technique internationalization the principle on the ideaabandon big but the whole thought, technique is creative to up insist to have for have not for ; the seconder is organizes to up establish developments, produce, sale nimble mechanism in orientation market of integral whole ; the third is talented person grows to establish a systemses to move to rise the manufacturing to become an advantage the fleetnesses just of encourage the mechanism

  11. When i was as old as you, i was a feeling fellow enough ; partial to the unfledged, unfostered, and unlucky ; but fortune has knocked me about since : she has even kneaded me with her knuckles, and now i flatter myself i am hard and tough as an india - rubber ball ; pervious, though, through a chink or two still, and with one sentient point in the middle of the lump

  12. Egg-grown vaccines should be avoided in egg-sensitive patients.

  13. It adopts the au - labeled monoclonal antibody technology. it has high sensitivity, excel distinctiveness, accurate result and is easy to operate. it widely applies to clinical diagnosis in hospital, self - diagnosis in home, general survey of birth planning and so on

  14. Cholesterol oxidase is a type of protein that was found to have pest - resistant activity only years ago, its toxity to such sensitive pests as cotton boll weevil is euqivalent to previously found bt. endotoxins. the protein can also inhibit the growth and development of cotton boll worm

    膽固醇氧化酶對其感害蟲?鞘翅目的棉鈴象甲的毒殺能力與早期發現的bt .毒蛋白相當,對鱗翅目的一些害蟲如煙蚜夜蛾等也有較強的抑制其生長發的作用。
  15. Objective the present study was to investigate the effects of endotoxin on capacitation and acrosome reaction ( ar ) of mouse, golden hamster and human sperm, on the sperm - oocyte fusion in mouse, and on the development of 1 - cell, 2 - cell and zona - free 2 - cell mouse embryos in vitro. the purpose was to definite the committed step and the mechanism during in vitro fertilization ( ivf ) on which endotoxin affected, and to distinguish the sensitivities to endotoxin of three developmental systems of mouse embryos. all these data would provide the reference to clinical and laboratory quality control

    目的研究內毒素對小鼠、金黃地鼠及人精子的體外獲能和頂體反應、小鼠精卵結合及小鼠1 -細胞、 2 -細胞和去卵透明帶2 -細胞胚胎體外發的影響,探討內毒素影響體外受精結局的環節及可能的機制,確定三個體外培養系統對內毒素的感性,以期為臨床和實驗室質量控制提供參考。
  16. Insisting on the corporation spirit of “ practical and responsible, nimble and surmount, dedicate to career, dedicative and caritative ”, moreover, persisting in the service concept of “ professional and circumspect ” and the operation mode of “ making people the center ”, uaec has not only obtained unanimous recognition and support from both new and old friends, but also developed a high fame and fine reputation

  17. These data indicate that gabaergic inhibition makes an important contribution to the direction - dependent frequency tuning of most ic neurons. corticofugal modulation of the excitatory and inhibitory ftcs of most ic neurons was more pronounced at one sound direction than the other. sound direction effects on frequency tuning characteristics may undergo a postnatal development due to the development of excitation and inhibition integration

  18. Observation on flowering habits of rice ptgms lines 4112s and yw - 2s

  19. In order to select male nucleo - sterile new genotype, a tentative idea was put forward for the nucleo - male sterility to attach a tps ( thermo - photoperiod sensitivity ) and a selection strategy of combination of selection and identification, at the same time, the spring and summer sowing method were used to provide different environment conditions of appraising sterility and tps. the results indicated that ( 1 ) sterility could be appraised under the spring sowing environment and tps could be appraised under summer sowing environment. ( 2 ) under spring sowing environment, sterility could be selected, but not maintained. thereby, lines selected could only be selected as recorded selection method in the experiment. ( 3 ) and then, selection was carried out from spring sowing line selected into summer sowing in same line with tps to select plants. these plants through the intercrossing selection had been combined with sterility and tps. in this way, a new selection protocol for selection sterile line with tps was formed. it mainly involves the spring and summer sowing method, recorded selection method and the intercrossing selection method

  20. It requires further investigation whether spermatogonial proliferation starts in november. 3. interstitial cells synthesize t in spring and autumn, its spermatogonial proliferation independent on the levels of t. t in the follicular cells in the testis of rana quadranus regulate sperm maturation by paracrine mechanism