解決沖突 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiějuéchōng]
解決沖突 英文
managing conflict
  • : 解動詞(解送) send under guard
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (作出主張; 決定) decide; determine 2 (執行死刑; 殺死) execute a person 3 (裂開; 斷開...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (猛沖) dash forward; shoot out 2 (高於周圍) protrude; bulgeⅡ副詞(突然) abruptly; sud...
  • 解決 : 1. (處理問題) solve; resolve; settle 2. (消滅) finish off; dispose of
  1. How merge replication detects and resolves conflicts

  2. This effort involved both the successful establishment of a number of structures and mechanisms for dialogue and negotiation, and a growing convergence on the fundamental constitutional and other principles which underpin a settlement

  3. To make a permanent dent in the figures, new orleans will have to address its underlying problems : one of the worst school systems in the country ; an economy that offers few opportunities, particularly for the ill - educated ; aflourishing drug trade ; and a nihilistic youth culture in which guns are seen as acceptable tools for resolving disputes

  4. And it has revealed the basic legal nature of domain name, analyzed the expression form of the conflict, main reason, the analysis of value on the resolution of the conflict and the ways to resolve the conflict. the purposes of this article are to construct a theory system for protecting internet cyberspace intellectual property, to improve the unfavorable state in our country that the legalisations is lagging behind relatively, to make the resolution mechanism on the conflict between domain name and trademark consist with international mechanism, to treat the effects that internet economic lashes out at traditional law positively and to improve on the internet economic development healthy and orderly

  5. As for the measures in phase of legislation, it includes determining the limitation of rights, perfecting searching system of object of rights, confirming the legal principle of resolving conflicts etc. as for the measures in phase of remedy, it includes confirmed rights by relevant authorities, opposition procedure, interested person ' s application to relevant authorities for protection, as well as lawsuit arbitration etc. the thesis will analyze and study such conflicts by means of analyzing case and legal reasoning, in order to find out the ways by which the conflicts and contradictions will be resolved

  6. Once again, with a heavy heart, i repeat that violence never resolves conflicts but only increases their tragic consequences

  7. Today there are still far too few mediators who are experienced practitioners in conflict resolution

  8. But it ' s been the setting for many a confrontation

  9. Endows a visiting lecturer with diplomatic experience in peace and conflict resolution and / or in a united nations agency, who would teach courses and serve as a mentor for fellows at one of the centers for up to nine months

  10. It contrasts with much fiction of the future, in which a hero succeeds in resolving conflicts or otherwise changing things for the better

  11. The internal reason, which is the certain result, is inevitable and insuperable, and so, these principles and methods to resolve the conflicts must to be found mainly from those external reasons

  12. Lists topics for project members who use source control for tasks such as adding projects and solutions to source control, updating files, comparing files, correcting conflicts, and branching and merging

  13. Beginning in july 2006, the new center at chulalongkorn university will pilot the rotary peace and conflict studies program, a special three - month course in peace studies, conflict resolution and mediation training aimed at middle and upper - level managers in governments, non - governmental organizations, and private corporations

  14. Yubei district being taken as a model, the internal and mutual conflicts between system and rule or shortage of capacity are studied. countermeasure about solving these problems is given

  15. Do not block your lover ' s goals, try your best to meet his / her needs, look for win - win solution

  16. Bartolus ' s method of resolving conflicts was based on a simplistic classification of local laws ( statute ) into two categories : real or personal

  17. He said that as long as the security council is unable to end the conflict, respect for the world body would continue to decline

  18. Then the article puts forwards some suggestions on how to resolve the problem of the jurisdictional conflicts of international maritime action by analyzing the reasons of the existing jurisdictional conflicts, which has been paid much attention to the theory reaches

  19. The technical conflict : " when i use a sharper blade for a closer shave, i cut myself. " the typical engineering solution to conflicts is compromise : deliver a blade not quite sharp enough to cut skin, but sharp enough for a " reasonably " close shave

  20. Furthermore education on non - violent conflict resolution must start early