試驗環路 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shìyànhuán]
試驗環路 英文
test loop
  • : 名詞(古代占卜用的器具) astrolabe
  • : 動詞1. (察看; 查考) examine; check; test 2. (產生預期的效果) prove effective; produce the expected result
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (環子) ring; hoop 2 (環節) link 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(圍繞) surround; encircle;...
  • : 1 (道路) road; way; path 2 (路程) journey; distance 3 (途徑; 門路) way; means 4 (條理) se...
  • 試驗 : trial; experiment; test
  1. Road vehicles ; steady state circular test procedure

  2. In this paper, a high performance sma system applied to steel bridge deck is put forth in allusion to the pavement project of the wuhan junshan yangtze river highway bridge. it comprises steel slab, zn coating layer, closing layer, adhesive, pre - mixed asphalt stone and dual layer sma from bottom to top. it is based on the fea results of the forces and deformation of the pavement layer by means of the algor feas, according to this bridge ' s traffic and the ambient temperature varying range of the pavement layer

    本文針對武漢軍山長江公大橋鋼箱梁橋面鋪裝工程,從鋪裝層境溫度變化范圍、交通量等使用條件出發,在用algorfeas有限元分析軟體分析鋪裝層受力變形基礎上,提出了(即鋼板+金屬鋅塗層+封閉層+粘接劑+預拌瀝青碎石+雙層sma )的高性能鋼橋面sma鋪裝體系,並對這種sma的組成材料,包括改性瀝青、集料、礦粉、纖維進行了比較研究,設計了這種sma的配合比,對sma混合料的性能進行了對比,對這種sma方案進行了疲勞性能研究,證了所選擇sma方案的可行性。
  3. This thesis introduces the working principle, craftwork requirement, modeling process, control strategies and the realization of lf refining furnance bottom blowing argon control system. through the study and analysis of bottom blowing argon process control system, the thesis discusses the mean neural network model of controlled object and the mathematical models of the exectors, pwm adjustable pressure controller and pcm adjustable flux controller according to the relevant liquid knowledge and relevant data, including design data, test data and running data. to begin with the craftwork reguirement of bottom blowing argon and the actual instance of the control system, it presents the strategies of fuzzy parameters self - adaptive pid control used in pressure difference inner loop and fuzzy plus pi compound control used in flux outer loop which are based on the above modeling in order to carry out the accurate control of argon flux

    本文介紹了lf精煉爐底吹氬過程式控制制系統的工作原理、工藝要求、建模過程、控制策略以及控制系統的實現。通過對精煉爐底吹氬過程式控制制系統進行研究與分析,並根據流體力學的有關知識以及有關數據(其中包括設計數據、數據和運行數據) ,建立起了被控對象的平均神經網模型和執行機構(即pwm調壓器和pcm調流器)的數學模型。在此模型的基礎上,從底吹氬工藝要求和控制系統的實際情況出發,提出了壓差內模糊參數自適應pid控制策略和流量外模糊pi復合控制策略,以實現氬氣流量的精確控制。
  4. We investigate finer time scale statistical properties of this traffic, including burstiness, periodicity, and synchronization. utilizing the data gathered by our simulator, we compared the results with our prediction, after that, we investigated the root cause of a specific networking traffic pattern, under various network configuration and policies. the importance of our work is not only analyzing the cause of each traffic pattern, but also providing a beneficial formal method for future research

  5. This paper unfolds engineering disposition and theoretical research of negative temperature high performance concrete ( nthpc ) with the damage of many factors motivation, the project background based on qing - zang railway engineering, which is one of four - emphasized engineering during the tenth five - plan. due to the difference of environment of construction and service between nthpc and ordinary concrete, and therefore durability of nthpc is required to higher level. at a first, nthpc must avoid frozen damage at early age and possess anti - freezing property at later period, in order to meet engineering practicable application need, and this are two emphasized and difficult problems, as for nthpc ; by means of mechanism analysis about deicing - agent ingredient and anti - freezing at early period, adopting composite technique routine of mineral addition + anti - freezing element + water - reducer4 - air - entraining + anti - erosion of steel component etc, based on orthogonal experimental approach, fd - 1 composite functional admixtu re was manufactured, which has more property and orientation on qing - zang railway

    負溫混凝土由於和普通混凝土在施工境及服役境上存在的差異,因此表現為比普通混凝土更為較高的耐久性要求;負溫混凝土首先要避免早期的凍害以及具備長期抗凍性能,才能夠滿足工程實際應用的要求,這也是負溫混凝土必須解決的兩大技術關鍵;通過對目前常用防凍劑組分作用機理的分析研究及混凝土早期防凍機理探討,採用礦物外加劑+防凍組分+高效減水劑+引氣+阻銹組分功能復合的技術線,通過正交設計復配了適應青藏鐵工程要求的專用多功能復合型外加劑fd - 1 ;並在此基礎上配製不同等級負溫高性能混凝土,開展一系列包括硫酸鹽侵蝕、氯離子滲透、抗凍融循、收縮及耐磨性等耐久性能研究;通過對fd - 1組分和摻量的調整,優化負溫混凝土在施工特性、力學指標和耐久性三個方面的兼容、協調性。
  6. Upon existent theoretical and experimental results and based on a great of laboratory investigations carried out in chongqing university, for the first time this paper studies systematically the insulators dc discharge performance and flashover mechanism of iced insulators in the complex atmospheric environment, which will contribute to the understanding of flashover phenomena observed on ice surface at low air pressure and provide the test and theoretical reference for hv and ehv transmission lines design and safety service

  7. Saturated sand are testes in the laboratory under the undrained cyclic loading condition with static - dynamic dual purpose triaxial compression test apparatus, which is designed under the cooperation of hohai university and marui co. ltd japan. the results indicate that the stress path approaches from a initial stress point to the failure lines as cyclic loading goes on, and eventually converges on a certain limiting stress path in the vicinity of the failure lines. the stress - strain curve, however, does not converge on a closed hystersis loop ; the shear strain rapidly increases in looser sand or gradually and continually increases in denser sand

  8. The following results of recent researches were presented on measuring stiffness of a wide range of soils such as clay, sand and gravel, characterizing anisotropic properties of soil induced by external loading, measuring stiffness of base and subgrade materials in the pavement, determining soil properties in a centrifuge model during the flight of a centrifuge, and understanding wave propagation in granular materials under micro - gravity environment with this technique

  9. Based on the analysis result, an experimental system was established using 5 special concrete embedment strain sensors at a highway, and the experiments were carried on

  10. Based on the foundation " liquefaction test study on the rapid railroad bed " supported by the railway department, some works on the liquefaction of silty soils have been carried out. in this dissertation, after making a short review of the works on seismically induced soil liquefaction, some research results are presented, which include the following contents. ( 1 ) depending on the dynamic triaxial test, the liquefaction strength of the silty soils is studied and two new models are proposed to evaluate the pore water pressure and the strain of the saturated silty soils during earthquake

    結合鐵道部發展基金項目: 「高速鐵道液化土地基研究」 ,本論文概括總結了地震液化的研究現狀,就滬蓉高速鐵徐州段可液化場地粉土地基的液化特性問題開展了一些研究工作,內容如下: ( 1 )提出了基於實用目的的粉土的孔隙水壓力增長模式和永久應變勢計算模型,並把此兩模型應用於場地的地震反應分析和地震液化性能的評價中;依靠循振動三軸技術,對粉土地基的地震液化強度進行了研究;證了密實度是粉土液化的重要影響因素。
  11. The program of data processing in determination of percent released of pharmaceutical preparation was developed ; two modules included in this program are connected but independence each other, one module calculate percent released, one module regress equation ; determination of percent released of pharmaceutical preparation, comparison of released curve in one reference frame and modeling mathematics model were realized by running this program. the program of formulation optimization based on artificial neural network was compiled to solve the nonlinear problem in formulation optimization. provided parameters were used to predict the released amount of a set of formulations

  12. With the support of methodology and approaches pertaining to medicine, psychology and physiology, this research explores the correlation among speed, roadway alignment, environment and physiological and psychological element of driving behaviors on the basis of abundant data obtained from field study, which lays the foundation for further analysis of what represents a comfortable and safe situation and for the calibration of threshold value of coefficient of transverse force

  13. The spot responder system which is the necessary part of ctcs is analyzed in the dissertation and three key technologies of the channel in the responder system are researched. firstly, a new kind of rectangular plate magnetic inductive loop antenna is designed to transmit the power frequency. researching the near field inter - inductive characters, the relationship among the inductive efficiency, the perimeter and the conductor width of the antenna is found out

    本文在對ctcs中的點式應答器系統原理及組成進行分析和消化的基礎上,對系統中通道的幾個關鍵技術進行了詳盡的研究,主要分為三個方面: 1 ,提出並研製了新型的片式形磁感應天線,並對傳輸能量載波的天線的近場互感特性進行了分析,得到互感效率隨天線的周長大小以及導帶寬度的變化規律,並通過計算機模擬和對天線的近場波瓣圖進行了研究;通過分析寬帶匹配技術中的實頻法理論,設計了信號載波天線的寬帶匹配網
  14. Firstly, the thesis studies the characteristic and the key of the design of the control system of short circuit test bench. secondly, we discuss the different ways to control the initial fault current angle, and give some different design projects based on pc

  15. Road vehicles - environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment - part 2 : electrical loads

  16. Finally introduced the method that use adf4113 and provied the real test result of this multi - frequency, low phase noise pll frequency synthesizer with 30mhz working band and 1mhz frequency step. in addition, some method that solved the problem often occurred was introduced

    最後給出了由ad公司的電流泵數字鑒頻鑒相器adf4113和無源濾波器構成的頻率合成器的控制方法和實結果,實現了工作帶寬30mhz ,頻率步進1mhz的多點頻、低相噪頻率合成器。
  17. Based on the test data of the crc beams taken from some chemical plants, which were mainly corroded by chloride, a calculation model was derived to calculate the ultimate load bearing capacity of such crc beams. then, bp nn model was built up to predict the ultimate load bearing capacity of crc beams. using such nn model to analyze many groups of test data ( under various corrosion cases ), satisfactory results are achieved

  18. Take the water system and water diversion modeling of inland qinhuai river as an example, the method and clew of integration of gis ( geographical information system ) and environmental modeling are discussed in this paper

    本文以南京內秦淮河水系調水模擬計算及其結果處理為例,探討了境模型與地理信息系統( geographicalinformationsystem , gis )技術集成的基本方法和思
  19. The sensitivity analysis of design parameter of subgrade and pavement are used to confirmed the degree of impact on working state with change of the design parameter, it is the rational and economy that the range of design parameter are proposed. structure combination design is used to proposed basic structure of qinhuangdao ' s asphalt pavement in view of local natural environment, build material, traffic classification and soil grades. this paper puts forwards suiting 39 kinds of typical structure of qinhuangdao ' s asphalt pavement according to the actual structure, experimental section long - term observation, extensive surveys, structure theory ' s analysis and calculation

  20. Ir - ta - ti metal oxide coated titanium anodes of variable composition were prepared by thermal decomposition. their micro morphorogies and electrochemical properties were characterized by scanning electron microscope, open circuit potential, cyclic voltammetry, consumption rate measurements and accelerated life test. the sem results indicated that all coatings were of a porous and cracked - mud microstructure influenced greatly by the composition of coatings. the electrochemical measurements showed that the ir - ta - ti ternary oxide - coated anodes exhibited excellent electrochemical activity and electrochemical stability in both acidic media and seawater which were affected by the composition and microstructure of the coatings. owing to good corrosion resistance and low consumption rate in seawater, metal oxde coated anodes belong to insoluble material, and can be potentially applid in impressed current cathodic protection systems as an anode

    採用熱分解方法在鈦基體上制備銥鉭鈦金屬氧化物陽極,用掃描電鏡對陽極塗層顯微形貌進行分析,通過強化電解壽命、開電位測、消耗率及循伏安曲線研究了金屬氧化物陽極的電化學性能. sem分析結果表明銥鉭鈦金屬氧化物陽極塗層呈現多孔多裂紋形貌結構.隨陽極塗層組成不同,塗層顯微形貌表現出很大差異,這種差異直接影響陽極電化學性能.電化學性能結果表明銥鉭鈦金屬氧化物陽極在酸性介質和海水中具有良好的電化學穩定性和電化學活性.此外,銥鉭鈦金屬氧化物陽極在海水中的消耗率很低,屬于不溶性的陽極材料,作為外加電流陰極保護用輔助陽極具有廣泛的應用前景