語法與寫作 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiězuò]
語法與寫作 英文
grammar & writing
  • : 語動詞[書面語] (告訴) tell; inform
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  • : 寫構詞成分。
  • 語法 : grammar; syntax
  1. The statistical analysis shows that anxiety score is significantly negatively related with spoken english, dictation, listening comprehension, and slightly negatively related with reading comprehension, writing, but not related with vocabulary - grammar, cloze test

    其中課堂焦慮感、聽、聽力理解呈強度負相關,閱讀理解、呈弱度負相關,但詞匯- -、完型填空基本上不相關。
  2. To settle the disadvantages of the learning evaluation system in chinese, this paper, on the basis of " compulsory national education curriculum standard of courses for chinese ", probes into some ideas, in the aspects of the relation between knowledge and abilities, procedure and method, affection and values ; in the fields of becoming literate, reading, writing, oral communication and comprehensive learning, which emphasize the process of chinese learning and the formative evaluation taking on the characters of the variety of evaluated subjects, evaluating programs and evaluating methods, fully exert the positive influence of the diagnostic, encouraging and feedback effect, in order to maximize the output and efficiently boost the development of students

    單一的評價方脫離了學生的心智發展,脫離了文本身的文化屬性和審美屬性。文課程評價的目的最終是為了促進學生文素養的形成和發展。本文針對現行文學習評價方的局限性,以《全日制義務教育文課程標準(實驗稿) 》為依據,從知識能力、過程、情感態度價值觀等維度,對識字字、閱讀、、口交際、綜合性學習五個方面,關注學生文學習過程,在實踐中探求評價主體多元、項目多種和形式多樣的形成性評價方,充分發揮評價的診斷、激勵、反饋等功能,有效地促進學生發展。
  3. Different level of skills on grammar, reading comprehension and written expression

  4. Proceed from process angle governed by law of our country, correlate with others the relatively looking of document from civil case judgement, the civil court verdict especially demands to reason0 besides, for promote civil case judgement improvement, the article argue and analyze of present civil case judgement about the focus question, propose to argue and should combine china traditional culture civil case judgement, pay attention to for the view to human feeling, argumentation of reason, and so on o

    從我國治進程角度出發,從民事判決書其他相關文書的比較來看,民事判決書尤其要求說理。同時,為促進民事判決書說理的改進,在司實踐中應強化官對律規范的解釋權,民事判決理由部分對情理、事理的闡述可以考慮將非正式律淵源為民事判決說理的依據;判決說理中除應運用好邏輯之外,可考慮官后」 。
  5. Bad writing is caused not so much by mistakes in grammar as by weakness in style

  6. Business ethics, fundamentals of law, foreign trade publication literacy, physical education, chinese, social analysis and government policy, computer, english reading, management, english writing, english listening, human resource consulting, english speaking, philosophy and political theory, fundamentals of accounting, business english, business letters, fundamentals of marketing, negotiation skills, e - business, international trade

  7. Interactive readers talk in our monthly advice, fashion, and english q & a columns or practice their reading and writing skills in our regular games and tests

  8. To help the designer to design and implement the complex control system and enhance the development efficiency, the thesis designs to develop a design software for the hdcs and researches the design idea and implementation way of it. the design software takes an advantage of the gui feature of java programming language to develop the graphical design platform and diagnosis tool, making user build the structure of control system directly and flexibly, and use the software tool easily

    為了幫助工程人員設計實現復雜控制系統並提高開發效率,本文設計開發一種遞階分佈實時控制系統設計軟體,並對其總體設計思想和具體實現方了研究。整個設計軟體充分利用java言編圖形用戶界面( gui )的功能來開發圖形化的設計平臺診斷工具,使用戶能夠藉助圖形直觀而且靈活地構建整個控制系統的結構,並易於操
  9. With the new methodology, the thesis put the journalism concept news values in the context of journalistic practice. learning from the developments of other disciplines such as psychology, communications, linguistics, analytic philophy, rhetoric, logic, the thesis analyses how news value works in every stage of journalistic practice : interviewing, writing and editing. it discovers the gap between the connotation and extension of the news value concept

  10. In order to meet the needs of changing situation in modern education, this essay tries to adopt some methods, such as summary comparison, and investigation, under the direction of marxist methodology. it regards the tactics of chinese spoken communication teaching at the stage of compulsory education of our country as the research object. under the prerequisite of analyzing the current situation of compulsory education of our country and opening out the realistic meaning of strengthening spoken communication, this text describes the intension and the goal of training of spoken communication to the stage of compulsory education

  11. In the 1980s a team in an australian university developed a method of teaching reading and writing that they called the concentrated language encounter

  12. Part iii, the measures of the primary school curriculum evaluation this part proposes the objective, content and means of the primary school curriculum evaluation with respect to three dimensions ( knowledge & ability, process & ways, and emotional attitude & view of value ) and five aspects ( chinese character knowing and writing, reading, oral communication and comprehensive study ) in the primary school chinese new curriculum evaluation

    第三部分:小學文新課程評價的措施主要是從小學文新課程評價的三個維度(知識能力、過程、情感態度價值觀)和五個方面(識字字、閱讀、,口交際、綜合性學習) ,提出了小學文新課程評價的目標、內容
  13. There are three key points need to be considered in language structure : firstly, words built up, from its static ' s point of view, it includes the words accumulated and understanding, grammar rational knowledge, and practical rational knowledge etc. ; secondly, language ability and practice process, thinking about the movement including the psychology and process of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and perceptual experience use of language ; thirdly, chinese attainments, which is from one - way to unanimity, from the interaction of movement to static and then comes to the character of synthetical mother language, which is consist of emotion, evaluation, aesthetic interest and human spirits. the language structure in chinese teaching has been analyzed in this essay. the writer thinks that the real aim for chinese education and teaching is to make learners master the language structure

  14. Therefore, the purpose of teaching chinese in middle school should be come back itself to tradition education. that is, we should learn from the valuable chinese tradition culture, emphasize the full comprehensive in reading those ancient writings, changing our way of teaching it accordingly. with the combination of tradition and modern, we can find and form the new and creative teaching methods

    所以,文教育自身必須回歸傳統,要挖掘傳統文化中的寶貴遺產,針對漢字象形? ?表意特點進行識字教育,閱讀教育中重視感悟,強調積淀,培養感,並借鑒傳統的有效的教學方,在傳統現代整合中,創建民族化的創新性教學模式。
  15. A rule implementation is an algorithm written in java language and associated with the rule through a javaruleimplementorname rule property

  16. The first part is the preface, mainly, the background of the thesis, study method and study system are introduced in this part. the second part is to expounding the basic theory that the tourism culture depends on. the third part is about the driving pattern and safeguard of the tourism culture

    論文共分五個部分:第一部分是引言,主要介紹論文的背景和研究方及研究體系;第二部分主要闡述了旅遊文化業的培育所依靠的相關基礎理論;第三部分是關于旅遊文化業的發展模式和運行保障機制研究;第四部分則是案例分析? ?甘肅天水市旅遊文化業發展研究;第五部分是結,主要說明了文章的創新之處不足之處。
  17. This paper reports two studies on how the use of formulaic language and that of grammar serve to predict l2 english learners ? spoken and written performance

  18. Results show that 1 ) the learners ? ability to use formulaic language is a better predictor of their oral and written english scores than their grammatical accuracy ; that is, good language learners are good users of formulaic sequences ; and 2 ) there is a wide discrepancy between students in the ability to use formulaic sequences in their oral and written english

    結果表明: (一)相對于而言,學習者運用詞塊的能力成績和成績具有更加顯著的相關性; (二)無論是口還是,學生個體之間在詞塊使用上存在較大差異。
  19. In hardware system design, we adopted the microcontroller of at89c51 as the main controller of inferior processor, it is used to connect the modem with the data acquisition module. mcs - 51 assemble language is used to program the software of the device to realize the data transmission between modem and inferior processor. when the electric power in the run is beyond the specified value, the inferior processor can dial the phone number of central computer automatically to send the alarm message through the communication line. using a single - chip microcomputer to control a modem to transmit remote datas are introduced in detail

  20. Based on some theoretical researches on error analysis and learners " interlanguage, this thesis mainly explores the errors and the causes of the errors in the senior middle school students " english writings. first, the thesis investigates the errors made by the students of shashi senior middle school in their compositions