調整后電壓 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diàozhěnghòudiàn]
調整后電壓 英文
  • 調 : Ⅰ動詞1 (配合得均勻合適) harmonize; suit well; fit in perfectly 2 (使配合得均勻合適) mix; adju...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (全部在內; 完整) whole; all; complete 2 (整齊) neat; tidy; orderly Ⅱ動詞1 (整理; 整...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : 壓構詞成分。
  • 調整 : adjust; tune up; trim; trimming; variation; modulation; arrangement; debug; rectification; redres...
  • 電壓 : voltage; electric tension; electric voltage
  1. 1 m 0. 5, the phase - shifted angle 6 is controlled in term of sine law which makes the magnitude of resonant voltage track a reference sine voltage, and the resonant voltage is rectified, filtered, inverted and then the better sine - voltage output is obtained, theoretical analysis and experimental results show that for the resistive load and inductive load, the switches of leading leg of the phase - shift - controlled circuit are always turned on at zvs, and ones of lagging leg are turned on at zvs ( < 0 ) or turned off at zcs ( ( > 0 ), moreover, all switches in the low - frequency inverter are always turned on and off at zvs, the measured circuit efficiency for rated load reaches up to 88 %

    從功率單向流動角度出發,提出了一種lcc諧振型恆頻移相單相高頻鏈逆變路拓撲,在調制系數0 . 1 m 0 . 5情況下,控制移相角按正弦規律變化,使諧振脈沖列的幅值追蹤參考正弦信號,經過流、濾波、低頻逆變,從而獲得正弦度較好的輸出。理論分析和實驗結果證明對于阻性負載或阻感性負載,移相全橋具有超前橋臂零開通,滯橋臂或者零開通( _ 0 )或者零流關斷( _ 0 )的軟開關特性,而低頻逆變器的各個開關均實現零條件下的開通與關斷。
  2. After a nationwide restructuring of colleges and departments in 1952, the department was renamed as the department of machine manufacturing, comprising 5 disciplines manufacturing technology, foundry technology and equipment, forging and pressing technology end equipment, welding technology and equipment, and etall. graphy and heat treatmento in addition, on the basis of the original power machinery teaching group, the department of power machinery was set up, having 3 disciplines : thermal electr

  3. Comparing and analyzing the synchronous control strategy, which brings up the new method to control the double un - symmetry jars proceed synchronously with the combination of proportional valve and servo valve, which forms closed loop control ; basing on the above methods, models are made to get mathematics models of position control system and to analyze system model theoretically by using pid controller, we can realize regulating parameters, minimizing synchronous errors and enhancing the dynamic performances ; the simulink tool box in matlab software is used to imitate the system according to the model, which not only makes the result visual and easy to adjust the parameters in interactive way but also lets us understand the effects of different parameters and optimizes the dynamic properties. the theory of plc control in dshp is discussed after advanced understanding of the system movements. hardware design and general regulation are given on the base of siemens company products s7 - 200 plc

    本文根據大量的國內外文獻,對研配液機的工作原理及設計結構進行了簡介;對位置同步的控制方法進行了比較分析,提出比例閥和伺服閥復合控制的閉環結構來對非對稱雙缸進行同步控制液比例同步控制方案;在此基礎上著重對比例閥控非對稱缸建模,最後得到位置控制系統的總體數學模型,從理論上對同步系統動態特性進行了分析,並用pid控制器進行參數定,減小雙缸同步誤差、提高系統的動態響應性能;其中控制性能的分析藉助于matlab軟體中的simulink工具箱,由已建立的數學模型形成模擬模型,得到可視化的模擬結果,從而利於交互方式下調參數,了解不同的參數對系統的影響,優化同步系統的動態性能;在深入了解系統的動作特性,對plc控制研配液機的原理進行了探討,針對siemens公司s7 ? 200型plc給出了硬體設計的總體規劃,編制出研配液機動作控製程序,在編程中著重研究位移傳感器與plc的通訊、雙缸同步運行的pid控制在plc上的實現及bcd碼撥盤輸入程序的植入問題。
  4. In the closed loop, the information is transmitted to dsp from mcu and compared to the feedback data. then, the result would be transmitted back to the mcu for adjusting the wfs, voltage and so on to the setting values

  5. This system has various kinds of sensors, such as pressure, temperature, electric current, voltage, controlling synthetically, etc. after a sensor does not work or takes off the line, other sensor of on - the - spot equipment will serve as the commander or the controller. so the system does not be influenced with for some sensor ' s trouble. this is the best advantage of control system based on fieldbus

    由原集散控制系統( dcs )升級為fcs系統,本文所討論的系統有力、溫度、流、、綜合控制等各種傳感器,當一個傳感器失靈或脫線,其它有關傳感器會自動擔任指揮員或調度員,系統不會因為某一節點的故障而影響個系統的運行,這是基於現場總線控制系統( fcs )的優勢。
  6. After evaluating hebei ' s previous supporting industry with this index system. we can find these industries can not continuously supporting the development of hebei ' s economy. therefore, they shovild be selected and adjusted according to the standard of national industry classification. the previous supporting industry. including chemistry ( rnedicine - making ) industry. building material ( building ) industry, metal smelting industry

    利用該指標體系定量評價河北省原定支柱產業,發現這些產業無法支撐河北經濟的長期健康發展,應按照國家的工業行業分類標準,對它們進行重新選擇和調,將原定的支柱產業,化工(醫藥) 、建材(建築) 、冶金、機械(汽車) 、食品等五項,調為黑色金屬冶煉及延業、食品和飲料製造業、醫藥製造業、化學原料及化學製品業、氣機械及器材製造業等五大產業,從而校正產業政策的引導方向。
  7. Through analyzing the mathematical model of two winding transformer, the effect after on - load tap changing on voltage and reactive power balance at each side, effect of shunt capacitor compensation on voltage and reactive power balance in substation the relation between transformer tap adjusting and shunt capacitor switching in practical grid operation were discussed

  8. Firstly, the input three - phase ac is converted into dc after it passes rectifier and filter circuit. secondly, the dc is changed into three - phase ac which frequency and value can be continuously adjusted. lastly, the output three - phase ac is supplied to load

  9. The neural adaptwe controller based on tat ar is ~ the state modl of twpuiators is mlished, and apve cothel methed is haced. the triulallon restilt indicates that this he coniml methed is more accot and hable. the inverse boc medl is investigated nd on hay neuial netwik system, then solndons of inverse twc model problern can be obtained for the ffo tirn

  10. Study shows finishing initial design of gun we can optimize the beam performance by adjusting magnetic field distribution, gun geometry, cathode magnetic field, magnetic field compression ratio, anode voltage, cathode emitter temperature and so forth

  11. First, because pipelines are so complex that controlled object is high order, delay, coupling, nolinear and time - varing, it is difficult to realize closed loop control for it using valid mathematic model. to resolve this problem, the paper presents a fuzzy - pid control algorithm with self - adjusting regulation factor. second, if a moving motor supplied by inverter power is switched to be supplied by power supply, the impact of overload - voltage and overload - current appears

    主要針對中、大容量供水系統中,由於供水管網鋪設復雜、彎管多、控制對象具有高階、滯、耦合、非線性及參數時變的特點,難以利用有效的解析式數學模型進行閉環控制,以及多臺水泵並聯運行時,水泵機由變頻源供向工頻源供切換過程中產生的過流沖擊這兩個難題,提出了可調因子fuzzy - pid控制演算法及利用鎖相環控制實現水泵機由變頻源向工頻源的同頻同相平滑切換。