中文拼音 [bèi]
名詞1. [動物學] (蛤螺等有殼軟體動物的統稱) cowry; cowrie; shellfis 2. (古代用貝殼做的貨幣) cowry used as money in ancient times 3. (姓氏) a surname
  1. Abe ' s elder sister, fanny was studying history

  2. Some public key cryptosystem extended to abelian group

  3. Category of abelian groups

  4. Theorem 4. 5 if locally soluble group g is c * ( w ) - group, then the chief factor of g is elementary abelian

  5. Theorem 3. 3 if g is c ( p ) - group and p is an odd prime, then the derived subgroup of g is elementary abelian p - group

    定理3 3若g是…群且屍是奇素數,則g 』是初等阿爾p群
  6. Theorem 3. 9 if g is locally finite p - group and c * ( p ) - group, then the nilpotent class of g is at most 3 and the derived subgroup of g is elementary abelian p - group

    定理39若局部有限屍群g是c 「卜群,則g的類最多為3且g 』是初等阿爾p群
  7. In this self - complacent conviction she departed ; and the success of her fulfilled resolution was obvious on the morrow : mr linton had not only abjured his peevishness though his spirits seemed still subdued by catherine s exuberance of vivacity, but he ventured no objection to her taking isabella with her to wuthering heights in the afternoon ; and she rewarded him with such a summer of sweetness and affection in return, as made the house a paradise for several days ; both master and servants profiting from the perpetual sunshine

  8. Camping facilities which exists in the chobe national park includes : serondela, a developed site with ablution facilities ; linyati, partially developed ; savuti a temporary camping ground and noghatsaa yet to be developed

  9. This paper is a study of narrative embedding, which, as a rewarding method of plot construction in narrative texts, constitutes an important component in the poetic presentation of theme on the absurdist stage

  10. We accredit the invention of the telephone to bell

  11. Between this point and the high, at present unlit, warehouses of beresford place stephen thought to think of ibsen, associated with baird s, the stonecutter s, in his mind somehow in talbot place, first turning on the right, while the other, who was acting as his fidus achates, inhaled with internal satisfaction the smell of james rourke s city bakery, situated quite close to where they were, the very palatable odour indeed of our daily bread, of all commodities of the public the primary and most indispensable

    這所坐落在塔博特街右手第一個拐角處的石匠爾德的作坊不知怎地引起了他的聯想4 。這時,充當斯蒂芬的忠實的阿卡帖斯5的另一位,懷著由衷的欣喜聞著近在咫尺的詹姆斯魯爾克都市麵包房6的氣味,那是我們的日用糧7的芬香,確實可口,在公眾的日用商品中,它是頭等重要最不可缺少的。
  12. 3 ) we try to import the bayesian adaptation, which is widely used in speech recognition, into speaker verification. we use bayesian maximum a posteriori estimation training a speaker model from background model, to solve the problem of model miss matching in speaker verification system

    3 )為了解決說話人確認中存在的模型不匹配問題,嘗試將語音識別中的葉斯自適應演算法引入到基於高斯混合統一背景模型的說話人確認系統。
  13. Herlbert, jeanne s. and alan c. acock. 1990. “ the effects of marital status on the form and composition of social networks. ” social science quarterly 71 : 163 - 74

    格魯特爾特, c和t .范?斯特納爾, 2004 , 《社會資本在發展中的作用》 ,成都:西南財經大學出版社。
  14. Visas will be granted upon arrival at the bole international airport in addis ababa

  15. Three of them are british diplomats based in addis ababa, ethiopia ' s capital

  16. The commission s report was formally launched in london, addis ababa and new york on 11 march

  17. Since his return to ethiopia, berhanu has been serving pro bono as a lecturer in addis ababa university ' s economics department

  18. That ' s about to end with the opening of ethiopia ' s own plumpynut factory, 20 kilometres north of the capital addis ababa

  19. Tadesse futa has a small farm in the village of aleta wondo, nearly 350 kilometres south of the ethiopian capital addis ababa

  20. Tiya is among the most important of the roughly 160 archaeological sites discovered so far in the soddo region, south of addis ababa