跳扣 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [tiàokòu]
跳扣 英文
juma pin
  • : 動詞1 (腿用力彈起) jump; leap; skip; bounce 2 (彈力使物體突然向上移動) spring; leap 3 (一起...
  1. The parachutist was buckled into his harness.

  2. The counselor bounced up to denounce discount

  3. We used to hop out of the woods and go charging down on hog - drivers and women in carts taking garden stuff to market, but we never hived any of them

  4. Philadelphia, april 16 - michael jordan, 40 years of age and favoring crafty head fakes and jump shots rather than the acrobatic dunks and astounding hang time that made him famous, ended his storied playing career tonight

    費城, 4月16日已屆不惑之年的邁克爾喬丹,相對于令他四海揚名的雜耍般的籃,而後不可思議地長時間吊在半空的一系列絕活,更為鐘愛自己巧妙的頭部假動作和靈活的投。
  5. There are so many leapers in this league, so many basket attackers

  6. Tom and sam bohee, coloured coons in white duck suits, scarlet socks, upstarched sambo chokers and lace scarlet asters in their buttonholes leap out. each has his banjo slung. their paler smaller negroid hands jingle the twingtwang wires

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  8. I love rock, blues, and pop music especially the 70 ' s and 80 ' music because these 2 decades are the most prosperous generations and a lot of great music, songs, artists, and super bands were born in the 70 ' s and 80 ' s and their music usually could be the " hooks "

  9. Ray allen once dunked the ball in his own hoop following the tip - off as a high school senior

  10. Carter ' s emphatic dunk over dj mbenga on the fast break was the highlight of a back - and - forth second period, which ended tied at 47 after malik allen ' s turnaround jumper with 0. 7 seconds left

    卡特在快攻中在姆本加頭上的大力籃成為了交替領先的第二節中的亮點,在馬力克?阿倫還剩0 . 7秒時的轉身投命中后,雙方以47平結束了第二節。
  11. And as she gathered herself together and drew up her dressing jacket, which had been ill fastened, nana had all the appearance of having been surprised at her toilet : her skin was still damp ; she smiled and looked quite startled amid her frills and laces

  12. The parachutist was buckled into his harness

  13. Volleyball championship, passing your teammate, and you do two moves, and j keys to jump up it has pressed the high jump. even tempered only fall, close to the ball when you use the f key tongkou

  14. Introduction : volleyball championship, passing your teammate, and you do two moves, and j keys to jump up it has pressed the high jump. even tempered only fall, close to the ball when you use the f key tongkou

  15. Bryant ' s jumper with 4 : 30 left made it 96 - 90. his no - look pass to lamar odom for a dunk made it 100 - 93, and bryant put the lakers ahead by 11 with two free throws with 1 : 07 left

    比賽還剩下4 ' 30 ' '的時候科比投命中將比分改寫成96 : 90 ,然後又妙傳奧多姆籃得分,比分改寫成100 : 93 ,之後科比兩罰命中之後湖人領先11分,比賽只剩下1 ' 7 ' ' 。
  16. I just kept on mentally rehearsing the safety procedures. upon arriving at the landing point, i readied the rope and waited nervously with my legs dangling outside the helicopter and my heart beating twice as fast