轉儲部分 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhuǎnchǔfēn]
轉儲部分 英文
dump part
  • : 轉構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ動詞(儲藏; 存放) store up; save; keep [have] in reserve Ⅱ名詞1. (繼承人) heir 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (部分; 部位) part; section; division; region 2 (部門; 機關或組織單位的名稱) unit; mini...
  • : 分Ⅰ名詞1. (成分) component 2. (職責和權利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights Ⅱ同 「份」Ⅲ動詞[書面語] (料想) judge
  • 部分 : (整體中的局部或個體) part; section; portion
  1. In the first part of this paper, mn ( iii ) / mn ( ii ) couple in h2so4 was firstly applied as the positive couple to this system, i. e. redox flow cell. its chemical, electrochemical properties, redox kinetics and related parameters were characterized and discussed by rotating disc electrode ( rde ), cyclic voltammetry ( cv ), a. c. impedance ( a. c. imp ), chronoamperometry, tafel curve, and galvanostatic charge / discharge techniques. conclusions have been drawn as follows : 1. the electrochemical kinetics of mn ( iii ) / mn ( ii ) redox couple in 6. 3m h2so4 solution were studied by means of rotating disc electrode ( rde ) technique on platinum electrode

    本文第一首次成功地將酸性介質中的mn ( iii ) / mn ( ii )電對應用於氧化還原液流電池這一新型能裝置的正極活性材料,通過旋圓盤( rde ) 、循環伏安( cv ) 、交流阻抗( a . c . imp ) 、恆電位階躍、 tafel實驗以及mn ( iii ) / mn ( ii )單電極的恆流充放電實驗,我們得出以下結論: 1 .在旋圓盤電極上,不同速范圍,不同的極化過電位, mn ( ) / mn ( )體系氧化還原電極過程的控制步驟不同,電荷傳遞、擴散傳質可別或聯合成為控制步驟。
  2. The part that is enclosed in curly braces is the escape syntax for stored procedures

  3. On the base, the cheap labor resources in china, the expensive international long distance freight, the seasonal delicacy of many raw materials and its inconvenience in storage forwarded the process of the product that had been exported. and also because of the incitement of high profit of the export product, modern chinese inflexible pursuit of the industrialization and the severely patriotic spirit, pushed the convert of export process industry : from foreign merchant controlling the process industry alone to the native people investing in the expert process industry, from the raw material and elementary product to the deep finished goods, from semi - processed goods to terminal products, from light industry goods to heavy chemical industry goods, and so export substitution developed silk - spinning, silk - weaving, cotton - spinning and weaving, the bean process, the egg process, noodle industry and etc were most outstanding. and also some heavy chemical industry products such as steel cement sour alkali and etc beginned to be exported

  4. In any situation whatsoever and wheresoever occurring and whether existing or anticipated before commencement of or during the voyage, which in the judgment of the carrier or the master is likely to give rise to risk of capture, seizure, detention, damage, delay or disadvantage to or loss of the ship or any part of her cargo, or to make it unsafe, imprudent, or unlawful for any reason to commence or proceed on or continue the voyage or to enter or discharge the goods at the port of discharge, or to give rise to delay or difficulty in arriving, discharging at or leaving the port of discharge or the usual or agreed place of discharge in such port, the carrier may before loading or before the commencement of the voyage, require the shipper or other person entitled thereto to take delivery of the goods at port of shipment and upon failure to do so, may warehouse the goods at the risk and expense of the goods ; or the carrier or the master, whether or not proceeding toward or entering or attempting to enter the port of discharge or reaching or attempting to reach the usual place of discharge therein or attempting to discharge the goods there, may discharge the goods into depot, lazaretto, craft, or other place ; or the ship may proceed or return, directly or indirectly, to or stop at any port or place whatsoever as the master or the carrier may consider safe or advisable under the circumstances, and discharge the goods, or any part thereof, at any such port or place ; or the carrier or the master may retain the cargo on board until the return trip or until such time as the carrier or the master thinks advisable and discharge the goods at any place whatsoever as herein provided ; or the carrier or the master may discharge and forward the goods by any means, rail, water, land, or air at the risk and expense of the goods

  5. In the fourth part, the writer analyses the factors which contribute to the slow - down of circulation speed of currency by establishing money circulation speed function in chinese transitional period and testing it empirically. the result of regression analysis indicates that income, monetization, resident saving ratio can explain the long decline of circulation speed of currency in chinese transitional period

  6. The following is main content of our thesis. the first, we analyze the system operation theory of cmos image sensor with pixel level adc ( a / d converter ). it is made up of three sections : pixel array, clock signal generator and sam ( sequential access memory )

    本文的主要內容如下:首先,我們對像素級a d換型圖像傳感器的系統工作原理進行了析,是由像素陣列、時鐘信號產生器和sam (順序讀寫存器)三構成的。
  7. It could simply imply broadening the composition of assets held by the people ' s bank of china ( pboc ) to include higher yielding equities and commodities ; or, more dramatically, part of the reserves could be transferred to a separate state investment agency which would maximise returns like a fund manager

  8. A typology of experts ( what contemporary social workers call a referral guide ) is thus part of the generally relevant and accessible stock of knowledge, while the knowledge that constitutes expertise is not

  9. The result shows that, under the condition of perfect competition, if bank ' s costs of providing transaction services for customers are sufficiently small, then a small tax on deposits interest income does not affect the choice of depositors ( or investors ) between deposits and direct investment ; a business tax on bank loan interest income leads to tax incidence, thus raises loan rates and induces entrepreneurs to switch from bank loan to direct financing ; a tax on bank ' s income also raises the loan interest rate, and hence reduces the demand of loans

  10. Then we explicate the hardware design in details, including implementing ad convert, extending multiple serial communications and external memory, and using cpld do some logic controls. thereby we implement abundance simulation interface, flexible digital interface and serial communication interface. at last we describe the software design, including software design of cpld basing on vhdl and software design of dsp

  11. Streaming media player used as an client software, stream media server, the storing and transmitting technology used in the system. as for our media player, the most important parts are three aspects

  12. Some banks introduced new overnight deposit accounts that pay interest above the savings account rate. but there was no large - scale migration of funds from savings to overnight call accounts

  13. Finally, the paper introduces the software and hardware implementation of h. 264 coding system as well as the optimizing of transform part. video collection and pretreatment module includes the functions of video frame collection, frame format convert and video data storage. the optimizing of transform program is according to the optimize principles and the characteristics of blackfin533

    視頻採集及預處理模塊實現圖像的採集、圖像格式的換及預存; h . 264編碼模塊的實現與優化介紹h . 264編碼的dsp實現,並對整數變換的原理進行析,根據優化原則並結合blackfin533的特點,實現整數變換程序的優化。
  14. In the hardware design, the analog circuit, high - speed a / d convertor, storage control logic and vxibus interface are discussed. the results of the simulation and analysis of the circuits are given

    在模塊的硬體電路設計中,著重對信號調理電路、高速a / d換器、高速存邏輯控制以及vxi總線介面等內容進行了討論,給出了具體的電路設計和關鍵器件的說明,並對模擬電路和數字電路進行了模擬析。
  15. The distribution of non - structural gas reservoir is constrained by hydrocarbon generating depression and the distribution of high efficient reservoir, the non - structural gas reservoir is often located in a coincident position of the high efficient reservoir and in the crossover of uplift with depression

  16. The minimum control system of single - chip micro - controller has two part of binary systems serial communication. for the communication between pc and the single - chip instrument, i chose to connect a chip named max232 to proceed the level conversion in electricity, establish the correspondence agreement, drawing the hardware connection diagram, and designed the correspondence procedure process with parts of procedures code ; for the communication between the single - chip instrument and the fx489, thesis uses 8251a to expand 89c51 for a serial port

    對于pc機和單片機的通信,論文選擇了介面晶元max232進行電平換,設定了雙方通信協議,畫出硬體連接圖,並設計了通信程序流程及程序代碼;對于單片機和fx489之間的串列通信,論文採用了8251a擴展了89c51的一對串列口,同時也設計了這的通信程序流程及程序代碼;另外,還對89c51擴展了一片數據存器6264 。
  17. It is widely used in many circuits, such as high precise comparators, a / d and d / a converters, drams, flash memory circuits, and other analog or mixed circuits. therefore, it is significant to develop a voltage reference circuitry that is compatible with digital cmos technology and can be integrated into a system on a chip ( soc )

    基準電壓源( voltagereference )是超大規模集成電路和系統的重要組成,應用於高精度比較器、 a d和d a換器、隨機動態存取存器、閃存電路等多種電路和電路單元,亦為系統集成晶元( soc , systemonachip )所廣泛採用。
  18. It can be divided into six chapters : 1 ) the manufacture and storage of weapons ; 2 ) the herding, collection and management of steeds ; 3 ) the replenishment and conveyance of the military materials ; 4 ) the construction of the communicating establishments and the transference of martial information ; 5 ) the treatment of the wounded and the sick persons, the supply of medicament and the compensations for those casualties ; 6 ) the collection of military expenditure and the financial administration

  19. On the other hand, for the pre - press stress being threw by the hub was inserted after cooling with liquid nitrogen, the poor transverse tension strength of the multi - ring flywheel rotor could be counteracted. so the rotate speed and energy storage density can be increased efficiently

  20. Part three : it mainly expounds the change and evolution of the savings to investment mechanism and then analyzes the different characteristics under different savings to investment mechanisms. one of the mechanisms is the " government fiscal oriented " transforming mechanism under traditional planning - oriented system, another one is the " state - owned banks oriented " transforming mechanism during transforming period. what ' s

    第三:主要闡述我國蓄? ?投資化機制的變遷與發展,析了不同機制下蓄? ?投資化的不同特點,別表現為傳統計劃體制下的「政府財政主導型」蓄? ?投資化機制和軌時期的「國有銀行主導型」蓄? ?投資化機制,並提出了市場經濟體制下的「金融市場主導型」蓄? ?投資化機制的構建思路。