通道復位 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [tōngdàowèi]
通道復位 英文
channel reset
  • : 通量詞(用於動作)
  • : Ⅰ名詞(道路) road; way; route; path 2 (水流通過的途徑) channel; course 3 (方向; 方法; 道理) ...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (重復) repeated; double; duplicate 2 (繁復) complex; compound Ⅱ動詞1 (轉過去或轉過...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (所在或所佔的地方) place; location 2 (職位; 地位) position; post; status 3 (特指皇帝...
  • 通道 : thoroughfare; passageway; pass; enterclose; gallery; drong; tunnel; avenue; alure; way; row; key ...
  1. In our experiment, after light and dark adaptation, the retina of the macrobrachium rosenbergi was respective incubated in high calcium solution, physiological solution and low calcium solution. we studied the effect of calcium concentration on the content and subcellular localization of gq protein a subunit in the photoreceptor cell of macrobrachium rosenbergi on light adaptation and dark adaptation by sds - page technology and imunoelectron microscopy technology. our study results indicated : 一 、 effects of calcium concentration on the soluble gq protein a subunit in the photoreceptor cell of macrobrachium rosenbergi on light adaptation and dark adaptation

    而鈣離子對gq蛋白亞基活性有無影響還未見報。我們以光適應和暗適應條件下的羅氏沼蝦眼視網膜為材料,分別用高鈣溶液、生理溶液、低鈣溶液孵育后,過sds ? page電泳技術及免疫膠體金電鏡技術,研究鈣離子濃度對光暗適應時羅氏沼蝦感光細胞gq蛋白亞基含量的影響及亞基亞細胞定的影響。
  2. Carlos ghosn ' s renault sa and nissan motor co. may resume talks with ford motor co. as prospects fade for an equity alliance linking renault and nissan with general motors corp., two people with direct knowledge of the discussions said

  3. In addition, the exchange was configured with no m1 byte, and could not support far - end error indication on the multiplexing segment and low - order and high - order channels

  4. Also it could realize the call processing function in cooperation with other exchanges via its stm - 1 interface. we suggest that ericsson further improve the frame synchronization detection feature and the s1 byte display feature on its stm - 1 exchange interface, and add far - end error indication on the multiplexing segment and low - order and high - order channels and far - end out - of - work indication on the low - order channel

    建議愛立信交換機stm - 1介面完善其幀同步檢測功能和s1元組顯示功能,並增加用段遠端差錯指示功能、高階遠端差錯指示功能、低階遠端差錯指示功能和低階遠端失效指示功能等傳輸告警功能。
  5. It was proved that shanghai bell s p3s exchange could not terminate some alarm overhead bytes. instead, it sent back those bytes to mistake local errors for far - end faults. we suggest that shanghai bell terminate such bytes, improve the frame synchronization detection function and the processing of s1 bytes, and add far - end error indication on the multiplexing segment and low - order and high - order channels and far - end out - of - work indication on the low - order channel

  6. The major job is manufactured a transmitter, which has three upmixer channels. its function is to up convert the signals from c - band to ka - band. the input local oscillator is provided by a low frequency crystal oscillator which has a good performance of phase noise, through 512 times multiply to ka band. this sysetem is used in the laboratory as transmitter source of the fuze, for the multidimensional objects in practise, which lead to the complexity of the reflect signal, so the amplitude, frequency and the phase of the transmit signals both have a key role in dealing with the reflection signals. therefore, this system requires for both the coherence of the single channel ’ s amplitude, phase and multi channels

  7. The blade inner channel cooling is very important in the design of turbine blade, with the ever - increasing inlet temperature, the new heat transfer enhancement structures of higher performance are demanded. because of the complexity of the flow and heat transfer of the blade inner channel cooling, the numerical modulation is superior to the experiment. this thesis studied the blade inner channel cooling with the method of numerical modulation

  8. Slave computer knows master computer with some trouble when the communication assumption between master computer and slave computer has changed. then control circuit will be automatically switched to slave computer, slave computer will take place of the task of master computer and inform some related person to deal with the trouble in order to resume the normal work. man - machine conversation windows of the control system adopted visual basic 6. 0 to design

  9. In the research of the project of multi - user vehicle software radio cooperating with a company in guizhou, the thesis analyzes firstly the characteristics of wire transmission that the co - worker applied in the previous phase. aiming at the vital weakness, the thesis proposes a substitute plan which adopts wireless time divided multiple use software radio communication system to meet the demands of multi - user accessing channel and high flexibility

  10. On the other hand, our previous studies have shown that the nr2b construct with a gfp tag in its n - terminus cotransfected with nr1 subunit can reach the cell surface and be detected by surface staining with anti - gfp antibody in live cells. the nr2b construct will be retained in the endoplasmic reticulum ( er ) when expressed alone in heterologous cells

    我們以往的研究表明,用綠熒光蛋白( gf內在信號膚下游n末端標記nrzb亞單,與nri共轉染時能形成與野生型相似的nmda受體,且可以過抗gfp抗體標記活細胞膜表面表達的nmda受體合物。
  11. To meander channel, because the channel continuously moved, form duplicate fluvial sand bodies largely, and there are many area of non sandbodies or in fluvial sandbodies, there are some abandoned channel, all make the continuous of sandbodies poor upper the meander channel sandbodies, so remained oil is mainly distributed in sandbodies in fluvial channel, abandoned channel and non sandbodies area nearby

  12. Observe the bookshelf carefully, find that there are two very suspicious places, utilize the wooden ladder to investigate these two places, find two classics, one is originally the research regarding the energy of the world is distributed, say above whole world spread all over lines of energy, the point of intersect of the line intersection point of energy is the place where energy is gathered, three pieces of energy are held in the world a bit most, stone burst, duncan river district, south america capital of peru to lie in north america new england to lie in britain ; another guide of duncan river book originally, inside copy, state duncan cliff district of river there are intricate underpasses, some can still pass through so far

  13. At the same time, the assay analyzes and illustrates on ochsp and omsp at detail. based on the design of wdm optical net scheme, this assay write o - apsp, which utilizes k1, k2 that come from osc to sending failure messages of nodes. it also built aps model which grounded on oms

    在對wdm光網路結構實現方式詳細研究的基礎之上,本文編寫了光網路自動保護倒換協議( o - apsp ) ,利用來自光監控( osc )的k1 、 k2aps倒換元組來傳送節點故障信息,建立了基於光用段自動保護倒換模塊。
  14. This paper presents a design method of an off - line portable scanner, which can be used without computer. we discuss the system based on a synchronous digital signal processor with multicenter, which is used to gather data with high speed. ti ' s tms320vc5402 is a sixteen - bit fix processor, and we make it the core of our control system

  15. With the demand for high quality of electric energy is increasing , as the most immediate part to the consumer , distribution network ’ s efficient and reliable operation is very important as the result , new distribution automation equipment with high performance is inevitable prime machine system , as data collection and processing subsystem of dms , provides communication of kinds of information between control center and rtus it ’ s reliability , real ? time abilitv and stability affect the scada system directly to solve the disadvantage of the existing system , whose channels are dependent , a new proj ect of single board system is brought forward and its hardware and software are designed with high performance chip of communication , independence of channels is realized basic function of system is realized , and faster reposition and expansibility of the single chip is fully applied

  16. The phase composition, microstructure and the interface characteristic were all analyzed through xrd, sem, optical microscope, eds, etc. the results are listed as follows : the growth mechanism of al - 5zn - 10si alloy is that molten aluminum keep a continuous oxidation and growth in the way of cell - shape through the micro - channels which transfer the molten aluminum to the reaction front

    採用xrd 、 sem和光學顯微鏡以及能譜分析法,研究分析了al _ 2o _ 3 sic ni al - si合金多相陶瓷基合材料的相組成及其界面特徵。研究發現: al - 5zn - 10si合金原氧化生長是合金熔體過氧化體中的微觀傳輸到氧化生長體前沿繼續氧化,並以胞狀形式向前生長。
  17. In the second part, the necessity of employing differential demodulation in rapid changing channel was explained, performance of multiple symbol detection of mdpsk and decision feed back multiple symbol detection were analyzed. then we present a new differential demodulation algorithm. the decision data is used to recover the carry phase. given the same observation intervals, this demodulation algorithm has almost the same performance, but the receiver is much more simplified

    第二章首先指出了參數變化劇烈的情況下,採用差分解調的必要性;分析了多碼元差分解調和數據判決反饋解調演算法的性能和抑制噪聲的能力;在此基礎上提出了一種新的差分解調方案:利用判決數據輔助進行載波恢,即在判決數據的輔助下,採用fir ( finantimpounsrespouns )結構對載波相進行預測的一種演算法,精心設計了該演算法的實現結構。
  18. At the same time, a novel approach to construction of ldpc codes based on the permutation matrix was proposed which got a parity check matrix with the shortest girth is 6. these codes keep the advantage of linear encoding and become more flexible. simulations show that the performance of short length codes of this kind is as excellent as other ldpc codes

    同時提出一種基於置換陣循環移的構造方法,得到的校驗矩陣圍長至少為6 ,且保持編碼的線性雜度,碼率靈活,模擬結果驗證了置換陣ldpc碼碼長較短時,在高斯下性能接近或超過現有其他構造方式的ldpc碼。
  19. It is widely recognized that the nr1 subunit is essential to the functional nmda receptor channels, while various combinations of nr2 and nr1 subunits could endow nmda receptor channel with different functional properties

    重組受體的研究表明: nr1亞單是nmmda受體合物的必需組分,而不同的nr2亞單則可與nr1形成具有不同特徵的nmda受體合物。
  20. Becase of the complexity and flexibility of mobile channel, the locating precision of mobile location technology was not satisfying at present, urging people to keep exploring more precise locating arithmetic