進攻配合 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jìngōngpèi]
進攻配合 英文
attacking play
  • : 進構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (攻打) attack; assault; take the offensive 2 (指責別人的過錯; 駁斥別人的議論) accuse; ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (兩性結合) join in marriage 2 (使動物交配) mate (animals) 3 (按適當的標準或比例加以...
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • 進攻 : attack; assault; offensive
  • 配合 : suitable; fit; matching; rhythm; go together
  1. The greatest russian offensive opened on june 23 to coincide with the anglo-american drive in the west.

  2. Lanzhou shoulder navy ship formation of air operations, anti - submarine warfare and anti - ship attack with other vessels combat missions

  3. Secondly, this dissertation analyses the action characters of soccer robot, designs kinds of actions in allusion to switchover of attack and defend, puts forward theory of action selection and rules of action selection in order to realize part cooperation which combines court subarea and switchover of attack and defend when soccer robot is under special state thirdly, after considering the characters of obstacles in the robot soccer, we have founded the collision module, to the current questions of obstacle - escaping arithmetic, we put forward the new obstacle - escaping strategy based on the speed vector information which is able to dope out the potential obstacles in the moving path and count out the suitable velocity to escape obstacles by the aid of the geometry transform of obstacle velocity vector the grid implementation arithmetic of path - searching tree is set forth for the convenience the result of simulating competition showed that this way is suitable to the mobile obstacle escaping

    ( 2 )分析了足球機器人動作的特點,針對機器人足球比賽的防狀態轉變,行了各類動作設計;為了使足球機器人在特定狀態下,實現局部的,將防狀態的變化與球場分區相結,提出了足球機器人的動作選擇機理和動作選擇的規則。 ( 3 )分析了機器人足球比賽中障礙物的特點,建立了足球機器人碰撞模型。針對目前機器人足球比賽中避障規劃演算法的不足,提出了基於障礙物的速度矢量信廣東工業大學工學博上學應論文息制定的足球機器人避障策略。
  4. With aston villa ' s sporadic threat limited to gabriel agbonlahor ' s pace on the break, a chelsea goal seemed inevitable and it was duly delivered by the same combination, one that is improving by the game

  5. Visual rice growth models ( vrgm ) and rice expert system of cultivation management for high yield were established by synthesizing the results of " national rice project " and combining the cultivation knowledge, experience of experts, while the techniques of artificial neural network and fuzzy logic were employed to improve the rice growth models and the expert system. the main results are as follows

    本研究系國家「九五」關項目「水稻大面積高產綜套技術研究與示範」課題的子專題,結水稻高產栽培技術資料和水稻專家的知識、經驗以及科研成果,研製成了可視水稻生長模型( visualricegrowthmodels , vrgm )及水稻高產栽培專家系統,並在此基礎上一步利用人工神經網路模型、模糊邏輯技術和田間栽培試驗,對生長模型和專家系統行了改
  6. Through those models, ucav representative maneuver chains simulation in as attack is achieved. a simulation is carried out for ucav stand off attack, through which, the corporation between ucav and as missile is discussed

  7. The paper mainly does research on simulation of the air - to - surface ( as ) attack mission. on the basis of that, as attack representative maneuver chains are designed. and, corporation between uninhabited combat air vehicle ( ucav ) and as missile is discussed in the process

  8. Chopperyes roger. the trick will be to match our timing with the ground forces

  9. Good attacking move by the nerazzurri. cruz plays square to karagounis in the box. the greek plays first - time to van der meyde, who hasn ' t read the move and bologna intercept

  10. For example, a slow tempo suggests the team should be playing a short passing game geared towards keeping possession, conserving energy, and building attacks patiently whilst waiting for the opposition to make mistakes

  11. Depending on the tenth five - year plan by china, the workability, physical mechanics property, durabilities of concrete were systematic studied. combining with micro - structure test and applying the laws between the composition, structure, qualitiy of materials and considering the production cost of engineering, the principle of the design and technique route of mamufacturing low - cost high performance concrete ( lc - hpc ) was put forward. the important theoretical and technological support for the design, application of lc - hpc is provided

    本文以「十五關」課題為依託,對混凝土的工作性、物理力學性能、耐久性能行了系統實驗研究,通過與微觀結構測試相結,應用材料組成、結構與性能的規律,考慮生產成本並結工程應用,提出低成本高性能混凝土( lc - hpc )製的設計原則與技術路線,為lc - hpc的設計、應用提供了重要的理論與技術支撐。
  12. Prinz was at the heart of the attack once again as she pulled the ball back from the left hand touchline and rachel brown bravely dived at the feet of kerstin garefrekes to prevent a simple tap in

  13. While england had played some fine football in periods during the first period, few could deny the home side their lead at the break after their sustained attacking play

  14. " the performance was really good. we played compact as a unit, played well in attack, had our chances and didn ' t concede.

    「我已經沒法形容了,實在是太棒了!華麗的團隊、快速有效的讓我們一直掌握著主動。 」
  15. The tasks are : to lie low and conduct covert, resourceful and discreet propaganda and organizational work ; to build up strength and to raise our political position, in addition to that of other revolutionaries and anti - japanese people, so that when the time comes, they can support counter - offensives and meet the needs of the revolution