運轉中計算機 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yùnzhuǎnzhōngsuàn]
運轉中計算機 英文
living computer
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (物體位置不斷變化) move; revolve 2 (搬運; 運輸) carry; transport 3 (運用) use; wield...
  • : 轉構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (計算) count; compute; calculate; number 2 (設想; 打算) plan; plot Ⅱ名詞1 (測量或計算...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (計算數目) calculate; reckon; compute; figure 2 (計算進去) include; count 3 (謀劃;計...
  • : machineengine
  • 運轉 : 1. (沿一定軌道運轉) revolve; turn round 2. (指機器轉動) work; operate; run; travel 3. (循環) flow
  • 計算機 : computer; calculator; calculating machine; computing machinery; electronic wizard; processor; pro...
  • 計算 : 1 (求得未知數) count; compute; calculate; reckon; enumerate 2 (考慮; 籌劃) consideration; pla...
  1. This paper takes mobile engineering department equipment management of daqing petrochemical parent company as an example, and studies the design and application of equipment management system of daqing petrochemical parent company, for the implement of computerizing the equipment entire process management with the equipment management system and completing the synthesis management, the records management, the expense management, the fixed asset management, the specialized management and the information management with the computer system and making in the manual management some qualitative and stochastic ingredients transforming into the quantitative standard management. so it guarantees that we can perform advanced predicting management in the entire process of the matter movement and the value movement of equipment and complete the equipment servicing transition from the compulsory servicing and afterwards servicing to the preventive servicing, improving work quality, efficiency and modernized degree which the equipment manages and assisting enterprise ’ s equipment management decision - making and the whole realization of management goal and enhancing the enterprise ’ s interior equipment utilization and realizing its maximum profit

  2. Recent researches extend the single axis approach to recover unknown rotation angles from uncalibrated image sequence based on a projective geometry approach. but these methods limited by the expense of computing fundamental matrices and trifocal tensors or of the nonlinear optimization involved in computing epipolar tangencies

  3. When you try to convert your video production in adobe premiere pro to an mpeg - 2 moving pictures experts group 2 format, the. mp2 file is not converted, and either adobe premiere pro or your microsoft windows xp - based computer may stop responding

    在您嘗試將adobe premiere pro的視頻產品換為mpeg - 2動圖像專家組2格式時, . mp2文件未被換,並且adobe premiere pro或您的microsoft windows xp可能停止響應。
  4. Combining with knowledge representation and automatic reasoning principle of ai and generic paradigm, the system has these main functions : ? it is able to show different solutions of typical example ; ( 2 ) it can automatically generate problems similar to the example for students to solve by providing them with clues ; ( 3 ) these problems can be studied by demonstrating the complete solution process and answers with the help of automated reasoning, or by providing real - time prompts to students concurrent with the students " solution processes with the help of automated reasoning ; ? it provides exercises and is able to call a program produced by the group ( the translator ), which transfers apla programs to executable programs so as to verify its correctness ; ( 5 ) it let teacher to add examples in the database ; etc. hi the course of systematic research, we deeply investigated the relevant knowledge of the system and made some innovation : about teaching content, we select par method as the main content

  5. In this paper, based on understanding and mastering image processing, we input the drawing into the computer by the image conversion, then automatically get and recognize the element by the method of the image processing and pattern recognition. at last, on the base of the understanding of the whole drawing, we will transform the information of the picture and the character to the vector format, on which we can make the vivid courseware

  6. Aimed at design index of input power 1. 5kw, most output rotate velocity 300rpm, and rating output rotate velocity 150rpm, considering factors of angle and ratio of transmission, on the basis of kinematics simulation, author optimized the kinematics parameters. in this paper, author has made some analysis and study to the primal assembly condition of transformer ' s sequential action in theory, designed structure dimension of the input and output transformer, and verified the corresponding strengthen. further, the structure, which is to key transmission components of velocity control system of the speed regulator, has been designed based on meeting operational sensitivity, precision and self - locking

    本文針對輸入功率為1 . 5kw ,最大輸出速,額定輸出速的無級變速器的設要求,並考慮到傳動角及變速比等因素,在動學模擬的基礎上,對動學參數進行了優化;本文對變換器連續作用的初始裝配條件進行了理論分析與研究,對輸入、輸出變換器作了結構尺寸的設,並進行了強度校核;本文還對變速器調速系統主要傳動構件在滿足操作的靈敏度、精度、自鎖性的基礎上進行了結構設;最後採用workingmodel3d軟體,進行虛擬樣輔助模擬設動學和動力學
  7. Transformed the six - bar guide - bar mechanism realizing linear displacement in automatic instruments into a basic rotating guide - bar mechanism, established the mathematical model of velocity approaching constant by the classical approximate synthesis theory and the modern error theory, discussedthe influences of the existent region of main mechanismic parameters on kinematic and dynamic properties, analysed the theoretical transmission ratio error, advances systematic, complete steps and methods for dimensional synthesis of this mechanism with computer aided design

  8. Zhou shengyu ( computer application ) directed by chen xiaomin because of the radiation in space enviroment, the data in sram of the aerospace computer will nomally experience single event upset ( seu ) errors at a scale of small probability. had not been corrected in time, these errors would effect not only the performance of the computer system but also the transmission of the key data.

    由於輻射導致的單粒子翻效應seu ( singleeventupset ) ,使得航天上的靜態存儲器sram的數據可能出現小概率錯誤,這種錯誤若不及時進行糾正將會影響系統的行和關鍵數據。
  9. With the engineering thermophysics subject as a main theory basis, the boiler, the steam turbine, the internal combustion engine and the other new, being developed power machinery and system as the research object, the application of engineering thermodynamics , heat transfer, computer system control theory, environmental science, microelectronics technology, energy - saving technology and other knowledge , study the process and the basic law of fuels chemical energy and liquid kinetic energy to converse to the power securely and efficiently and low ( or no ) impurely ; study the energy conversion process systems and technology of equipment automatic control ; study the producing mechanism and emission control technology of combustion pollutants ; study energy - saving technologies and the development of new energy technologies

  10. When a man comes into the oil storehouse from outside through storehouse ' s edge, the leak cable will alarm. while accepting the alarming signal, the computer immediately controls vidicon to aim at the alarming field and go along with the inspection and recognition of active target. after finding the target, it goes into the state of automatic track

    當有人從外面跨過庫區邊界進入油庫區時,泄露電纜檢測到信號並報警,接到報警信號后,立即控制攝像對準報警地段進行攝像(即圖像採集) ,並進行動目標的檢測與識別,當檢測到動目標后,就進入自動跟蹤狀態,由根據目標的動方向,自動控制攝像動,將動目標鎖定在視野進行自動跟蹤。
  11. The exhaust system and muffler are simplified as a set of 1 - d pipes with non - isentropic flow and with variable sections. the partial differential equations of non - stationary flow are transferred into the stationary differential equations by means of the characteristic lines. these equations are solved by finite difference method

  12. We also analyze the influence of the boundary condition 、 safety distance and deceleration probability to the traffic flow. finally, we propose an crossroad modle. this model is made up of one main road and one branches : traffic with lights placed on the crossing, vehicles " breaking while running and turning to other direction while jamming. we investigate the velocity and flow of the model when the initial density, the brake and turning probabilities, the green to signal ratio are changed. then the reasons causing all the kinds of phenomena are analyzed

  13. Secondllv in the 1 d random traffic flow model. the relation function between the correlation and the creation. disappearance. brake probabilities of the vehicles is presented. according to the statistical mechanical approach to the spatial correlation functions. the theoretical results agree with that of the computer simulation. thirdh. based on the bml model. a main - road traffic flow model with two speeds on two dimensions is designed. this model simulate the traffic situation of one main road and several branches in the cit traffic lights placed on the crossing. vehicles breaking ~ vhile running and turning to other direction while jamming. we investigate the ~ ' e1ocitv and flo ~ ~ of the model when the initial densitvthe brake and turning probabilities. the green to signal rati3. thc number of the branches and the period of the signal are changed. then the reasons causing all the kinds of phenomena are analvzed. finallv. we simulate the bml model using the method of lattice boltzmann which ~ vas brought out by liu mu - renand obtain the velocity - density graph similar to the previous result. the upper critical densiw above which there are oniv jamming configurations. and the lo ~ ver critical density below which there are only moving configurations are the same as before. the boltzmann function which is on the lattices shows the moving and jaxmning transition obviouslv. thus it proves the possibilit of this method on the traffic research

    接著,建立了和研究了二維二速的主幹道模型,該模型模擬了城市交通一條主幹道,多條支道的交通情況,在幹道與支道的交叉路口設置紅綠燈,車輛在可以有對突發事件發生反應的剎車,在發生堵塞時,路口的車輛可考慮通過向來緩解交通等各種實際情況的發生,給出了車輛演化的演化方程,並通過模擬,研究模型在改變車輛的初始密度、剎車概率、向概率、支道數、紅綠燈信號的綠信比、紅綠燈信號周期等各種情況下支、主幹道車輛的速度、流量的變化,並分析在各種情況下交通狀況的成因,提出改善交通的有效措施。最後,在劉慕仁提出的用格子boltzmann方法研究一維決定論交通流的思路下,將此法推廣到對二維bml模型的模擬上,得到了與用以往方法的研究結果相類似的速度-密度圖線,且車輛從動相到堵塞相變的上下臨界密度是一致的,同時分別給出車輛在處于暢通相和堵塞相時, boltzmann函數在格子上的分佈情況,進一步驗證了此法的可行性。
  14. With function module design method, the system interface design is completed ; by application of network function, the data is communicated to main - computer in order to retroactively supervisor product quality and to monitor local manufacture. through inspection of response of plc, the problems of dada efficacy and malfunction alarm in icc - plc communication are solved ; with adding symbol - bit, the exact conversion of receiving and sending data is realized

  15. Indefinite length being changed into definite one and mathematical model being established, minimum flight distance for flying from beijing to detroit is obtained according to the knowledge of stereo - graph, functions, controlling metrology, computer programming and objects ' inter - movement, which can be put into practice

  16. First, by using coordinate rotation, we have discussed the computer - generated hologram composed by planar object whose plane does n ' t run parallel with that of its hologram. second, through coordinate transform, the computer - generated hologram of curvy planar object has been discussed again, in which, conformal map in computer graphics has been creatively applied, and generated the computer - generated hologram of simple curvy plane ( e. g. spherical surface ) ; also, in this section, the correctness of transformation has been confirmed by numerical reconstruction

  17. In the process of building and using the mass concrete structures, because of the effect of out - side condition and themselves, some faults will form in the structure, these faults will effect the bearing capability and endurance using nondestructive testing method to test the concrete ' s quality and diagnose its healthy, which has the significant sense in assessing the safety stability and research of the administering diseases this dissertation mostly researched the testing methods in the mass concrete structure, discussed the principles, methods, features, sphere of application of the ultrasonic testing in the mass concrete structure with faults, used dynamic fem to simulate the testing process, discussed when the concrete structure with cracks is under the effect of the pulse, how the elastic waves propagate and what are their changing feature, researched the principles of the first - arriving waves " phase when the cracks " depths are not same, obtained the relation between the inversion point and the cracks " depth, which has the direction sense in the application of projects, the second part of this dissertation is ct, which used the ultrasonic wave running through the tested - substance to get arriving - time of the ultrasonic wave, then inverse the image this dissertation drawed one ct program which can well present the different little cells " ultrasonic wave velocity profiles of the substance, thereby to diagnose the quality of the part of the tested - substance, ct has the better using foreground.

  18. Fiber optic gyro ( fog ) inertial system provides angular velocity and acceleration measurement of measurement body along three axes, based on the attitude matrix refreshed by outputs angular velocity to transform the acceleration from the body frame to the earth frame, finally through acceleration integral we can get the position of the measurement body in the space. fog is popular in the navigation field for many advantages, such as wide dynamic range, high resolution and all solid components

  19. In contrast to existing simplex method, this method has several peculiarities as follows : to begin with, applying it to solve linear programming problem. one need n ' t introduce any additional variable such as relaxing variable, artificial variable and other parameters, so that calculation is subtracted on a large scale. in addition to this, as a result of its higher degree of structuralization, this algorithm can be more easily transformed into program language and, of course, more quickly performed by computers

  20. Based on the theory of probabilistic analysis of power systems, this paper studies the computer realization methods for commitment risk and response risk in generation systems. by using these methods, this paper focuses on the research of unit commitment, allocation and distribution algorithms of spinning reserve, considering the reliability requirement of generation systems. corresponding heuristic algorithm is given in this paper