那囊 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [náng]
那囊 英文
nabothian cyst
  • : 那名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 囊名詞1. (口袋) bag; pocket; sack; purse 2. (像口袋的東西) anything shaped like a bag 1. (姓氏) a surname
  1. The aestheticians thereby abandoned art to the hands of the art establishment, art dealers, impostors, cranks and all kinds of misfits who made art their heritage but without there being any art there at all

  2. If the air bags don ' t deploy it doesn ' t matter, because our cars are so beefy

  3. Effect of si an capsule combined enalapril on hypertensive trough peak ratio and circadian rhythm of blood pressure in patients with essential hypertension

  4. Our team visited a rural school with a rotary wheel over the door, a dirt floor but desks and books, where due to the generosity of rotarians literacy flourished

  5. Hplc determination of ephedrine hydrochloride in keke capsules

  6. Witness the flirty, funny courtship dance of the waved albatross6 and watch as male frigate birds inflate their enormous bright red pouches to attract mates

  7. Gabby inflated his voice pouch part way, remarked in grandfather riquol ' s strong, rich voice, " my, my ! we ' re not being quite on our best behavior today, are we, llf ?

    饒舌頭把它的聲鼓起一部分,用祖父雄厚的聲音說, 「哎呀,哎呀!這還不是今天我們幹得最棒的呢,是吧,里夫? 」
  8. The gemini was about as roomy as the front seat of a small foreign car.

  9. He was complete now with that knapsack on.

  10. We can see that there is still a lot of excess scrotal skin, which must be trimmed to create the labia majora

  11. He had noticed that a few rays, not of daylight, but from a lamp, penetrated through the ill - joined planks of the door ; he approached just as the brigand was refreshing himself with a mouthful of brandy, which, owing to the leathern bottle containing it, sent forth an odor which was extremely unpleasant to danglars

  12. Page 8 : " my food ' s inside you, but i ' m still going to eat it, " said the mountain lion

    「我的食物現在在你里,不過我仍打算吃掉他們。 」貓怪這樣說。
  13. In addition, furniture, like sized bed and wardrobe, perfume lamp, nighties, soft - colored curtain even snow - white beddings, everything ornamented is full of romance or warmth you can only feel at home

  14. One pooh - poohed violence against women, another attacked immigrants who didn ' t embrace quebec ways, a third accused jews of starting wars as a means to enrich themselves

  15. A mammoth that died thousands of years ago near what is now yakima is slowly revealing its secrets to scientists, and they ' re putting out the welcome mat for people interested in pitching in and helping to cover the project costs

  16. And no one puts new wine into old wineskins, for the wine would burst the skins and then both the wine and the skins would be lost

  17. If suppliers and advisers can be dragged into class actions, it would no longer even be necessary to issue shares in the united states to incur securities liability, points out peter wallison of the american enterprise institute, a think - tank

  18. No one but these despised people of god who, with wallets over their shoulders, come to me by the back stairs, afraid of the prince catching sight of them, and not from fear of ill - usage, but from fear of tempting him to sin

  19. In his letter to the observatory s colleagues in 2033, the year the time capsule would be opened, dr lam wrote, " the time capsule laying ceremony is about expressing our pride in working in the observatory, about celebrating the vitality of our home away from home, and about celebrating our destiny of coming together as a small but close community. " these words very much summarized the festive mood of those observatory staff present today

    林博士在給二零三三年同事的信中寫道: "我們今天放置時間,是要告訴大家,有幸投身天文臺工作,是快慰無比之事。這里充滿活力,眾人在此間工作,就像在家中樣無拘無束。我們有緣共事,彼此融洽相處,已成為摯友良朋。
  20. Conscious of the bulging red folder, nim told her, "ask if it's important. "