金天 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jīntiān]
金天 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (金屬) metals 2 (錢) money 3 (古時金屬制的打擊樂器) ancient metal percussion instrum...
  1. But i never expected his light - side alter ego, anakin skywalker, to intrigue me the way he does now

    但是我從未期待過他個性中的另一面,那個光明面? ?阿納?行者? ?以他現有的方式激起了我的興趣。
  2. Hayden christensen, a 19 - year - old canadian actor, has been selected as the new anakin skywalker for episodes ii and iii of the star wars saga, filling a key role that has been played by actors ranging from then eight - year - old jake lloyd in the phantom menace to 82 - year - old sebastian shaw in return of the jedi

    現年19歲的加拿大演員海登克里斯騰森,被選中在《星戰》傳奇的第2 、 3集中扮演新的阿納金天行者,從而使這個從《幽靈的威脅》中8歲的傑克洛伊德到《絕地歸來》中82歲的塞巴斯蒂安肖都扮演過的關鍵角色得到了完善。
  3. The first step of jth is to enter the civil aviation weak power system integration market, in order to expand channel, learn and understand the character of atc industry market, and seek potential products. after that, jth will fulfill its long - term persistence development targets through the capital market by consistently developing products

  4. This paper focuses on the analysis of development course and questions of the beijing jintianhai aerospace science & technology development co., ltd ( hereinafter referred to as " jth " ), where the author has been working for 2 years. at last, the author will provide the suggestion

    本論文重點研究筆者所在公司「北京金天海航科技發展有限責任公司」 (文中簡稱「金天海」或「金天海航科技」 )的發展歷程,存在的問題並提出決策建議。
  5. The success in the development of wind profiler will make a qualitative change of jth

  6. Jth has succeeded in the civil aviation weak power field, and this field has become a main way to keep the company survival and maintain its channel in atc. but with the airport hand over to lower level management, jth is facing new challenge

    在民航弱電領域,金天海雖然取得初步成功,並發展成為公司維護渠道和維持生存的主要手段,但是隨著民航機場卜放,眾人沁義山d ; w新0 』山挑;鞏
  7. However, as a new established small company, how should jth join the international competition and get high performance

  8. Is the offspring ofanakin skywalker

  9. On jin tian - yu ' s pastorals

  10. The seujuj chapter of this paper analyzethhe - ^ xisting questiomrof - jth and why it occurred

  11. Zhejiang jintiande necktieco., ltd lies in shengzhou city, the hometown of necktie zhejiang province

  12. I cry for anakin skywalker in star wars episode iii, but not for the tsunami victims

  13. Through swot analysis, jth found the development strategy that is suitable for it ' s unique resources

  14. Anakin skywalker, we have approved your appointment to the council as the chancellor ' s personal representiative

  15. Rab is most known best as the handmaiden with the line, " anakin skywalker to see padm, your highness, " during the pre - senate scene

    作為侍女,瑞芭最為人知的臺詞是在前往參議院前說的: 「阿納金天行者來見帕德美,陛下。 」
  16. Infected by the market transfer effect, jth make significant progress in sales representation of atc product and doppler radar maintenance business

  17. In the first chapter of this paper, the author analyzed the background of jth. jth is a joint adventure of the two shareholders, which one is the civil aviation the other is the aerospace, which want to combine technology and market in the high - tech field

    第一章分析金天海成立的背景情況? ?它是民航和航兩個股東在高科技領域尋求技術與市場結合的嘗試,所以,金天海?成立就瞄準極其重要又是國家迫切需要的民航空管設備市場的開發。
  18. To guarantee the success of this project and produce a first self - owned high - tech product, jth carried out a serial of efforts including market survey, earlier stage market promotion, seeking potential foreign company to cooperate, strive for government policy support and so on

  19. But there are some different ideas between the shareholders regarding the development of wind profile. this mainly reason is that two shareholders have different views of jth ' s market positioning, thus they have different view in the property right of wind profiler. in addition, there are some technical risk and capital risk in the development of wind profiler

  20. The wanchin basilica, begun by the spanish dominican priest fernando sainz op, tells part of the story of the roman catholic church s history in taiwan, from the earliest earthen bricks to its present - day grandeur